Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Week in Review (September 12 - September 18)

Tuesday (10,379 steps) - Peloton before work. Ended up doing two videos, which put me running a bit late to work. Work in the office, with more cross training at lunch. Took Olive for a walk after work. Ben and I went to 4 Noses.
Wednesday (16,334 steps) - Work in the office. After work I headed to Boulder for more "hill beasts." Felt good on the lower trails/warm up & the hills repeats bamboozled me. 

Thursday (21,629 steps) - Work from home.  Run in the morning and walk with Olive at lunch. They are putting crusher fine on the neighborhood path to the lake, which was "exciting."
Friday (13,717 steps) - Work in the office. Due to rain, our normal Wash Park walk was cancelled. Ariel called me at lunch to tell me that Olive had an "accident" on their walk, so I rushed home after work to give her a bath. Poor thing has diarrhea after getting into things she shouldn't be getting into.
Saturday (26,771 steps) - Short walk with Olive before Ben and I went to Rock Creek for our run. It started out ok - it was supposed to be a progression run. By mile 3-4 I was ready to die. I did manage to hit some paces on the way back, but this was not fun at all. We got Ziggi's on the way home.
Also stopped for a beer and took Olive for a walk before going to Larry's birthday party in the evening. It was a lot of fun!
Sunday (13,873 steps) - Only had a few miles on schedule, so we took Olive with us. She did great for about a mile, then seemed very uninterested in running. It was basically like dragging a tire most of the run. Went to Torchy's for lunch then did a lot of yard work, which resulted in me getting a zillion mosquito bites. Again.
Monday (16,366 steps) - Work from home. Easy run early, took Olive for a walk. After Ben got home we decided to go to Hoffbrau. They were doing some food specials for Monday Night Football, so we had Ariel meet us there. Her and Ben played some pool - it was a fun evening!

  • 119,069 steps
  • 27.21 miles run
  • 50 minutes of cardio
  • 25 minutes of strength

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Week in Review (September 5 - September 11)

Tuesday (12,896 steps) - I had planned to work from home the whole day, so I did my ride a little later than usual.
I ended up having to go into the office for a few hours to get some stuff done, but still better than early morning rush hour and being there all day. Finally heard from the shop about A's car - a new fuel pump and relay, but they didn't have the parts, so her car was going to be in the shop for a while. Sigh. Took Olive for a late night walk and she just loves her bee costume!
Plus, it was a REALLY pretty sunset.

Wednesday (18,324 steps) - Work in the office. For the first weekday in a long time, I had to arrange for a dog walker since A wouldn't have a car to get home at lunch. After work I did my run at Rock Creek and it was mildly awful. I had a "hill" run on schedule but according to Greg, "nothing crazy" - it was hot and I actually had to walk a bit mid run, which I haven't had to do in ages (but to be fair, it was the hilly part). Plus, my heart rate was pretty high. Met Ben for a beer then walked Olive. Another pretty sunset!
Thursday (18,848 steps) - Work from home. Had what should have been an easy run with strides. Definitely did not feel "easy," but I got it done. Just checking the box on this one.
Took Olive for a walk at lunch.

Who knows what else?
Friday (10,656 steps) - Had to skip Wash Park since A's car was STILL in the shop. Went to work in the office, but headed out at lunch time to finish the day at home because A had a doctor's appointment AND I didn't have a dog walker available for Olive. Thankfully, I got the call shortly before getting off work that A's car was ready to be picked up. Bill was "only" $1,300, so I guess it could have been worse. Ugh.
Saturday (24,719 steps) - A and I were up before the crack of dawn to head down to Littleton for her XC race. I had switched my Saturday and Sunday runs and only had 3 miles to do. So, I did what any normal person would do, I ran the same course that A would be racing. Definitely think I was the slowest person to run it that day, haha.
Ben came down to spectate and A had a great race, edging out a new PR! 

