Monday, January 9, 2017

RMRR Trophy Series - Twin Lakes 10k (Race Recap)

Sunday, January 8
Weather - Chilly, cloudy

A week out from Across the Years and I again decided it was a great idea to run a 10K with Rocky Mountain Road Runners. A was finally back from Texas and Maureen was planning on walking the 5K. A decided she would rather walk with Maureen than run.

With the handicap start, I would be starting 2:50 after the gun. I had the same plan as last year when I ran - start slow, and hopefully not have a terrible time. I was coming off a high mileage weekend and had run a fairly hilly (and icy/snowy) 7 miles the day before with Runners Edge, so my expectations were not very high.

There was only only person starting at my same time:
This cracks me up. We are dressed for two very different forecasts.
I was taking it very easy and caught up to Ang (also walking) pretty early on. I started passing the "faster" walkers around .75 miles in and caught up to A and Maureen around .85 or .9 miles in (they were walking pretty quick!) and A got a few pictures of me from Maureen's phone.

I was perfectly comfortable in my thin long sleeve top and skirt, the only part of me that was cold were my toes! They didn't warm up until probably 2 miles in. I was feeling pretty good on the outbound part of the course, but I remembered from last year that it was a gradual downhill on the way out. I took a very brief walk break after turning around at the only aid station - long enough only to take a drink of nice, cold, ice water.
I continued with the plan to "push through" the tired legs, and it appeared to be working. I did start to have some pain in my right ankle (STILL!) even though I had taped it before the run, but I didn't notice my gait being off and figured I would run through it if I could. I was finally starting to get passed by runners, although I'm pretty happy it didn't happen until the second half of my race!
Remembering how much I struggled once I hit mile 5, I held back a bit and took it super easy on the small underpass hills. Rob passed me around mile 5.5 and his enthusiasm helped me get through my desire to walk. FINALLY, I could see the loop around to the finish. I passed Ang shortly before the bridge and then did my best to hang until I was through the shoot.

Didn't see A and Maureen at the finish, I assumed that was because they were taking Colfax for a walk. Got some pictures with teammates, stuck around for awards (none for me this time!) and then went to Torchy's with A and Maureen. A very fun morning, and INCREDIBLY pleased that I made it through the entire run without a walk break (outside of the aid station).

Of COURSE all the shadows are on MY face
Maureen, A and Ang - mid-race
Garmin time - 1:08:12
Garmin distance - 6.31 miles
Garmin pace - 10:48 (?!?!)
Mile 1 - 11:01
Mile 2 - 10:46
Mile 3 - 10:34
Mile 4 - 10:46
Mile 5 - 10:56
Mile 6 - 10:54
Mile 6.31 - 10:25


  • These races are so fun and so inexpensive! I always have a good time at them - very happy I tried them out last year!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Across the Years (Race Recap)

Glendale, AZ
Friday, December 30 - Sunday, January 1
Ultra marathon #21
Weather - Pleasant day 1, then #alltherain


In a moment of insanity (and ok, thriftiness) I booked my outbound flight on Frontier. With all the drama over Christmas about people having missed and incredibly delayed flights, I was really stressed out. I was also a bit panicky about the baggage rules. I studied the "personal item" information pretty carefully and decided that I could totally pack everything I needed into that so I wouldn't have to pay for a carry-on. See?


Went to work in the morning. Headed out to the airport around lunch time. The lines at security were not very long and I was at the gate in plenty of time. I was incredibly amazed that the plane was there on time, we boarded on-time and we departed on time. However, it's been a LONG time since I flew Frontier. The seats are completely different. No more TV's on the back. No cushioning and the tiniest "tray tables" ever. I'm a tiny person and I hated this. It was so uncomfortable. However, I only paid $18.10 for the flight, and at least it was short, so there's that. Arrived a few minutes early and took the shuttle to pick up my rental car. Like last year I had to keep checking for a reasonable rate. Knowing I'm only driving about 50 miles total, I hate paying a ton for it, but know I need the heater for nighttime. Not as inexpensive as last year, but booked a piece of crap car (Chevy Spark) for the whole weekend for $83. Again, like last year, I stopped at In-n-Out for dinner, then headed to the local Wal-Mart for dessert (cheesecake) and beer. Arrived at the race and got my tent assignment. It seemed warmer than last year, which was nice. However, unlike last year I didn't have a sleeping bag/pillow. I did have a space blanket, but that didn't seem enough for me to actually fall asleep. So... Groundhog Day, try to sleep in the tiniest/most uncomfortable vehicle ever. Sigh.


