Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Week in Review (November 20 - November 26)

Tuesday (13,073 steps) - See Day 6
Wednesday (20,295 steps) - See Day 7
Thursday (26,205 steps) - See Day 8
Friday (19,748 steps) - See Day 9 
Saturday (16,957 steps) - See Day 10.
We headed straight to BPCO, and it was raining pretty hard. We planned on spectating the Onesie Beer Mile (Part Twosie). I went for a run before it started, and it was pretty mild.

Of course the wind picked up and by the time the beer mile started it was really cold. I told Phil I would volunteer on the course and I nearly froze to death.

I was cold and exhausted, so we said our goodbyes and headed home. It felt so late... and it was 4:45. Got gas, picked up Panda for dinner, and we were home watching Criminal Minds before I knew it. By 6:30, we decided it was bed time. Ha.
Sunday (14,183 steps) - Even though I woke up a few times during the night, I managed to stay in bed until TEN. It was fantastic. I went for my daily run (thanks to this stupid challenge I've decided to join).

Got back, threw laundry in the dryer and then A and I went to the grocery store and picked up tacos from Torchy's.
More laundry, took a shower (and cleaned the tub), and caught up on all my blogging while watching TV. I am SO happy that I was smart enough to come back on a Saturday so I would have some time to recover from our trip!
Monday (14,646 steps) - Really was not looking forward to going back to work. The morning actually flew by because I was busy getting caught up. The gym finally hired a new trainer and I took the lunch time core class. I've missed the classes!! Went for the daily run before I picked up A at Scouts. Temperatures were actually really nice!

  • 125,107 steps
  • 16.5 miles run
  • Lots of walking and one trip to the gym

Day 10 - LGW to DEN

Out the door by 6. Took the Underground to Victoria Station, where we had to buy train tickets to get to Gatwick.
Uneventful, we arrived in plenty of time. Checked in again at the kiosk. There was no information for our gate for another 40 minutes, so we wandered around until we found a Costa for breakfast. Had a cold sandwich and a latte before finding our gate.

We were boarding pretty much as soon as we got there.

I thought the flight out was long? No. This was way longer. On the plane for at least an hour before we departed, then it was almost TEN HOURS in the air.
The WiFi wasn't working, so I read a book ("The Orphan Train") and watched a few episodes of Parenthood that I had downloaded.

Landed a little late, got through customs quickly.

Got mad at Park DIA for not taking my Groupon. Apparently the day we were leaving was a blackout (that WAS on the Groupon, but I've never heard of a blackout date for parking). SO.ANNOYING.

Day 9 - Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath

Longest tour of the trip.

We arrived at the Victoria Coach Station by 7:45. It was a long drive to our first stop - Windsor Castle. This was also a pretty neat place that I hadn't been before. We were given about 90 minutes to wander around inside, and even though we weren't really able to take many pictures, it was interesting to learn about.

We had enough time to get tea and cake before we had to get back on the bus.

Then it was another hour or so on the bus to get to Stonehenge. It was really cold and windy, but I'd always wanted to visit - it did not disappoint! So neat to walk around and look at!



Then we had another long drive to Bath. We had not spent the extra money to enter the Roman Baths. I opted to go for a run while Lisa and the girls went to the Holiday market. We met up for burgers before heading back to London. It was probably after 8 before we got back.


Picked this mainly for the name, but it was actually pretty decent!
Once at the hotel Ariel and I had to pack up all our stuff, we were leaving the next morning.

Week in Review (May 14 - May 20)

Tuesday  (12,837 steps) - Peloton ride before work. I was about 40 minutes into a 45 minute ride when our internet went out. Totally forgot ...