Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Week in Review (May 16 - May 22)

Tuesday (22,341 steps) - Speed work! We had to drive alllll the way down to Greenwood Village for this one.

1.75 mile w/u
10 x 200m repeats w/ 200m recovery
1:06 (8:17 pace)
1:12 (9:11 pace)
1:14 (9:15 pace)
1:11 (9:06 pace)
1:10 (9:13 pace)
1:10 (9:18 pace)
1:14 (9:36 pace)
1:12 (9:26 pace)
1:10 (8:56 pace)
1:04 (8:11 pace)
.5ish mile c/d

Took A to the doctor for a follow-up appointment and then on to work. The staff took me to lunch at Marlow's, I had a filet mignon steak sandwich. Holy cow was it good! Gymnastics, then home.
Wednesday (21,113 steps) - Denver run club. A decided to run with Heather. Mo, Colfax and and I ran a modification of the route, ending with 4.7 miles. There was another beginner trail runner panel, but it was upstairs and there was no seating so we ended up leaving to go to dinner with Mo, Sheila, Ted and Dave. I had a key lime beer, which was strange, but not terrible. Burgers were on special so I had one and it was really good. I was very surprised when I got back from the bathroom to see the table had bought me dessert and sang happy birthday to me. Turns out they also paid my bill. So nice! We didn't get home until almost 10 though - way too late!
Thursday (16,835 steps) - Forecast was NOT wrong. It was snowing when we got up - enough that I had to scrape the car. Good lord, it's mid May?! It snowed all day, so A's soccer was canceled yet again. Luckily I was able to arrange a ride for her - I picked her up around 5:15 to go to Belmar. A decided not to run, Mo, Colfax and I still went out for the big loop. Brrrr. It was wet and cold.

Went to Rocko's and got quesadillas, nachos AND a beer. Jeff bought me sopapillas and the table sang happy birthday - probably best birthday I could hope for on a Thursday. 
Friday (10,877 steps) - A was going to the Royal Gorge with her Scout troop right after school so I made plans with Jessa for a birthday dinner and drinks. (This is the most I've gone out to eat in an eternity). I worked late to make up hours and then home to change clothes before meeting up with Jessa at Grand Lake brewing. Grilled cheese and a stout for dinner, headed home around 9. 
Saturday (31,414 steps) - I should have been running the Palmer Lake half, but it has been postponed until August because of all the snow. So in my head I thought I might run 12-14. I wasn't feeling great and hasn't gotten enough sleep, so I just ran 10 with Alison at Runners Edge.

I had enough time for a quick trip to Target before going to barre (for the first time in over a week). It was tough! I barely had enough time to pick up some pho for lunch, eat and shower before heading to the Colfax expo. Chatted with some people before going to Sparkle Skirts. I had signed up to work for a few hours in exchange for "sparkle dollars." Time flew by and it was a fun experience. Mo and I met up and went to Champ St for burgers (again). I had never been there. Food  was good and they had $1.50 beers on tap.

While I was doing all that ^, A was at the Royal Gorge with her Girl Scout troop bridging from Juniors to Cadettes.

Picked up A at a friend's house and then home. 
Sunday (17,745 steps) - 4:15 wake up call for volunteering with Pete at the Colfax marathon. We were assigned to Sloan's Lake aid station, which runners would pass through twice. It was way colder than I expected it to be - especially since we were set up in the shade.

I saw lots of people I knew, which was fun. We tore down by 9 and then went to the finish, where we ended up staying until about 1.

All the food was gone early so we w went to IHOP with Mo for a very late lunch. Quick trip to the store and then finally home for some sitting. Volunteering may be more exhausting than running!
Monday (13,453 steps) - I got my standing desk at work! Unlike my last job, all I had to do was ask for one and they told me they just want me to be "comfortable." Still waiting on my second monitor, but that should arrive soon.
Barre with Jen after work.

  • 133,778 steps
  • 21.9 miles run
  • 2 barre classes

Week in Review (May 9 - May 15)

Tuesday (10,737 steps) - Nothing. A had gymnastics and got her obligatory participation ribbon for the spring session.
Wednesday (19,890 steps) - Sculpt in the morning, then took A for her semi-annual dentist appointment before school.  Denver run club after work. Weather was weird so I wore a singlet and thin jacket, which ended up being perfect. Dave joined A, Mo, Colfax and me for the 3.5 mile Belcaro loop. Fun night!

Thursday (15,689 steps) - Belmar run club, big loop.

The Mizuno shoes matched my skirt perfectly!!
Headed right home after so we could pack for Grand Junction.
Friday (11,647 steps) - My last day at my job. Janna took me out to lunch at La Loma. Tried very hard  to get all my work done as I was leaving early so we could get out of town.
Saturday (34,930 steps) - Rabbit Valley half marathon.
By the time we got to Denver we were both hungry. I had a birthday reward from Old Chicago's so we shared a pizza and an appetizer.
Sunday (14,765 steps) - Met Mo and Colfax in Louisville so we could do a short trail run Mo had never run on the Singletree trail and we all enjoyed it.