Got about 12 minutes of sleep. (Well, maybe an hour here and there, but nothing to brag about). The race was scheduled to start at 9:00. I went to the food tent and got some french toast, part of a quesadilla and coffee. As I was getting dressed, I noticed I already had a small blood blister on one of my toes. Yippee! Went to the medical tent to see if there was anything I could/should do with it, and it was recommended that I leave it alone. Ok then. Picked up my bib, and it's time to go...

We started out running clockwise. Having run the race before, I had no plans of "racing." I took a walk break at least once every loop, hoping to save my legs. Within a few hours, I was already feeling pretty terrible. Back in the beginning of November, I rolled my right ankle and it was screaming at me. I also felt that I was developing blisters on my right pinkie toe and possibly my right heel. So basically, my whole right side was... wrong. I recognized many of the same people from last year, which was fun.

The only food I think I did NOT have.
Storm is rolling in...

What's not really fun? Running around in circles... I know, I know, what was I thinking? Anyway, I was feeling pretty terrible very early on, which doesn't bode well for a very long day. I was super disgruntled to not hit my 50 miles in 12 hours. I was not happy when it started to rain. I was also INCREDIBLY upset when I went to change into my warmer clothes for night and discover that my tent was flooded!! The rain flap wasn't attached on one side and pretty much everything got soaked. DAMN IT!! I had to gather up all my stuff and bring it to the car. I sat in the car for a bit (I think I was at mile 46) to get dry and to try to nap. DID NOT WORK.


Didn't even pretend to try to get any real sleep. Any time I went to the car I would set my alarm for about a half hour. If I was still awake after 10-15 minutes I went back out. It was so muddy from the earlier rain, and my feet were really screaming at me now. I did not do much running. I know in an event like this that even walking and continuing to keep moving makes a huge difference. I really had a pretty terrible night. Unlike last year, however, I didn't have any issues actually being cold when I was out. In fact, one of the only things I brought with me that I never used were my gloves!
By the time the sun came up I was so blah. I decided to start my day off with one of my beers and some pumpkin pie. I walked a LOT. The most interesting part of the day was watching the course get squeegeed!
Yep, this guy is using a squeegee to get standing water/mud off the course!
That helped a lot, and the course did dry out quite a bit. By late afternoon I was at about 83 miles. However, I was moving SO DAMN SLOW. I couldn't even believe how long it was taking me at this point.
There was more rain in the forecast, so I went to the car to change clothes again and hoped for a quick nap before heading out for my second night. The biggest catastrophe of the day was when I headed back out. I got to the timing mat on the opposite side of the course and didn't beep. I looked down and realized I didn't have my chip on. OH NO. A few other runners convinced me it was fine and if I just talked to the timing people they would give me credit for the lap. Got back to the start and they said that was fine. I went back to the car to get my chip and COULD NOT FIND IT. I looked for about 15 minutes - throwing things around - remember, everything I have is now in the car because of the flooded tent. In hysterics, I go to the timing tent and tell them I lost the chip. They get me another one to use and warn me I'll have to pay $75 for the other one if I can't find it. I head back out and I'm looking everywhere... there is only a small section of the course where it COULD be, because I had done only half a loop before realizing it was gone. NOTHING. It was getting dark, so I figured now that I have calmed down a bit that I will go look one more time in the car. I mean really, where could it have gone??? Then I see it. I had put it around the emergency brake, for safe-keeping. Son of a... I turn that timing chip back in and off I go. Geez.
Hooray for pizza!!!! Another few hours and my feet are just pissed. I decide to go for my spare pair in hopes that I feel a little better. Just before 8 pm and I'm finally at mile 90. And then the longest night ever. Because of all the mud and my aching feet, I was barely moving at a 20 minute mile pace. Around 9 and the rain started again. Man, I can't catch a break!! Ugh. Lots of complaining and resting and just suffering to get it done. Right around midnight I headed out for my "last" loop. My "A" goal had been to beat last year, with 116+ miles. I was perfectly ok with stopping at just over 100 miles.

