Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Week in Review (September 3 - September 9)

Tuesday (20,285 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Milk Market! I walked before myself and with Anne after the run started. Dinner was pizza and Caesar salad.

Super exhausted, so did some laundry and went to bed early.
Wednesday (18,572 steps) - Core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder!
Since I'm tapering, we planned on running from the trail head again. Mike picked the NCAR route, so there was way more hiking than running on this one. Certainly never gets any easier.

Gave a dog a ride back to the store...
Pretty much finalized what I'll be carrying on me in my main pack. Still need to nail down drop bags, but I don't feel as stressed about this as I did last week.
Thursday (17,688 steps) - Belmar! Walked the big loop with Mo and Colfax. Went to Crazy Mountain after for a beer, then had to run some errands. Picked up food on the way home because A was dying of starvation.

Friday (13,597 steps) - Core class during lunch. Nothing else?
Saturday (16,554 steps) - Up somewhat early to run out of Runners Roost Boulder. We picked the shorter/slower route of 4.5ish miles. It was nice that Runners Edge was there, we got to catch up with people we haven't seen in ages.

We went to brunch with Tyler, Pete & Janet.
Made a stop at Buffalo Exchange before heading home. A went to a friend's house and I spent the afternoon cleaning and watching TV.
Sunday (12,921 steps) - Up early-ish again for RMRR. We hadn't run with them since March, so it was also nice to see that group of people - although the turnout was actually fairly small. Since I'm tapering, I obviously didn't want to run the 10 mile, so I suffered through the 5K. Gross.
Time - 32:06
Pace - 10:24
Mile 1 - 9:41 (yeah, that was too fast for me)
Mile 2 - 11:30 (lots of walking)
Mile 3 - 10:15 (still a decent amount of walking)
Mile 3.09ish - 7:41 pace (trying to beat a child, which I didn't)

A also started out too fast, but she was fast enough to take 2nd overall.

After the race was over, we went to Ang's new house. Her husband made the most delicious breakfast burritos for all of us.
A spent some time with the girls and Ang and I chatted for a few hours. On the way home we stopped at a few places to get shoes for A, but she wasn't super impressed with the options. Picked up Dairy Queen on the way home, nothing else.
Monday (16,718 steps) - Met up with Ben at New Terrain for run club. He ran the small loop and I walked Pika a few miles (although she really wanted to run the last few miles and wasn't happy going slow.

Stuck around for a bit after having drinks (and the delicious salsa Precious made) before picking up Domino's on the way home. Ben invited Tyler over for beer (ugh) and it was super late before we got to sleep.

  • 116,335 steps
  • 11.1 miles run & lots of walks
  • Three gym classes

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Week in Review (August 27 - September 2)

Tuesday (18,766 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Started my walk for Milk Market early, and basically don't remember any of it because I was composing a length Instagram/FB post about my amazing Tahoe crew.
Food was random hummus & french bread and I think little tacos. Mind has definitely been preoccupied with other things, and it turns out I didn't take any pictures. Store on the way home, then I started/continued more of my packing/unpacking/repacking for Tahoe. Thankfully it's only two weeks away, because I don't think I can handle many more nights doing this!
Wednesday (22,303 steps) - Core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder! Definitely tired again. Took it very easy - now that I am in "taper," I certainly don't want to get injured.

Thursday (14,591 steps) - Berkeley Park!
No plans on running, I've been tired (plus I'm tapering - see above, haha). A and I just walked around the lake.
Around 8 we headed up to the Alamo by us to see a screening of the "Muppets Take Manhattan." So fun!
Friday (13,149 steps) - Core class during lunch. Our office closed at three, so I rushed home & quickly packed. We were on our way to Ben's by 4:00. Unfortunately, every once else was also headed to the mountains and the drive was truly wretched - probably the worst I've seen I-70 since I used to snowboard. By the time we got up to Silverthorne it was nearly 7!! (So the drive took about twice as long as usual). We met up with Ben & Pika at Angry James, then we picked up Domino's for dinner.
Saturday (18,064 steps) - Unfortunately, part of Ben's ability to come to Tahoe with me meant that he had to work the entire weekend :(  So while Ben was at work we got up early and took Pika to hike/run at Herman Gulch. Surprisingly, we got there substantially later than last time and yet there was plenty of parking. Much warmer than the last time we did this hike, and unfortunately, most of the wildflowers are gone for the season. The snow field and smaller lake near the top were also gone.

Does this mean fall is coming?!
We finished up right before 11 am and headed to Angry James. I knew Ben was interested in the "mug club" - but since he had to work, he wasn't going to have a chance to pick one up. I waited in a ridiculously long line, and managed to get him mug 139/150. It took some convincing with the staff to let me put the mug in his name instead of mine. Stopped at PetCo and picked up some groceries. Shower, lunch and a nap. Then we headed to Outer Range and picked up Qdoba for dinner. I love queso!!
Sunday (17,480 steps) - Opted to sleep in and planned to just take Pika for a walk on the trails in the morning since she'd had a big day she needed a bit more of a low-key day.

On our way back we had a "Randy" sighting (a friend from our old training group). Lunch at home and watched a LOT of Lifetime tv. 

Ben and I went for a 5ish mile run on the trails near the house when he got home.

We spent some time discussing what sounded good for dinner and landed on Smashburger. Yum! We were also treated to a pretty sunset!
Monday (15,123 steps) - Up fairly early for a redo of Spruce Creek trail with Pika (since we got rained out for a lot of it). Decided at the fork in the road to go for Mohawk Lake instead of Mayflower since we hadn't gotten to go last time. There were some sections that were pretty sketchy, but I'm glad we went for it - so pretty!!

Went shopping for cupcakes for Ben's birthday and picked up some groceries. We met Ben at Outer Range, then picked up Pho for dinner. So much food!!

Thankfully, Ben really liked the buckle display case I got him!
Such a fun weekend!

  • 119,476 steps
  • 24.2 miles run/hiked
  • Three gym classes

Week in Review (September 3 - September 9)

Tuesday  (20,285 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Milk Market! I walked before myself and with Anne after the run started. Dinner was p...