Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings (Week 8)

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A bit nervous for this weigh in since my exercising was at probably the lowest level as it has ever been. Eating was mostly on track during the week but I had some splurges on the weekend. And as per the norm lately, I had a decent amount of (tasty, delicious & wonderful) beer.

Tuesday - Nothing.
Wednesday - Went to run club! First time I attempted to run after Bighorn. The first mile I wanted to die and then I had to walk a BUNCH. Shocked that my pace wasn't even that terrible (for me) - and managed to eek out 3.65 miles.
Thursday - Got to the gym with a lot of extra time. 1.35 mile run on the treadmill (first run on one at the gym since the first week of May). 0.5 mile walk. Turbo kickboxing class. This went ok, but I felt weak and fatigued (shock). Got home and did tank top arms and abs/obliques videos. Most well-rounded workout in AGES.
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Slacker half marathon
Sunday - Nothing
Monday - Chaos!

I took more rest days than I have in a long time, but I really needed it after Bighorn. Mileage is still really low and I'm still working through some aches and pains.

Weekly loss - 1.2 pounds
Loss since April 30  - 11 pounds!!

Well, I have finally done it!! I passed my 10 pound barrier that I was pretty sure I was never going to hit again!
So... what now? Well, I 10-15 was the goal, so I think I will keep this up for another 2 weeks. I am definitely noticing a difference in how my clothes fit, and that was the main reason for this whole experiment in the first place.

Additional thoughts:
  • Now that I have most of my weekends of racing out of the way, I finally have ZERO excuse to get out there and do what I have been saying I would do for a LONG time. I plan to follow the other B's advice and do some speed work.
  • Related: I would really really like to get down to a 2:15-2:20 half marathon pace by the end of summer.
  • Related: I would really like to be able to maintain a bit faster pace without feeling like I'm sprinting (11 minute miles should be EASY).
  • Heather and Kim keep finding these terrible exercise videos to try, so I plan on adding at least one to the mix (although not sure about the 39 minute barre one) to get some variety back into my workouts.
  • I am super pleased that I can still enjoy my beer. I have started a new "beer tour" where I am trying new stouts and porters every week. This has been a tasty experiment.
  • As in previous weeks - appetite seems to have diminished, which seems to be the key to this whole experiment being successful. Less hunger = less eating? Who knew.


  1. Love the porter and stout quest! I started my next section of speed work this AM... we got to take off our shoes and sprint across the football field (back and forth) 3x practicing our feet turnover! So much fun! Let me know how it goes!! and Congrats on the weight loss, you tiny thing!!

  2. You are noticeably smaller if that was the goal. Plus, in your last bullet-point, are you saying that your stomach may have shrank? So I was right? ;0)

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