Ben and I stopped at Dutch Bros. on the way home. We took Olive for a walk. I have no recollection of what else happened, but I did meet up with Ben for dinner at Torchy's. 
Sunday (30,364 steps) - Had my long run on schedule, and since I've been struggling a bit with recovery, was going to hike/run the loop I like in Boulder. We FINALLY have had a break in the temperatures and it was quite the pleasant morning.

Stopped for a beer on the way home before walking Olive. Then it was a trip to Costco and a late lunch/early dinner at Torchy's (yes, again). We watched a movie.
Monday (19,401 steps) - Work from home. Went for a run that (FINALLY) felt easy, took Olive for a walk. I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon and met Ben at New Terrain.
Made dinner and took Olive for a walk (in her bee costume again). Started watching Homeland, because it's been a while since I've been able to obsess about a "new" show.

  • 135,208 steps
  • 27.78 miles run
  • 30 minutes of cardio
  • 10 minutes of strength

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Week in Review (August 29 - September 4)

Tuesday (10,096 steps) - Another bonus work from home day! Ariel and I made a trip to Dutch Bros. for coffee. Yummmm - this was German Chocolate.
Got all unpacked, laundry done, some cleaning, grocery shopping, took Olive for a walk, etc. Super productive. 
By the afternoon, I was wilting. I worked from bed for a bit, and the animals were appreciative. 
Watched more episodes of Beef. Kinda sad it'll be done after 10 episodes :(
Wednesday (15,655 steps) - Work in the office. The building fitness center is closed for maintenance, so I walked to REI at lunch for steps/something to do. Holy moly, it was hot. I didn't buy anything, so that was good. Ben stopped by after he got off work and we took Olive for a walk. Pretty night.

Thursday (11,448 steps) - Work from home. Took Olive for a walk at lunch. Met Ben for a beer.
Friday (18,871 steps) - Coffee and Wash Park. Went to work for a few hours but left at lunch to finish out the day at home. Took Olive for a walk.
Our office closed early for the long weekend, and I drove up to Broomfield for A's first "real" meet of the season. Kristin came to spectate, and we were able to spot her a few times on course. She looked very happy one mile in.
The course had changed from the last time we were there and I couldn't see her again until right before she finished. A new PR for her, running in 22:01!! (I can't even fathom).
Girls varsity team
Met Ben at 4 Noses, but we were underwhelmed by the beer selection, so we went over to the Tap House. It was ok, but they didn't have what we wanted either. Since we were there we ordered takeout from the small Mexican restaurant nearby. A bit of an expensive evening.
Saturday (11,143 steps) - Ariel had her fundraising run at the school, and I opted to run there with Olive. First "run" since Oregon and it didn't feel great, that's for sure. It took just under 20 minutes, but I found a fairly direct way to get there and got there right as they were starting. Ben met me there and brought us coffee and donuts. Watching other people run is definitely better than running yourself...
Went to the house, took Olive for a walk. Then we did some yardwork (mowed the lawn, pulled more weeds). Went to Torchy's for some food, then to the nursery to pick up some flowers and seeds. So productive! Can't recall what else we did, but had a movie night later.
Sunday (10,475 steps) - Plans to do nothing, but went to get coffee with A. Unfortunately, as we were leaving (we took separate cars so she could go right to work), her car wouldn't start. UGH. Exactly like last time back in May. I took her to work, then took Olive for a walk while I waited for Ben.
He had a plan to troubleshoot the car, this is the error we were getting and figured it could be any number of things.
We met at Torchy's for some food before we started our big plan of figuring out what to do with her car. Decided to change the spark plugs since that seemed the "easiest" to do. Of course we had to go and get all the supplies and specialty tools. Many stores later, we finally had what we thought we needed, including a very specific size deep socket. And after all that, the socket ended up getting stuck when trying to remove the first spark plug.
Gave up for the night. It WAS Ben's birthday, so I talked him into a beer, and then we invited Tyler over, which was a lot of fun.
Monday (18,565 steps) - Day off for Labor Day, but lots of stuff to do. I had my first training run scheduled, so Ben and I headed to the lake for 5 miles. Ickkkk.... it was pretty warm and I did NOT feel great. Compounded by running into Kevin and him asking if he could join in for a few miles. I probably ran faster than I should have with him there, but I got through it. Took Olive for  walk before picking up coffee and scheduling the tow truck to get the car to the shop. 
Poor Lucy :(
After the car was dropped off, Ariel and I ran some errands, which included picking up this adorable Halloween costume for Olive. She actually really enjoys it, haha.
The whole weekend seemed really draining, and I had a headache most of the day, so I went to bed very early. How is a long weekend seemingly shorter than a regular weekend?

