Friday, December 29, 2023

Week in Review (December 19 - December 25)

Tuesday (14,616 steps) - 20 minutes on the Peloton before going to work in the office. Strength training at lunch. Walked quite a bit on the treadmill desk.
Wednesday (23,766 steps) - Work in the office. Walked on the treadmill desk and read my book at lunch. In VERY exciting news - Ariel has committed to the Colorado School of Mines!!!!!!!!!!
Headed up to Louisville so I could do my workout. I was apprehensive about 4 miles at "goal" pace, but I was able to maintain the "faster" pace fairly well. Went back to the store to hang out and then we all met up at Murphy's for Tyler's last run club. :(
Thursday (16,419 steps) - Had an easy run on schedule and decided to do another obnoxious Christmas outfit. 
Saw a bald eagle on the south side of the lake, which is always cool to see.
Ariel and I took Olive for a walk before heading down to Teal Tiger so... Ariel could get her first tattoo! I was really pleased with the work Doug did on mine, and Ariel drew the design herself!

I was working while she was getting the work done. We were there for an hour and a half, but most of that time was doing the prep and sizing and placement. The actual tattoo itself only took maybe a half hour. We went to Torchy's for lunch on the way home. Ben and I went to BJ's for dinner.
Friday (15,527 steps) - Wash Park with the gang! 
Since Joyce wasn't working and it was as short day, Olive came to work with me again. She was still relatively unimpressed.
Office closed at 3, but I left at 2 and finished out the day at home. Batman and Robin had their annual vet visit, and neither of them was incredibly impressed.
Saturday (21,436 steps) - Met up with friends for a run at South Table. The run was mostly fine. Weather was pretty decent and I actually dressed appropriately. 

No idea what we did in the evening.
Sunday (17,937 steps) - Awoke to find the cats got their first mouse of the season. Way to go, kitties! We only had a short run to do, so since it snowed overnight we did a road loop, which was actually ok. Took Olive for a walk, went to 4 Noses for the Christmas Eve "party." with it being Olive's birthday, we gave her a gift early. It took her a bit, but she has figured out Gordon is a very comfortable bed.

Monday (13,604 steps) - Christmas! Didn't set an alarm. We opened presents once we all woke up. Olive got a loot of new toys.
I got a Kindle paperwhite, which I plan on putting through a lot of use. Ariel enjoyed her ticket to the New Kids on the Block concert in June and Ben loves his new Yeti bag.

Ariel had suggested last night that we all go for a run together, "but no more than 3 miles." I definitely wasn't feeling it, but I don't get to run with her very often, so off we went for a family run. 
Took Olive for a walk with Ariel - in her bee costume.
We spent the afternoon cooking. After dinner, Ariel went to her friend's house, and I worked a bit on the annual puzzle before we settled in to watch Maze Runner.

Robin got a new collar since hers was shabby

  • 123,305 steps
  • 26.44 miles run
  • 20 minutes of cardio
  • 45 minutes of strength

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Week in Review (December 12 - December 18)

Tuesday (15,935 steps) - Work in the office. Since my toe is still sad I didn't get up to ride before work. I used the Peloton at work (because it has baskets and I can wear my wider, regular shoes) and just did an easy ride (vs a class, because I didn't want to put too much pressure on my toe). Also did a core video and walked quite a bit on the treadmill desk.
Wednesday (21,592 steps) - Work in the office. Lots of walking on the treadmill desk. Peloton, did an upper body video and read my book at lunch. After work I rushed home to get Olive so we could go to run club in Louisville. I didn't plan on running, but Olive got excited seeing everyone else run, so we went for it. I was pleasantly surprised that running didn't hurt any more than walking, PLUS, Olive actually ran the entire time!

Thursday (19,625 steps) - Work from home.  Got coffee with Ariel. Decided to do an easy, short run. Planned to do my 5K route at the lake, and was pretty sad to find out the trails were muddy. Took Olive for the long mud route walk at lunch. Ben picked me up after he got off work to go to 4 Noses, then we stopped by Costco to pick up dinner. 
Friday (22,790 steps) - Wash Park and Stella's!
Treadmill desk and reading my book at lunch. Not a too exciting day. Ben picked me up and we went to 4 Noses for happy hour.
Saturday (22,462 steps) - Greg wanted me to try a longer run today, so we headed up to Boulder for a 6 mile run. The first 4-5 weren't too bad, but I was definitely tired by the end.

I really enjoy having bare arms in December. Decently windy, but it wasn't cold. One beer at 4 Noses before heading home to take Olive for a walk, then it was time to get ready for my work Christmas party. Seemed like another successful cheap Amazon dress purchase.
Party didn't start until 6, so we did a quick stop by Odyssey for a holiday beer.
Party this year was at the Brown Palace, so we parked at my office and walked over (to save the discounted $25 valet). I was smart and wore flip flops on the walk over and carried the shoes I planned on wearing. The food was delicious, like usual, but man, I didn't know most of the people there. How on earth I have worked at the same place for 6.5 year and hardly know anyone is baffling. Sat at a table with Eric and her daughter, so at least had someone to talk to. We neglected to get any "real" pictures, so here are a few selfies on our way out.

