Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Week in Review (May 14 - May 20)

Tuesday (12,837 steps) - Peloton ride before work. I was about 40 minutes into a 45 minute ride when our internet went out. Totally forgot Xfinity was doing work on the lines. So that was annoying. I had to use my phone as a hotspot for work, which was PAINFULLY slow. Ben and I took Olive for a walk at lunch and in the afternoon I did an arms video. Ariel had her awards night at the school. Didn't get wonderful pictures, but she got an award in Biliteracy, for lettering all 4 years and in cross country and also for graduating with honors.

Olive decided she wanted to be in Ariel's pictures at home with her awards.
Wednesday (21,935 steps) - Ben and Ariel really did a great job of finishing up the yard! They moved 7 YARDS of mulch (and laid all the fabric). We hadn't been planning on doing it under the camper, but we had enough, so we did it. (And by we, I mean them).

I had logged in to work insanely early because I had lots of NON-work related things to get done. I knew running over the weekend wasn't likely to happen with graduation and visitors, but convinced Ben that we should go to Boulder to do a hill workout. In my head, I figured it would be about as steep as when I do repeats on Dino Ridge. Spoiler - it is about 3% grade steeper! It was a beautiful day, but fairly warm.
Five repeats of five minutes running up (and I only walked during one repeat, which I really beat myself up over, but when I saw how much steeper it was later, I felt better about it). 
We left right from Boulder to go to the airport to pick up Lisa - who landed early but wasn't mad that we were a bit late getting there. We stopped at Parry's on the way back to the house so we could get some lunch. Did more work, went for a walk and finally saw our first owl of the year!
After work we went to Target so we could get some wrapping paper and a graduation card for Ariel. She met us all at Salsa's for dinner. We picked a movie to watch, but I fell asleep during it.
Thursday (11,421 steps) - HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION DAY?! We all got up early so we could shower and get dressed. Doesn't A look Amazing?
The graduation was at the same place as my high school graduation TWENTY-EIGHT years ago, but unlike mine, it was sunny and HOT.
Thankfully it was at 9:00 am, and not late afternoon, we were all SO HOT. The ceremony itself lasted over an hour and a half, although reading all the names only took maybe 20-30 minutes. The rest was all speeches and such. It was a zoo trying to get pictures afterwards - they came out pretty good.

Ariel stuck around to socialize with her friends and take pictures. We went to pick up our special keg of Juicy Bits!
We then went to IHOP (Ariel's choice) and had a late breakfast with her and her friends. It was a lot of fun, she has really great friends.
Took Olive for a long walk when we got back. We went to Torchy's for dinner since Amanda and Tyler were working. Olive got another walk when we got back home.
Friday (15,509 steps) - Up relatively early because we had plans to go hiking in Boulder. Ariel invited Aliya to come with us (more of a bribe to see if we could actually get her to hang out with us again, haha). Beautiful day, but warm! Olive was happy she got to go too!

We went back to Parry's for lunch and sat out on the patio so Olive could join us. We went to Costco so that we could pick up Ariel's cake. Later in the evening Ben had to drive to Pete's house to pick up tables and canopies for Ariel's party and we made dinner since we had been eating out so much.  
Saturday (15,232 steps) - Up early to shower and get dressed for Ariel's party! First order of the day was to go to Dutch Bros. for coffee.
We spent the next few hours walking Olive, cleaning the house, blowing up balloons and hanging up banners. Ariel and Aliya went to pick up the food and the party began!

We had people over from noon until... oh, probably 8-9 pm. Ariel's friends, our mutual running friends and other friends we have maintained over the years. It was really a great day - which is probably most obvious by the fact that I barely have any pictures of me and Ariel, and ZERO pictures of guests/friends. Can't believe high school is officially over! Oh. And it was my birthday also. A few friends brought me cards, but this day was really for Ariel.
Sunday (24,550 steps) - After partying for days, we had to get up early and actually do something. I had a few hours on schedule and neither of us felt like actually RUNNING, so we went to Boulder for an adventure day. It was pretty warm, but we got in a good workout and neither of us passed out.

We debated stopping to get a beer but decided to skip. We took Olive for a walk, took a shower and stopped in at Madi's graduation party. Madi and Ariel were in the same Girl Scout troop for over 10 years so I felt we needed to go even though Ariel was working all day. 
Monday (18,983 steps) - Work from home. We were expecting our new washer and dryer, so I was stuck at home until that happened. Ben stayed at home so I could walk Olive in case we ended up with the later time frame. They actually showed up around noon and got everything set up pretty quickly. I  may be dorky, but I love new appliances! They look nice!
I had a workout on schedule, so Ben and I went for a run. It was pretty warm when we started but thankfully the clouds came out for the back half. I also managed to hit (I think my fastest pace) during the run!!! 
We were hungry, so we went to Torchy's to grab lunch since Ariel and Amanda were working.
Did some deliveries after work. Ben's former co-worker and wife stopped by and we had leftover graduation food for dinner. Killing Eve.