As soon as I finished I sat in the warming tent and chatted with some runners, and apparently, I was also just in time to spectate the "underwear beer mile." LOL. And most of these people had been out running for at LEAST 15 hours at this point. Crazy. Around 1:30 I went to the car to "sleep."


It POURED all night. I was really happy I stopped when I did, because before I even got situated the rain had started. I dozed on and off until maybe 7:30. I decided to go out and do a lap or two since I had time. I was running pretty good the first loop, stopping to take a picture of how badly the course had flooded during the night.
I got halfway through my second loop and it started pouring again. OH COME ON, HAVEN'T WE HAD ENOUGH? So I ended with a total of about 103 miles. Not anywhere close to my goal, but damn it, I fought really hard through this one. I collected my buckle and then headed to the car to pack up all my stuff.
I guess it doesn't look too bad in the picture. But for real, everything I had was on this seat or the floor
At 10 I went over to the awards ceremony. Unlike last year, they only announced top three for each race. As an aside, had I hit my "A" goal, I would have been on the podium. Ah, maybe next year. I already have runnesia.
Goodbye, shoes! 400+ miles and two 100+ miles races later, these guys were TOAST
Miles 1-10 - 12:43, 12:51, 12:10, 12:18, 12:01, 12:01, 11:45, 12:18, 11:59, 12:46
Miles 11-20 - 15:14, 13:50, 12:39, 12:57, 13:17, 13:35, 15:06, 13:05, 13:11, 17:11
Miles 21-30 - 14:18, 15:32, 15:02, 14:41, 14:31, 15:30, 18:04, 14:54, 14:37, 14:49
Miles 31-40 - 14:29, 14:42, 17:28, 15:02, 14:57, 14:49, 16:34, 17:30, 15:35, 14:49
Miles 41-50 - 15:34, 19:12, 17:59, 15:48, 14:39, 59:28, 19:24, 17:22, 19:11, 18:16
Miles 51-60 - 17:51, 18:28, 1:34:01, 18:29, 17:08, 18:07, 19:03, 25:03, 18:53, 18:04
Miles 61-70 - 23:11, 18:57, 20:16, 2:01:42, 22:59, 20:28, 20:03, 20:00, 1:38:10, 17:39
Miles 71-80 - 15:53, 17:43, 20:49, 1:00:57, 21:33, 20:14, 20:04, 19:38, 20:03, 1:25:41
Miles 81-90 - 18:57, 18:36, 19:38, 20:12, 23:01, 49:24, 23:01, 32:14, 27:34, 30:25
Miles 91-100 - 23:00, 43:54, 21:10, 22:51, 28:30, 20:41, 31:31, 24:20, 28:19, 37:03
Miles 100-103ish - 23:32, 25:36, 25:31, 20:16
I did not stop/pause my watch at all while I was running, until I was finished. The incredibly long split times are when I was in the car trying to rest. I do not have any data from  the last two loops I did in the morning, I had forgotten to put my watch back on.

Stopped at In-n-Out on my way to the airport, dropped off the car, and went to the gate. Plane was on time and landed in Denver on time as well. All in all, the travel aspect was uneventful.


  • As I mentioned above, I ran with my Garmin Fenix 3 and it recorded my entire run. I did not have it on ultra mode this time. Once I realized it could be charged on the run, I would wait until the battery got to about 50% (because I'm paranoid), charge it. It worked perfectly.
  • I still have to say that this is one of the most organized events I have ever run. I love that there is an aid station that I can hit every single mile. The food is phenomenal, I never went hungry! I also like that I don't have to actually carry anything on me. 
  • The race did an excellent job again of ensuring the course was well lit at night. And again, having someone out there to squeegee some of the mud/standing water off the course was amazingly awesome. 
  • I actually got another awesome race picture! I haven't bought it yet, but I will. 
  • Bummed to not have hit my goal, but I worked really hard at this race and I know a lot of people modified their goals because of the weather/course conditions.
  • The only problem this year was with the live tracking. Last year it was spot-on, no issues. This year, there were major delays in the timing on the TVs at the start/finish, and they never did get it resolved this year. Not a huge deal, but I really wanted to know where I was at mileage-wise and with that not available, I had to complete another loop to find out.

