Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Week in Review (February 6 - February 12)

Tuesday (14,310 steps) - Got there a little late, but went back to the Sloan's Lake Tap & Burger for run club. (We may do this instead of speed work, undecided). Ran just over 4 miles with A and Dulce, and then had delicious pasta and salad. A sold more cookies. Home late-ish again.
Wednesday (21,075 steps) - Roost Boulder run club! We were heading out on a semi-new trail! I'll have to run this again when I can actually see what's happening, it seemed like it would be really pretty!
After the run we went to Under the Sun where we had some food/drinks and A sold (A LOT) of Girl Scout cookies.
Thursday (12,491 steps) - Roost Belmar run club! Newton was there for shoe demos, and I tried the new Gravity - mainly because they are really pretty! I have been wearing Newtons as my primary road shoes for many years, so it's always a treat when the rep visits. The park was closed, so we ended up running to Addenbrook Park and back. It was kind of a meh run, but warm enough for bare legs!
Friday (6,679 steps) - Barre with Sasha. A went to a sleepover. I made a complicated cake for a friend with lots of allergies and watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones.
Saturday (18,737 steps) - Runners Edge Lakewood. It was cold and snowy. Really happy I only had 8 miles on schedule.
My one picture from the run is the random "Mr Popper's Penguins" house
After I picked up my aid station I headed home for a super quick shower, picked up A at her friend's house and then braved the treacherous roads to Boulder to sell more cookies at Under the Sun. Not quite as many sold, but I enjoyed a delicious breakfast burrito and a stout. THEN, we headed down to Dulce's for Valensgiving! A great evening with food and friends.
Sunday (19,457 steps) - Arrived at the Platte River Bar & Grill for volunteering at RMRR. We helped with registration until it was time to run. I was starting about 4 minutes after the gun. The trail was snow-covered and icy. When running north, I kept thinking... why am I wearing so many layers? Then when we turned around there was an awful head wind. It was cold and not a lot of fun.
I took this at the start!
Once again, no pics of me, so here is one of A looking awesome
Time - 1:16:15
Distance - 7.00 miles
Mile 1 - 11:03
Mile 2 - 10:44
Mile 3 - 10:22
Mile 4 - 10:40
Mile 5 - 11:56 (this is when I really wanted to die)
Mile 6 - 10:51
Mile 7 - 10:34

Most people didn't have a stellar day, which helped to get 7th place! Plus, I won a $25 gift certificate to Runner's Roost - good day!
Roost teammates!
Ribbon winners! - 7th place is purple!
We went door to door selling cookies for about a half hour, and A did surprisingly well. Jan picked her up for a Scout meeting and I had lunch and watched more Game of Thrones. Before picking up A I dropped off 3 boxes and a bag at Goodwill (things are coming along!). Panda Express for dinner and getting caught up on Law & Order.
Monday (9,897 steps) - Runners Roost Stapleton run out of Cheluna Brewery! I ended up running with Jason Romero - and... it turns out we used to work for the same law firm years ago. Small world! Stayed out way too late playing trivia, BUT, we came in second place!! Fun night.
Warming up for the run playing foosball!
  • 102,646 steps
  • 32.1 miles run
  • 1 barre class

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Week in Review (January 30 - February 5)