After the run we went to Runners Roost Louisville for some Mother's Day yoga. I found it a little boring, but stretching is always good. There was a raffle afterword's from Brooks and Mo won the shoes! Since she doesn't wear PureFlows she decided to give her free pair to A, since that is what she's been running in the last few years.

We went home to shower and get ready for our next activity - lunch and drinks with Lisa! She picked us up at 12:30 and we went to Kokopelli down the street. A and I both got "small" pizzas - mine was BBQ chicken and hers a breakfast pizza. We spent a few hours there before heading back to our house to chat for a bit longer. A and I started the series "13 Reasons" on Netflix.
Monday (10,455 steps) - Day one of the new job and I had to be there at 8:30. I got there about 15 minutes early and spent all day training. Two of my attorneys took me out to lunch at Earl's, which was delicious. Picked A up at her last Scouts meeting of the year and quick trip to the grocery store.


  • 118,113 steps
  • 23 miles run
  • Only one barre class and some yoga

Rabbit Valley half marathon (race recap)

Saturday, May 13
Loma, CO
Half Marathon #163
Weather - Hot, sunny, windy


I picked A up at school, we stopped to get gas and headed out to Grand Junction. Other than a stop to use the bathroom we drove straight through. No major issues - other than the surprise of more construction in Glenwood canyon. 

We decided to stop and have dinner before checking into our AirBnB. We picked a brewery, Rockslide, in downtown Grand Junction. I had a tasty stout beer and a big bowl of jalapeno mac and cheese.
We finally got to the place we were staring around 8:30. It was a super cute private room, bathroom and entrance. 

Tried to go to bed early. It it was hot in the room (and no independent thermostat) even with the windows open. 

Race Day

Mapquest estimated it would take 45 minutes to get to the start (which seemed awfully long to me) shut we still got up crazy early since the race was supposed to start at 7:30. We made an emergency stop on the way at City Market to buy electrical tape to attempt reattaching part of the framing around the windshield. 

We arrived at Rabbit Valley with just about an hour until the start. The lower lot was already full so we had to park closer to the highway than last year. Our friend Kate was volunteering and it was nice to see a friendly face. 

It was about a 5 minute walk to the start area. I got all my gear ready to go, not planning on coming back to the car before we started. We arrived a few minutes before the bike race started. Once they headed out I picked up my bib and cycled through the bathroom line. Imagine my surprise to see our friend Ross at the start (he's about 80 years old and still running half marathons, sometimes two in a weekend!)

I briefly spoke with Kyla, one of the race directors, and she said A could be her "personal assistant" for the day while I was running. 
Due to extremely tough keep road conditions the race start was delayed about 15 minutes so the volunteers could get to the aid station. This was unfortunate since it was supposed to be hot and windy. 

We started around 7:45 and I estimated/hoped to finish in about 3 hours. Even though I had run the race in 2016, a course-marking error left the race extremely short. I started near the back and had the unfortunate "fire calves" early on. Of course I hadn't looked at the course map so I just ran when I felt like it and walked to try to loosen everything up. 

It was a gorgeous day on the trails. The first aid station was somewhere around 2.5 miles in. Kate and Kyla were at the aid station but since it was on a downhill section I chose not to stop. There was a lot more. Limping than I remembered on the way out and I got stuck in a pace with two women. I would pass and then they would pass - went on like this until we got to the second aid station, mile 5.5 on the Kokopelli trail. I didn't stop at this aid station either because I wanted to get around the women AND another downhill section was coming up. 

The turnaround put me at exactly 6.5 miles, so the course would still be a tad short for a half marathon. The way back involved a LOT more power hiking. I stopped at the aid station to refill my pack - it was getting super hot and the wind was picking up. I saw Ross and he was nowhere near last place, which was impressive. 

I managed to pass some people on my way back and stopped at the last aid station to have a cup of coke. By now the wind was pretty bad and with all the dirt and sand it was pretty annoying to be out in it. 

Final climb before heading into the last half mile or so to the finish. This was brutal!
I was so tired st this point that I struggled to even run into the finish. I was pleased to see that I managed to come in just over 3 hours. Turns out, the course was not the same as last year and the race director even said it was "harder." That made me feel a lot better.
Elevation gain - 1,594'
Garmin time - 3:05:47
Garmin distance - 13.0 miles
Garmin pace - 14:17
Mile 1 - 12:38
Mile 2 - 13:59
Mile 3 - 12:53
Mile 4 - 14:59
Mile 5 - 16:46
Mile 6 - 11:49 (fastest of the day!)
Mile 7 - 13:11
Mile 8 - 17:14
Mile 9 - 14:03
Mile 10 - 13:45
Mile 11 - 14:38
Mile 12 - 14:49
Mile 13 - 15:01

We stuck around for about a half hour at the finish to play some trivia to get swag (which I sucked st). I had the delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and some watermelon. 