Monday, December 5, 2016

California International Marathon (Race Recap)

Sacramento,  CA
Sunday, December 4
Marathon #30
Weather - Overcast and chilly

After running the California International Marathon in the 2012 monsoon, Heather really wanted to run it again, in better weather. We were originally registered to run in 2015, but after a lack of training, we deferred to 2016.


A was already at Heather's house, I had taken her over the night before. I got up a bit later than I should have, made coffee, and drove to the off-site lot to drop off the car. I arrived at the airport a little over an hour before my flight, but security was a breeze, so it was no big deal. Charged my phone a bit before boarding, and even though I was in "B," managed to get a window seat in the second row. Now that Netflix has the download option, I was able to watch the Amanda Knox documentary and the first episode of Bates Motel. Both were good.

Heather had already landed and was waiting outside my gate. We took an Uber to the host hotel, the Sheraton across from the finish, and checked in. We went to the expo and picked up our packets without any issues.
Phew! I actually registered!
"California fall" outside the convention center - this is the last quarter mile of the course
Neither of us had eaten, so we walked to The Patio and got lunch. Mmmm, mac and cheese and cornbread.
We were both pretty tired so we went back to the hotel and watched TV until about 5 when it was time to walk to meet some of my teammates for dinner at The Waterboy. The food was good, but it was a lot pricier (and more fancy) than I expected. Ah well.
Sunset from our hotel room
Spent the rest of the evening getting gear ready and watching TV. Lights out around 9.

Sunday, Race Day

Alarm was set for 4:40. However, I hadn't slept well and had gotten up around 4:15. By the time the alarm went off I was ready to go. We made coffee in the room and walked down the street to the shuttle bus pick up at the convention center at 5:00 am. The bus ride sure seemed long, and NOTHING looked familiar. Had we really run this before??
A billion buses and a California sunrise
We stayed on the bus until about 15 minutes before the race started. I had been using my addaday massager on my right calf all day Saturday because it was crazy tight and achy after my crazy training session with Junko on Thursday. We used the bathroom, I picked up gloves off the ground since I had accidentally left mine on the bus (wah!!) and squeezed in around the 5:08 pace group. 5:08 pace group? Such a weird time!
Start line
The first 5 or so miles were fine. We were running a fairly comfortable pace. I was pleased that my calf did not seem to be acting up. Shortly after the section aid station (maybe mile 5.5), Heather asked if I minded if we started a run/walk. I did not mind, and we began doing 4:1 intervals. This worked well for the next few miles. We saw Libby working the aid station at mile 8.4 (random to see a friend from Texas working an aid station in California), and kept going. We adjusted the run/walk a bit for aid stations and hills.
So pretty!
Turns out, Heather was NOT imagining chickens on the course (we saw them around mile 9 I think). Then, we saw a guy with two goats spectating. Of course we had to get a picture with them, HOW COULD YOU NOT?? We seemed a lot more excited than the goats, though.
There was  nice downhill after mile 10, and I made a comment that it was unfortunate that we had a walk break on the awesome downhill. That was when Heather told me that her left hip was bothering her and that running downhill was actually pretty painful. Uh oh. I've been there. I asked her if she wanted to walk a bit more, and she joked that maybe she would just quit. We did a few more intervals, and there was a climb near mile 12 where she said that she was indeed quitting. Oh no! I asked her if she was serious about quitting, if it was that bad. If she planned on just a lot of walking I had  no problems staying with her, but I did want to finish. She said the pain had spread to her IT band and that walking also hurt so she was going to walk to the relay exchange and stop. :(