  • 120,467 steps
  • 21.25 miles run
  • 16.31 miles walk/hike
  • 45 minutes of cardio
  • 10 minutes of strength

Monday, May 20, 2024

Week in Review (May 7 - May 13)

Tuesday (16,442 steps) - Peloton before working in the office. Cross training at lunch. Ben got off work early enough that I was able to meet him at New Terrain for the cat takeover event! Ideally, I would love it if Batman could have gone, but he doesn't really love being in his backpack, nor does he like being in the car. We did get to see OTHER cats (including our friend's bengal, Bones, so that was fun). Kong sponsored the event and even though the cats didn't attend, they still got a goodie bag, including the snazzy bandanas they now wear.

Wednesday (24,000 steps) - Work in the office. On the fence about where I wanted to run after work and ended up just going to Big Dry Creek. On the way there I remembered how much Ben and I had enjoyed listening to the livestream while we were finishing the race, so I was trying to listen to that while I did my progression run. Unfortunately, I wasn't in great cell service range so it kept cutting out - but by all accounts it was a close race between first and second place. 
Thursday (22,500 steps) - I wasn't feeling very motivated but wanted to get my run done in the morning again, so I headed out thinking I would have to run on the roads because I'd seen online that part of the lake trails would be closed. When I ran by, they seemed open, so I ended up hopping on the trails for the way back. Slow and seemed hard. Glad to have it done. 
Work from home, took Olive for a walk at lunch. 
Friday (18,936 steps) - Wash Park and Stella's. I had plans at lunch to go to Tupelo Honey with Nicole for our birthdays. I think we have done this tradition almost every year we've worked together (except 2020) since our birthdays are only two weeks apart. Food was good and it was nice to catch up with her.
Ben had a... rough day and we met up for a beer at 4 Noses and then took Olive for a walk. 
Saturday (36,912 steps) - Ben wasn't recovered from his long night of "partying" so I got up and headed up to Boulder solo for the adventure day with Larry and Terri. We had plans to meet at 8, but the lot was already full! Met back up at the big free lot and luckily on our way back we were able to get the last parking spot across the road. I had no idea what we had planned. I had brought my poles and probably should have been using them. We went up Mesa from the lot and headed up South Boulder Peak and Bear (which we decided we didn't care if we summitted or not). 

The weather was perfect for this type of adventure day, somehow I was even a tiny bit chilly when we got closer to the top.

Somehow I had never gone down the trail from Bear. I think I had mapped it a few years ago and the trail had been closed. I did enjoy it - a nice single track that wasn't too crazy. I had NO idea where we were going to come out - but then we arrived at Bear and I knew we had quite a few miles to get back to the car. 
Ended up with over 12 miles and over 3,000' of gain. A bit more beefy than I expected, but it was a good day and will be good training for Summit. I let Ben know that we were going to go to Murphy's for a snack and a beer and he met us there. We have been there quite a few times and didn't know that there was a whole other menu that we could order off - I got grilled cheese and tomato soup - yum!!
Took Olive for a walk when we got back while Ben continued working in the backyard. 

Sunday (22,295 steps) - Ariel had sneaked out to surprise me for Mother's Day! She brought me a coffee from Dutch Bros. and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. She also got me flowers and a cute Squish. What a great morning!
Ben and I had plans to meet up with Lisa and Kristin for a run. I was not looking forward to it and I was very sore and still tired from our big adventure day. It was actually perfect running weather when we started. At times, though, there was thunder, lightning, rain and even hail. 

So we had a bit of everything. At least we got back to the car about 3 minutes after the really heavy rain started. We went to Parry's for a snack and a beer. Home to take Olive for a walk and shower and then over to Rachelle's house for Mother's Day burritos. Rachelle got a new puppy, isn't he the cutest??
We decided to take Olive to 4 Noses and were surprised to not get rained out. 
Monday (21,516 steps) - Ariel's very last day of high school classes?! How?!

I have to add in her first day of preschool picture - we've been doing first/last day of school pictures for 14(?) years!!
Work from home. Ben called in sick so that he could do more work on the yard and we were actually going to be getting a mulch delivery. We went for a run and then took Olive for a walk. Ben and I went to Parry's for a lunch special, which was delicious like always.
We did a second set of pictures after Ariel got home because she wanted her hair to be dry. Olive still can't seem to figure out pictures. Or  her name.
Took Olive for a walk in the evening.

  • 162,601 steps
  • 37.89 miles run
  • 22.18 miles walked
  • 40 minutes of cardio
  • 40 minutes of strength

Week in Review (May 14 - May 20)

Tuesday  (12,837 steps) - Peloton ride before work. I was about 40 minutes into a 45 minute ride when our internet went out. Totally forgot ...