Tuesday (18,042 steps) - We had the week off from speed work, so we met up with some of our Belmar friends at Sloan's Lake Tap & Burger for another run club. I ran the first loop with Dulce and was feeling really good, so I ran another loop by myself, for a total of 5.5 miles. Pasta and salad were on the house (!), so we didn't even have to make dinner when we got home. Fun times!
Wednesday (15,138 steps) - We set our alarms and got up early to walk to the lake to see the Super Blue Blood Moon! Unfortunately, we didn't realize that totality would last over an hour, so we missed it, super sucky. Left the house about 20 minutes too late. We did see a nice sunrise, however.
Opted to skip our weekly run on the Boulder trails for a fun off site run with Denver Runners Roost at Crazy Mountain. I had planned to run with Alison and Dulce, but ended up doing 4 miles with Tony. Food was catered in from Cuba Cuba and we got a beer on the house. Another fun night!
Thursday (14,079 steps) - Belmar run club! I did a little loop alone before the group started, then did a big loop with Samm and Dulce, and then another little loop. I had forgotten my vest and a jacket, so I was pretty cold.
Friday (9,283 steps) - Barre with Sasha. We watched Groundhog Day since A had never seen it.
Saturday (28,346 steps) - Runners Edge! Thankfully, we didn't have an aid station. I committed to running 12 with Kristin. It wasn't terrible, but it was pretty warm and super flat routes kinda hurt. Due to aid station placement we were closer to 12.5 miles.

Breakfast at Einsteins, then off to the dealership so Lucy could get her first oil change. Almost three hours later we were finally home. Watched Office Space and then... picked up Girl Scout cookies. Already.
I decided to finish purging kitchen stuff. I pulled out FIFTY coffee mugs/glasses to donate. 50. And we will still have more than enough. How on earth do we accumulate this many? I had already donated things like sport bottles a year or so ago, so this number used to be much higher.
Sunday (13,092 steps) - Runners Roost MUT kickoff! The group was supposed to run our regular Wednesday route, but it was so cold and icy that we decided to skip the run.

We helped set up and just chatted with people in the store. Stuck around until 11 so A could sell cookies.

Beer and snacks at Southern Sun, then onto Chloe's birthday party at Skate City. I dropped off A and ran my 4 scheduled miles solo on Clear Creek.
Picked up A and then went to Ben's to watch the first half of the Super Bowl. Left after the halftime show, finished the Super Bowl at home. Long/short weekend.
Monday (13,377 steps) - Barre with Karen. Headed over to Cheluna Brewing to meet up with the brand new run club for Runners Roost Stapleton. I was kinda sorta familiar with the area, but it was really dark and I wasn't running with anyone else and missed about 2/3 of a mile of the route.
It was pretty cold and windy, so 3.2 miles was plenty. A sold cookies and I had a beer and unofficially played trivia. Late night, we didn't get home until 9.

  • 111,357 steps
  • 35.3 miles run (wow!)
  • 2 barre classes

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week in Review (January 23 - January 29)

Tuesday (12,371 steps) - Spelling Bee at A's school! She didn't win, but she did make it to the 6th round this year, which was one round further than the kid that won when she was in 3rd grade (also her age). Very proud of her, and she seemed pleased with her performance.
Met up with Ang and Dulce at Sloan's Lake to do a 5K to help Ang get her medal for completing the virtual Polar Bear 5K. Slow going and it was pretty cold by the time we got done.
Wednesday (18,421 steps) - Roost Boulder run club!

With John gone, the super intense people are picking tough routes! This route had us going straight up Bear Canyon, with a little loop (I think) in Fern Canyon. It was still super snowy, and Kristin, A and I were in the very very back. At the last meet-up we opted to turn around, with Phil joining us. We still got in 6.5 pretty tough miles. A won a Roost beanie in the raffle (I won too, but there wasn't prize I wanted, so I gave it away to the next person). Southern Sun after to share a grilled cheese and for me to have a beer. Criminal Minds, bed.
Thursday (10,831 steps) - Belmar run club! I had 5 miles on schedule, but didn't have enough time. Did the big loop with Samm and Dulce and then the little loop solo.

Actually felt mostly good the whole time. Could there possibly be a light at the end of the tunnel? I'm so tired of feeling crappy.
Friday (10,635 steps) - Barre with Sienna because Sasha was out sick. Not my favorite class. Warm up was weird and I did NOT like using the gliders while in flat-back chair. Just no. Walk around the lake for our Strava streak mile, although we ended up jogging some because it was so incredibly windy.
Saturday (31,895 steps) - Runners Edge Broomfield. A walked 9 miles with Pete and Janet (she still isn't feeling 100%) and I ran 14. The first 10 or so weren't terrible, but miles 11-13 were not my favorite.
This is the awesome pace group I run with!
Apparently the only picture I took during my run?
Grocery shopping and cleaning. Went to Ducle's house for another friend family (breakfast for) dinner, complete with mimosas!
Sunday (16,880 steps) - Met up with Jandy at New Terrain for a run at North Table - she had never been there! We did 5ish miles. Legs were tired and the trails were pretty muddy, but a fun time.

