Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings (Week 5)

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I was REALLY hoping for a loss on the scale this week. With pretty much no action the last few weeks, this "game" has been a LOT less fun.

Tuesday - Took the day off. Met the other B for drinks at a brewery near my work. Did not feel like working out, so I didn't.
Wednesday - Nada. A and I had to attend a "meeting" to prepare her for camp in a few weeks. It was at 6:00 pm, so I had to go there right from work. By the time we got done I sure didn't feel like doing anything.
Thursday - Turbo Kickboxing. Regular instructor was finally back. After three weeks back attending class, I finally feel like I know what I am doing again.
Friday - Well, it was the last day J was living at the house. I had all these brilliant plans for having a nice run in the morning. I did, in fact, get up and get dressed to run. Drove to the lake because I didn't want to run around the neighborhood. I cranked out one loop at a 10:0x pace. And then I was done. So not worth getting up early for.
Saturday - 2.3 mile walk/jog (more walking than jogging) with A at the Run For Aurora. I was wearing Uggs so not the best for running, although at a snail's pace, they seem fine.
Sunday - Steamboat half marathon. More walking than I'd like but hypothetically my second "fastest" half this year. Whatever.
Monday - Chaos class. Excellent, like usual.

Eating this week was better than in the past few weeks. With J moving out during the week, it was kind of hectic and I just wasn't all that hungry (what). Also, I was so busy during the weekend that I really didn't have TIME to eat. Not that I wasn't hungry, I was. I just had to make time to eat, and I tried to watch portion sizes. Skipping pizza this week probably helped (although no pizza is sad).

So, while I still feel like THIS ^ - I restrained myself this week.
Weekly Loss - 2.4 pounds.
Loss since April 30 - 8.2 pounds

HURRAY!!!! Maybe this is NOT all in vain. My initial goal was really to just get out of the "danger zone" and drop those 10 pounds. Maybe I'll play another week after all.
  • Most fascinating to me is how little my lack of running seems to be affecting things. When I first starting running it was to HELP with weight loss. So... I guess, the whole "eat less" really has a bigger impact than I thought.
  • I did have a decent amount of beer last week. Apparently, that doesn't really matter, as long as I limit it and don't eat a ton. Huh.
  • It's been OVER A MONTH since I went to the bakery last.
  • I am hesitant to even TYPE it, but I think, MAYBE, my appetite has diminished a teeny tiny bit.


  1. Isn't the whole realization of the 'eat less' thing funny. I used to eat less all the time, then I ran all the time and it didn't seem to matter but things seemed to have shifted. :)

  2. Wowzers!!!!!

    You're the best at this experiment!!

  3. Wait. You've gone that long without a trip to the bakery? That alone is seriously admirable.

  4. Congrats on your success thus far. 2 or 3 years ago I was reading an article about the top 10 "diseases" such as overweight, diabetes, heart disease etc- the gist of the article is if you had to focus on diet OR exercise (just 1) to help with XYZ which is scientifically proven to be the better option and why. For losing weight its nutrition over exercise HANDS down, glad you're able to see that :)

  5. I'm fine with not going to the bakery, but I need to stop baking myself!

  6. congrats on the weightloss!! funny, my running was similar to help with the weight-and since i've stopped everyone has said how much weight i've lost. not sure if it is muscle or that i actually look to see what i put in my mouth (not as much cookies, ice cream, pizza, burgers, etc.). hoping it's the food and not the running. looks like you are finding a great balance!

  7. Great for you! That does seem like a lot of weight coz I thought it was usually 1 pound per week and you're down 8 in a month.

  8. Congratulations on getting closer to your weight goals! And congratulations on your half marathon time!


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