  • 96,253 steps
  • 6.3 miles run
  • 0 minutes of cardio
  • 0 minutes of strength

Week in Review (August 22 - August 28)

Tuesday (13,458 steps) - Bonus work from home day! Joyce is on vacation, so I opted to stay at home and work on packing and getting things done. Took Olive for a walk at lunch. No idea what else? 
Wednesday (15,599 steps) - Work in the office. After work I headed to Louisville Roost for run club. We had MORE rain on the drive there. Thankfully it stopped by the time our run started. I ran with Lisa again. 

Met Ben at 4 Noses for a beer before heading home to make dinner.
Thursday (10,776 steps) - Work from home. Ariel and I went to get coffee! I know these are terrible for me, but they are so delicious.
Took Olive for a walk at lunch. They are doing some maintenance near the neighborhood and putting in a gate by the trails because there's been an issue (apparently) with private vehicles trying to drive into the park?
Met Ben at Parry's for a beer before picking up a pizza from Costco for dinner.
Friday (13,091 steps) - Ben arrived at the house at 4:10 in the morning to take me to the airport. I was able to drop my bag at the curb and it only took about 5 minutes to get through security. I walked around to get my steps in waiting for the flight. I was actually in A boarding and got a seat in the third row. I watched "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret." I'm not usually one for sappy movies, but I actually enjoyed this one. Finished it before the flight was over, so then I started "Pitch Perfect" for the zillionth time. 

Landed in Oregon to overcast (smoky?) skies. We de-planed really quick and I headed to Hertz to get my rental. I ended up with a Jeep Compass. I routed to Sisters before leaving the garage and thought I had selected the fastest way to get there. The drive was really pretty and I realized that the Hood to Coast relay was happening, right on the road I was driving on! When I pulled over to see if I could walk a bit on a trail, I finally figured out I was on the scenic route.
I was truly in the middle of nowhere and decided I would stop at the first brewery to get lunch and a beer. This turned out to be in Madras!

And TOTALLY unlike me, my lunch was a Cubano. It was delicious though. I still had a lot of time until packet pick up, so I decided to drive to Bend to try a beer there before going back up to Sisters. (Lots of driving, but what else was I going to do?)  
Arrived at packet pick up just after 4:00. In my envelope was... my bib and pins. That's it.  Haha. Then I grabbed my shirt, dropped off my drop bags. When I was in line to get my picture done I heard from Kerry - my ride to Bend.
We stuck around for a bit chatting and then Kerry gave me and another racer, Dean, a ride to Bend (so we could leave our cars at the finish line). The "hotel" I picked definitely looked sketch from the outside, but they had obviously worked hard to make the inside nice. It was clean, and no complaints.
I walked down the street to a discount grocery store to pick up a microwave personal pizza for dinner, some water and breakfast for the morning. I got everything as organized as I could for morning and laid out all my race clothes.
Completely outside my norm, I took an Advil PM around 7:30 (while watching Oceans 11) and went to bed around 8:30. I had the fan all the way up on the AC which helped to drown out the street noise, and I actually slept pretty well, getting over 7 hours of sleep, which is unheard of.
Saturday (139,541steps) - Oregon Cascades 100
Sunday (86,454 steps) - Finishing Oregon Cascades 100.
Because I am not an intelligent person, I had booked my last night in Oregon back in Portland. The drive was supposed to be three hours, and I had not slept since before the race started. I knew I was on a tight window before I wouldn't be able to do the drive, so I didn't stay too long at the finish. (And thankfully, I finished faster than planned!)