Walked back to the car and started the drive back. Stopping in Fruita at Kannah Creek brewery for a celebratory beer. 

  • This was a hard one! I haven't been on the trails much and I struggled. 
  • I did not wear the ideal trail shoes and my feet hurt pretty bad when I got done - totally my fault, I know better. 
  • A, as usual, did a fantastic job volunteering and was a big help. 
  • Course was very well marked. The cyclists and runners had different colored flagging and every spigot was clearly marked. 
  • This may be my only desert run of the year - I really enjoyed it and will try to go out again next year. 
  • No frills event - just a tee shirt and a dog tag medal - which is fine with me!
  • Bee Rad had a mileage PR on the drive home - 601.5 miles on one tank of gas!!

Week in Review (May 2 - May 8)

Tuesday (25,834 steps) - Finally back to speed work! We arrived at Wash Park just before 5:30. It was a fairly warm morning and I only kept my thin jacket on for the warm up jog.

15 minute warm up - @ 11:06 pace
4 x .04 strides @ 6:57, 6:10, 6:28, 6:06
1 x 1600m @ 9:27 (this was HARD)
800m - 5:14 (10:20 pace)
800m - 5:10 (10:05 pace)
800m - 4:55 (9:42 pace)
800m - 4:50 (9:31 pace)
800m - 4:46 (9:29 pace)
800m - 4:29 (8:55 pace)
.35 mile cool down jog back to the car

It's very humbling knowing that 6 years ago I could run a half marathon at these paces and now I struggle through these repeats. However, I did run all the 800's with negative splits, I think that is a pretty big accomplishment!
Barre class with Laura during lunch (might be my last barre class with her for a while) and after work/school A had gymnastics.
Wednesday (21,321 steps) - Denver run club. We actually did the scheduled Cook Park route and Mo beat her mileage from last week to have her longest training run in over 9 months! Even though the day started out with freezing temperatures and snow, the weather was perfect by the time we were out on our run.
These crochet flowers are pretty cool! Apparently they move on the trail regularly.
Thursday (15,549 steps) - Barre with Gabi. Belmar run club - Cinco de Mayo edition! A and I ran/walked the big loop with Mo and then stuck around for jell-o shots and a pinata.

A was having a friend spend the night so we had to head out early to pick up pizza and get home in time to clean up. We also had Batman Sour's third birthday party!
Friday (15,611 steps) - Nothing. A and I went for a walk to the lake after work since the weather was so nice.
Saturday (36,019 steps) - Runners Edge! I had 12 miles on schedule and it was pretty rough. How did I ever run extreme distances? It was also really hot... A ran 4 miles (last 2 with David).

We had just enough time to get some food at Einsteins, pack up our aid station and get to her school for her 11 am soccer game... WHICH THEY WON!
Afternoon spent picking up some groceries and new clothes for A, who is outgrowing everything and sewing the rest of the patches on her Girl Scout vest.
Sunday (21,108 steps) - Rocky Mountain Road Runner 5 miler at Stapleton. The gps sent us to a weird warehouse district 10 minutes away, but luckily I had planned on arriving early. Enough time to get our bibs and use the bathroom. We somehow got dropped off the trophy series list so A and I both started at gun time. I was only able to keep up with her for about 5 minutes before she ran off. Legs were super tired and I had to spend a decent amount of time walking in miles 2 and 3. Felt a bit better by the end and miraculously came in under 11 minute pace.

A official time - 52:36

My official time - 54:02
Garmin time - 54:01
Garmin distance - 5.02
Garmin pace - 10:46
Mile 1 - 10:27
Mile 2 - 11:27
Mile 3 - 11:00
Mile 4 - 10:43
Mile 5 - 10:14

In the afternoon we drove back down south for A's Bronze Award ceremony for Girl Scouts. A pretty big deal!
These three have been in the same troop since they were five!

I unfortunately was not able to get any good pictures during the actual ceremony since we were in the back and the zoom on my phone isn't the best.

Evening spent cleaning and rearranging the living room.
Monday (14,146 steps) - Barre. Went to lunch at The Palm to celebrate a new career. Then, A's soccer practice was cancelled because of lightning. On my way to pick her up I got caught in one of the nastiest hail storms Denver has seen - and it severely damaged my car. Can't wait to start the process of getting THAT fixed.
  • 149,588 steps
  • 31.6 miles run
  • 3 barre classes and a walk with A
Everything Else:
  • I put in my official notice at my job. Well, I had put it in the week before, but this was "for real for real." Bittersweet as I really like my attorneys, but with so many of them leaving the firm I got increasingly concerned about job security. Onward!

Week in Review (May 16 - May 22)

Tuesday (22,341 steps) - Speed work! We had to drive alllll the way down to Greenwood Village for this one. 1.75 mile w/u 10 x 200m re...