Got breakfast at Big Daddy Bagels before going home for EVEN MORE CLEANING. We are pretty much done at this point, just a little bit of stuff here and there. So awesome.
Monday (8,488 steps) - Walked around Lake Arbor to get our one mile walk in. Nothing else.


  • 109,521 steps
  • 34.9 miles run
  • 2 barre classes

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Week in Review (January 16 - January 22)

Tuesday (10,156 steps) - A and I went for a short run in the blistering cold (seriously, 6 degrees). With her heading to Outdoor Lab for the week, we need something for the January strava streak. We dressed appropriately and it wasn't terrible. We also saw two coyotes on our way back home.
Can you spot the coyote?
With A not home I could party like it was 1999. I met a friend for some beers at a new place, Growlers USA. Then I finally tackled Day 1 of The Great Purge of 2018 - finally doing a REAL sweep of my junk and selling/donating.
Wednesday (17,279 steps) - Runners Roost Boulder run club! The group decided to do a "hillier" route for John's last week. What THAT meant was an NCAR double. I almost died. This was a hard one! At least there was one gal that was only a little faster than me so I wasn't alone. After, there was a presentation led by a guy that is doing the Seven Summits, although we mostly heard about his trek up Everest. I filled up on pizza and cupcakes.
More cleaning at home - this was done by shoving everything that was under my bathroom sink into a reusable bag and sorting through stuff while watching Criminal Minds.
Thursday (14,711 steps) - Belmar run club! I arrived early enough that I planned on doing some early miles, and was very pleased to see Dulce and Zach there, so we went out and ran the little loop, then the big loop with the group.
Actually went over to Rocko's for some tacos after. More cleaning! More clothes and shoes. Damn I have a lot of stuff.
Friday (10,405 steps) - Picked up A from Outdoor Lab and just had her come to the office with me since it was so late. Did a loop around Lake Arbor for a our strava streak mile.

Saturday (24,899 steps) - Runners' Edge spring kick off! Weather was pretty fantastic, and I had a great run. We did 10 miles from the Roost in Denver around Wash Park and through some neighborhoods. I love the tile art some people have on their fences!

After we picked up our aid station we met up with Ang at Rupert's at the Edge for brunch. Ironically, Lisa was there with her friend Jen, so that was fun.
Stopped at the store on the way home and then more cleaning/decluttering. Took a break to go to the cheapo movie theater to watch Pitch Perfect 3 (again), then went over to Dulce's for an impromptu family dinner. Fun night!
Sunday (7,316 steps) - Snowpocalypse. Cleaned/decluttered in the morning .The weather was not improving, so we decided to head out for our mile... on snowshoes! That was quite the adventure.

More cleaning/decluttering. Sold quite a few things and completely filled the back of the car with more stuff to donate.
Monday (11,624 steps) - Headed out after work to run at Standley Lake. The 1/2 mile of sidewalk on the way was plowed. Once we got out nearer to the dam the snow had drifted and was decently tough to run in. Overall, it was a good run - we even saw some owls!

  • 96,390 steps
  • 27.6 miles run
  • 1 barre class
Unrelated... has anyone had discrepancies with their step count on their Garmin and what Garmin Connect says? I googled and found some mentions in old forums, but nothing recently. I don't show that my watch (Fenix 3) needs an update right now. Anyway, it's annoying. 

Week in Review (February 6 - February 12)

Tuesday  (14,310 steps) - Got there a little late, but went back to the Sloan's Lake Tap & Burger for run club. (We may do this inst...