Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

So today was sort of a first day of school for me again. First day of my T/Th classes. The group seemed to possibly be a few years older so I didn't feel as ancient. I have already taken close to a dozen pages in notes and read close to 2/3 of my reading assignments for the week. YAY! Have I mentioned how much I adore school??

I got this gem at lunch today:

A also had a lovely day at school.

Gym was just a cross train day, which meant... AWESOME RACE SHIRT!

Can you spot me?? This is from the Canyonlands Half Marathon, the first half I did, March 20, 2010. Hard to believe I've completed a total of 41 since then. CRAZY!!


  • I finally have made my travel arrangements for St. Louis RnR. Surprise back to back race will be registered for soon...
  • I have a RLRF double digit run scheduled for tomorrow
  • I have no idea how I'll have the time to work if I get that job. I'm already feeling overwhelmed with school and training. How did I ever do this before?!
  • I believe A has selected her Disneyland 5k outfit.
    • She doesn't know she is running Disney
    • Unfortunately the dress she wore for the Beauty and the Beast 5k is so short on her now it doesn't cover her butt. Sad.
    • She does, however, want to be matchy matchy with me. YAY!

I'm not ready for summer to end QUITE yet, but near 100 degree weather everyday is a bit much. Can I have some 70s?


  1. Life is looking up, girl! :)

    I truly do hope you get that job! They must be nuts if they don't hire you!

  2. It is so cute when you two are matchy matchy! I can't wait to see what her chosen outfit is. Heck, I can't wait to hear what her reaction is when she finds out about Disney and running again!

    I had a similar (but not completely identical) fortunate 2 weeks ago. I think it is a good sign!


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