Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Week in Review (May 19 - May 25)

Tuesday (28,903 steps) - Worked in the office for most of the day. Pika and I sat on the porch after work while I read, and of course, walks.

Wednesday (49,672 steps) - Work from home. Summer is officially here, and it is miserable. I ran Tyler's loop. It was mid 80's, hot and windy. Gross.

More patio time, and this time Batman joined for a bit. While we think Robin is the brave one, she actually flips out a little when she is outside, so for now, she just watches us. We played trivia with Greg, but it was a little hard to hear over the air conditioner turning on and off.
Thursday (52,674 steps) - Work from home. Ran a partial sidewalk/dirt loop and ran by a house that was offering free face masks!

Friday (37,787 steps) - Work from home. Ariel's last day of school! She will officially be a freshman next year! Of course this was not at all the way we thought 8th grade would end for her. Nutty year.

Picked up another new beer from 4 Noses, and then a walk with Pika. More painted rocks after a lull in seeing them.

Saturday (30,965 steps) - Met up with Jeramiah and Tyler EARLY  for a run at Lair o' the Bear. Jeramiah turned around about 3 miles up, but Tyler and I ran mostly together and did a total of 10 miles. Have I mentioned lately how much I have missed trail running???

Sunday (18,218 steps) - Overall, a pretty low-key day. Rainy and blah.
Monday (30,545 steps) - Ben had to work, but Ariel and I got up early and drove to Lakewood to run the Virtual Bolder Boulder with some of our friends. Oh, how I've missed my Belmar friends in person! We did a great job of social distancing and even were able to sit around after and share a drink. I've missed this!

A social distanced start line

Pika walk!
  • 248,764 steps
  • 28.7 miles run

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Week in Review (May 12 - May 18)

Tuesday (50,070 steps) - Work from home. My back was still not feeling great, so I took an extra day off. You might be wondering how I have so many steps if I'm not running... Well, things started to escalate during our last step challenge at work. I have been taking breaks throughout the day and walking on the treadmill to break things up.
Wednesday (48,567 steps) - Work from home. My back was feeling a little better, but I didn't want to run too far, so I opted for a mostly paved loop. It was kinda meh.
Ariel and I have named this adorable kitty Pablo
Thursday (23,405 steps) - Went to the office for a few hours in the morning. Arrived home at lunch to find the most bizarre shipment on my porch. We love the random stuff that Ben's mom sends us. (Later she told us that she thought using pool noodles for social distancing would be funny).
A second shipment came later in the day. A 1000 piece round puzzle. Ben isn't a huge fan of puzzles, and Ariel and I thought it would be fun to get started on it. I forgot how addictive puzzles are!!
Pika walks!

Batman was a little too interested in the puzzle pieces. Every time we left the table for more than a few minutes we had to put up all the pieces so he wouldn't steal any of them.
For just a few hours, we made a pretty decent amount of progress! I'm not even sure I have done a round puzzle before, so this was pretty challenging.
Friday (21,660 steps) - Rest day! The day was filled with walking Pika, FINISHING the puzzles, and picking up new beer from 4 Noses - which included a 4 Noses & Outer Range compilation!

Ben's mom apparently bought the same puzzle, and initially she thought it would be fun to compare progress. She has no idea what I can do when I set my obsessive mind to it. Haha.
Saturday (21,565 steps) - For the first time since we have been quarantined, I agreed to meet up with friends for a short trail run. So this was the first run with anyone besides Ben or Ariel, AND the first time I had driven somewhere to run in two over two months. I met Jeramiah and Kristin at the trail head for White Ranch - a trail that I have only run once. The weather was a little sketchy and we got rained on a bit, but between the weather and getting there early, we really didn't see many people. Oh how I have missed trails!!!!

We also had our first "porch happy hour" with Tyler!!

Pika walks!
Sunday (30,405 steps) - Ben and I don't run together a ton. It's more of a "me" issue than a "him" issue. He is just so much faster than I am, it always makes me feel weird. But since it was my birthday weekend, we decided to head to Boulder for another trail run. It was AWESOME!! The early miles, we really didn't see many people. Obviously as the day progressed it was busier, but still not terrible. We also saw another snake!!

This one was definitely a rattlesnake!
Pika walk!
Ben also planned a pretty elaborate "quarantine" birthday for me. First, Kristin stopped by! The Market, which used to make my favorite Spring Fling cake closed a few months ago (for good!) but they shared their recipe and Ben recruited her to make me the cake.
Ben and Ariel got me some pretty great gifts - it's like we've already been married a decade. How many people get excited about a cheese slicer and a new kitchen faucet?

Ben also managed to set up a Zoom call where a bunch of people called in and joined me for chatting and birthday shenanigans.
Another nighttime walk, and then it was time to cut the cake and have Ariel and Ben sing to me.

Monday (41,782 steps) - My actual birthday. I can't think of anything that sucks more than a Monday birthday during quarantine. At least the day before was good. Work from home and a rest day. Our friend Ang stopped by to drop off a birthday present and chat for a few minutes. 

A beer mask, how fitting! Thanks, Ang!
Ariel made me a very cute card!

All in all, an uneventful day.

  • 237,454 steps
  • 18.5 miles run

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