Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings (Week 3)

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Week 2 Recap - Here

I feel like this particular week cannot even fall under the #noteatallthethings category. It really should be more of a #eatallthethings for three days with a few days of eating normal. Anyway, I know that birthdays and holidays can be the downfall of many peoples "diets" and I was curious how MY birthday would affect things since I had NO intentions of limiting my food intake.

Two things were therefore working against me this for this week's weigh in.
  •  I had ZERO plans of doing any real running or cardio during the week.
    • Tuesday-Friday exercise: 1 hour Yoga, 1 hour Turbo Kickboxing
    • Saturday-Sunday: 2 half marathons (Recaps here and here)
    • Monday: 1 hour chaos
  • IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY. I tried to keep up to date texting Heather descriptions and/or pictures of all my food that I consumed over the weekend. To keep things short, practically none of it had any real nutritional value, although it was ALL DELICIOUS. I also had mucho beer. The collage below is just SOME of what I consumed over the weekend. Good thing I actually did some running? 
The real question is... what happens when you don't really run and you eat ALL of the high calorie and fattening deliciousness?

Weight gain - 0.4 lbs.

This was highly unexpected. I really expected it to be more. I plan on buckling down again since I am probably taking this week off from running as well. Food is back in check, and in fact, I think I gorged enough that I might even be cheesecake-d out for a bit.



  1. Huh.

    Zero point four.

    I am ignoring the "cheesecaked out", because that's like a foreign language to me.

  2. Beer isn't food, right? I heard that liquid calories don't count at all ;-)

  3. I've pretty much been eating all the things this last week. I'm pretty sure it has not worked out well for the whole get to race weight I've been working on.

  4. and since my exercise is limited to 15 mins, you now see why my food is super boring lately. i freak out over any little cheat. oh to exercise again!! but birthdays are meant for splurging!


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