It was also the night of Sully's "last" Christmas party. I had told Ariel I would stop by and get some of his famous lasagna and cake for her. 
Once again, didn't know anyone since it seemed mostly like his work friends. Kara and Jim showed up right before we left, so at least we briefly had someone to say hi to.
Sunday (18,189 steps) - We only had a "recovery" run of no planned distance, so I decided on 4ish miles. The run was fine, nothing remarkable. We took Olive for a walk and then went to Torchy's for lunch. We had big plans of being productive, so Ben washed the cars and I cleaned. The animals rested (only after I was done vacuuming, they are all scared of that).
We watched a really boring movie (that I had high hopes for) - Supercell.
Monday (17,479 steps) - Work from home (yaaaaaaayyyy). Went to Dutch Bros. to get coffee with Ariel, then had to take Olive to the vet for her annual visit. Went for my easy run, the weather was "warmish" but thankfully I had worn long sleeves. Took Olive for a walk and saw a zillion geese, which thankfully she didn't try to chase.
Went to Costco to pick up dinner and get some pizza for lunch. Watched "Us" while working and finishing out the day. 

  • 138,072 steps
  • 16.4 miles run
  • 45 minutes of cardio
  • 15 minutes of strength

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Week in Review (December 5 - December 11)

Tuesday (15,383 steps) - Peloton before work. Picked what I thought was going to be a total body workout at lunch and it ended up being mostly upper body again. Walked quite a bit on the treadmill desk. 
Wednesday (19,361 steps) - Work in the office. Treadmill desk, read at lunch. A vendor delivered Crumbl cookies, and I thoroughly enjoyed half of each of these:
Headed home after work, took Olive for a quick walk. Kristin picked me and Ariel up so we could go BACK downtown for the annual holiday light run with Runners Edge! For the second year we were going to be starting closer to Ball Arena and would have a lot to park in - which is so nice! It was once again a really nice night!

I loved that the horse had painted hooves!!

A pretty great picture -- and can't believe no one ruined our shot!

Alex had gotten a photo booth again, and as always, it's so fun to do those!

We had the ramen truck again - it is soooo good, and part of the event is that the food is free! We stuck around for a bit socializing, but it was getting pretty late so we were some of the first to head out. 
Thursday (18,739 steps) - Work from home. Ariel and I went to get Dutch (I'm pretty obsessed with the candy cane cold brew right now) and then I had to go for my run. I had 14x70 "sprints" to do. Still being sore from the race, I wasn't super psyched about this one, PLUS, it was really windy. It went better than expected (and I appreciated I had a wide pace range).
Took Olive for a walk at lunch.
We had an exciting mail day! Ariel finally got her "hard copy" acceptance from Mines in the mail - which she said finally makes it official!
Friday (24,774 steps) - I was on the fence about going to walk in the morning since it was supposed to be cold, but since I woke up with time, I drove down. It ended up actually being quite a nice morning! Also, really enjoying the holiday menu at Stella's.

No recollection of the day, other than doing a lot of walking on the treadmill desk. Did a short core video and read my book at lunch. After work, we went to 4 Noses for one (seriously) beer - my first one in two weeks! Went to Costco to pick up a pizza for dinner and get groceries.
Saturday (25,956 steps) - We woke up to 5" of fresh snow and a planned long run that we were NOT looking forward to. We were to be meeting Tyler, Larry and Terri at Teller Farms for a run of undetermined distance. Terri claimed it shouldn't be "that bad."

So running in fresh snow sucks. It is chunky and slippery and about 10 times the effort of whatever the terrain would normally be. There were not a lot of people out (which was not a surprise) and we were some of the first people out. Thankfully, it was not windy and actually not as cold as I thought it might be.

Greg had given me a progression run of 3.5 hours. Ben stopped at 8 miles, saying that was plenty, but I continued on to get 10, because I agreed with Terri that driving that far deserved at least double digits. With the conditions, it took us a LONG time. We decided to get brunch. I had to add this picture of Tyler eating bacon - he used to be vegetarian!

Ben and I stopped at 4 Noses on the way home, then made Teriyaki for dinner since A was working. We watched random stuff. At some point I must have stubbed my toe because it hurt so bad by the time I went to bed.
Sunday (12,201 steps) - Up early to go to the Runners Roost team party. I offered to drive and picked Tyler up at 8:20 to get to the Denver store. Ben had taped my toes (apparently the only thing you CAN do if you break a toe?) and I was going to try to run. Unfortunately, I had to stop and turn around after about 10 minutes because it hurt. Ugh. This is annoying. Didn't take any pictures at the "party" and we got back home in time to take Olive for a lunch walk. Went to Torchy's for lunch. No idea what else.
Monday (12,264 steps) - Work from home. I didn't have any run on schedule since I had told Greg what happened with my toe, and we agreed walking and recovering was for the best. I took Olive for a three mile walk at lunch. Watched Get Out! while working. Glad I did the long walk earlier, as it was pretty cold by the time I took Olive for the second walk after I was off work. Dinner at home and Fargo.

  • 128,678 steps
  • 21.68 miles run
  • 30 minutes of cardio
  • 35 minutes of strength

Week in Review (June 11 - June 17)

Tuesday  (13,780 steps) - Work in the office. Took Olive for a walk after work. Nothing else? Went to 4 Noses. Wednesday  (15,137 steps) - W...