Dang! Bummer! I told her I would text her later and hoped she felt better and moved on. I felt pretty good for a while, stopping around mile 16 to use the bathroom (the only one on the whole course that did not seem to have a line). Somewhere around mile 19 or so, my lack of road running and actual distance running caught up with me. I decided I would attempt to do intervals, running 5 or 6 minutes with a quick walk break.
At the "wall" around mile 20
The last "hill" - bridge at mile 22ish
This worked pretty good until maybe mile 23. I was really done by then. It was a lot colder than I had anticipated, and while I normally do really well in colder weather, I just felt... well, cold. I didn't want to put gloves on, but I kinda wished I had worn arm sleeves.
Action shot from Heather just before mile 26
I sent Heather a text at mile 24 to let her know that I was close, and she said she would be near the finish line. The last mile of the course seemed to go on forever.
There was a big blue arch that you would THINK indicated the end, but NO. The sign right after said mile 26, yet when I crossed the finish line I was closer to 26.5. The race has the strangest finish line ever, with men and women finishing in different chutes.
Got my medal and then met up with Heather. Thankfully, she had brought my jacket. We went and got some post-race food and beers before heading back to the hotel. I actually was not able to finish my brunch, which was weird because I was REALLY hungry the last few miles of the race.
This is actually a breakfast burrito, NOT a panini
Showered and checked out at 3:00. We didn't head to the airport until 5, and I was very sad to see my flight was delayed. By the time I got to the airport, picked up A, and got home it was 1:20 in the morning.  Blah.

Official Time - 5:14:23
Official 10K - 1:10:24
Official 13.1 - 2:35:29
Official 20 Mile - 3:57:31
Overall Place - 5186/6174
Gender Place - 2227/2838
Division Place - 401/505

  • The race caps at 7,500 runners. According to results, there were about 1,300 runners that either didn't start the race, or didn't finish. The race does allow deferrals, I believe it cost another $40 to register, on top of whatever we paid last year.
  • Expo is in a nice, spacious location at the convention center. Packet pick up was a breeze. There were not too many vendors I was interested in. Unsure what parking would have cost if we hadn't been able to just walk there.
  • The shuttles are organized incredibly well. They were loaded efficiently and got us all to the race in plenty of time.
  • PLENTY of port-o-potties. Supposedly they had 300! We only waited a few minutes to use one. They also had quite a few on the course, there were always lines for those though.
  • The course is very runnable - I didn't find any of the hills very long or unmanageable. 
  • Tons of aid stations. More sparse in the beginning, with two sections where there was more than 3 miles between them. By the second half they were pretty much every mile - 17 aid stations in all. Plenty of volunteers, with Nuun and water. There were also a few "food" stations - some had GU, bananas, oranges and even baked goods.
  • Every mile was marked, with a handful of timing mats on the course. Lots of crowd support and music and "energy."
  • Medal is big, but not very interested. Kind of wish the cityscape had a more "bold" outline.
  • Nice, long sleeve and gender specific shirt.
  • Finish are is a cluster. Super crowded. And the beer was non-alcoholic.
  • Would I run again? No. But it's more because it was just "meh" to me, and I've now run it twice. Too many marathons to run this one a third time.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Broomfield Turkey Day 10K (Race Recap)

Thursday, November 22
Broomfield, CO
Weather - Sunny and WIIIIIINDY

A and I had registered for the Broomfield Turkey Day 10K in January. Because it totally makes sense to sign up for a race 10 months in advance if it's cheaper, right?

I had run the 10K a few times when A was smaller and not racing, and last year, A and I ran the 5K with Heather in the freezing cold ice and snow. A had chosen to do the 10K this year, and I was a bit concerned since she hadn't been running that much. As the date approached, I remember asking her "you know you wanted to run the 10K, right?" She seemed fine.

The race didn't start until 9:00, and only being about 15 minutes away, we didn't have to get up that early. We were out the door by 7:45 and parked by 8. First thing of note - IT WAS FREAKING WINDY. We sat in the car for a few minutes until we decided we might as well pick up our bibs. The line was pretty long and as soon as we got our numbers we went back to the car and turned on the heater.