I had mapped the way back intending to go towards Salem and then take the interstate up. I didn't realize I was on the very edge of town and by the time I checked there wasn't going to be a gas station for over an hour. I was on the phone with Ben and he found a nearby general store. I was able to change out of my race clothes (I did NOT smell great) and was able to get some fluids for the drive.

I made it about a half hour down the road before I got VERY tired. I pulled over at the first dirt road I could find and then napped for about a half hour. When I attempted to get the map pulled back up I realized I didn't have any phone service. Lucky for me I knew the general direction I had to go. I think it was at LEAST an hour before I got service. I stopped along the way and got Dairy Queen (chocolate blizzard and fries!) and a big Mountain Dew for the remainder of my drive. 

I had an elaborate plan to drive to the hotel (near the airport) to check in and leave my bags there, drive to the airport to return the rental and then shuttle back so I wouldn't have to do it in the morning. I quickly washed all the dirt off my legs before driving to the airport. Everything was easy! I got a shuttle back in no time, and then I was on the phone with Ben telling him about my plans to walk to the brewery. He ended up scheduling me Lyft, and I didn't have time to take a shower first, but that's ok. 

The brewery nearby also had pizza, so it was great for post-race food and beer. 
I managed to eat a giant slice of pizza and have a few beers before I got really tired. Took a Lyft back to the hotel and showered, figuring I could deal with all my stuff in the morning.
Monday (10,401 steps) - I woke up VERY early. Thankfully, the hotel had some great breakfast! I used the waffle maker for the first time - mmmm, red velvet!
I decided to veg out a bit and was watching some dumb show on tv and fell asleep for another hour or so. Then I had to tackle all the packing. 
Once I'm heading home, I am much less worried about all my stuff, but I did want to get sorted in a way that would make sense for unpacking later. All I wanted to carry on was a tiny bag (which I needed for all batteries, wallet, phone, etc). Took about an hour to pack and take a shower. Decided to walk to get coffee. It seemed close on the map, but the street I had to cross made NO sense. There were three separate crosswalk signals, and I had to wait at every little intersection. DUMB. Plus, it was kinda chilly. Made a note to pull my hoodie out of my checked bag.
And then by the walk back, it was lightly raining. Brrr!! I decided to head to the airport when it was time to check out, at noon.

First irritation. For Frontier, you can't check in until three hours before the flight. Ok fine. I had to wait a half hour. But! At PDX there is NO seating. So I'm sitting on the floor. Check in. Cool!! ONLY YOU CANNOT DROP OFF YOUR BAG UNTIL TWO HOURS BEFORE THE FLIGHT. So now, I have a whole hour to wait. And normally I would walk around but my bag is heavy and awkward. So more sitting on the floor. NOT HAPPY. There is also NO bar, NO restaurants?! WTF!! Almost every airport I have been to has food options BEFORE security. Not here. UGH.

Finally, I can drop my bag off, which is easy. **Hoping it makes it back because the people at the desk didn't seem to know what they were doing.** Head towards my gate and find somewhere for lunch.

As it got closer to boarding time, I was walking around near the gate and saw a few guys with race gear on and asked about their races. They were both crazy fast, and turns out they are also from Colorado (which makes sense since they were flying to Denver).

Shockingly, everything worked out with the flight. We left on time, flight was fine, I wasn't sitting next to any obese people. I had downloaded episodes of "Beef" to watch - what a crazy show.

Arrived on time in Denver, and Ben came to pick me up. When I got to baggage claim, my bag was already there. 

We stopped for a beer on the way home. By the time I got there I was exhausted and went to bed.

  • 289,320 steps
  • 103.62 miles run
  • 0 minutes of cardio
  • 10 minutes of strength

Week in Review (September 12 - September 18)

Tuesday  (10,379 steps) - Peloton before work. Ended up doing two videos, which put me running a bit late to work. Work in the office, with ...