Shockingly, Heather had gotten lost getting to the race, so we didn't meet up until about 10 minutes before the race started, in the bathroom line. We all planned to run together, and luckily, by the time we started the wind died down a bit.
The 10K was not the same course I had run (3?) years ago, it was now a double loop course (and I think reverse direction of the 5K we ran last year. Anyway, the first aid station was about a mile in. We took a drink, and walked a bit. The next section, along Midway, was a gradual uphill and a headwind.
Yep - GO ME!!
A started to lose steam on the gradual hill up Sheridan, but I reminded her that the sooner we got done running, the sooner we could leave to go to Friendsgiving for #allthefood and pumpkin cheesecake. There was only the one aid station on the course, so we didn't get more water until after mile 4. It had warmed up, so I had taken off my hoodie (and felt fine). Around mile 5, A was a few yards ahead of me and Heather, and I looked at my watch and realized that as long as she kept moving, she would get a decent PR. She did pretty well running from miles 5-6 and then took a walk break right as we were turning the corner at mile 6. Then she looked at me and Heather and bolted off. Even with my "sprint," she still beat us by a decent amount. She is really fast when she wants to be.

We saw Lisa in the finisher area, got our medals, and then got a random stranger to get a team picture. Heather and Lisa both had to head out pretty quickly, but A and I stuck around a bit trying to get her official time. We finally just grabbed some free Noosa (pumpkin and blackberry serrano) and then headed home.

Official Time - 1:08:12 (A's sprint netted her a PR of 1:07:54!)
Overall Place - 299/377
Gender Place - 53/72
Mile 1 - 10:09
Mile 2 - 12:01
Mile 3 - 11:09
Mile 4 - 10:51
Mile 5 - 12:09
Mile 6 - 10:30
Mile 6.2 - 8:33


  • This race has definitely improved over time. The 5K starts after the 10K, but it was enough of a break in between the two that there was no congestion, and the section where the courses "merged," the 10K was moved onto the wide sidewalk, which really helped. The double loop course was fine.
  • I think the shirt was fine, but this race offers $5 off registration if you don't take a shirt, so I have done that the last few years.
  • Medals for both distances.
  • Pretty decent selection of vendors at the start/finish (and Noosa is my favorite!)
  • There was a bit of a snafu with results for the 10K being posted, but they were available online pretty much the second we crossed the finish line, so that was fine.
  • Would I run this again? Probably. It's close, it's long enough that it's worth getting up for, and it doesn't cost very much.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dead Horse 50K (Race Recap)

Moab, UT
Saturday, November 19
Ultra Marathon #20
Weather - Sunny and chilly

I signed up for Mad Moose's Dead Horse 50K sort of spur of the moment. Everyone knows how much I love Moab, and when I saw the trucker hat I could be getting I was sold. I know, a HAT convinced me to race... I was still unsure which distance I wanted to run, but once the race director said it was "easier" than Behind the Rocks, I decided to sign up for the 50K instead of the 30K.

Our hotel was only about 10 minutes from the start line, so I didn't need to get up until 5:30 to be out the door and at the start at 6 for a 7 a.m. start. It was PITCH BLACK when I first pulled up. I used the bathroom and then went over to the start tent, grabbed a Noosa and then went back to sit in the car. I always forget just how cold it can be in the desert. Sat in the warmth until about 10 minutes before the start. Used the bathroom one more time, said a quick hello to Milan, and then off we went.

The course started on a wide dirt road that ran parallel to 191 for about 3/4 of a mile before we turned west and headed UP... a lot of walking in this section. About mile two we got a nice downhill for awhile, arriving at the first aid station around mile 4.5. I stopped long enough for a small cup of coke, headed up the hill for more climbing.

The glorious downhill running!

The climb leaving the aid station
I spent a few minutes chatting with a guy named John, who spent a while trying to convince me to register for Squaw Peak 50. We managed to miss a turn because we weren't paying attention, but luckily realized it after a minute and didn't get too off track. We arrived at the next aid station at mile 7.5, where the 50K runners would do a big 13.5 mile loop.

I guess I really like pictures of dead trees?

I had worn my team jacket because it was REALLY chilly at the start, and I actually kept it on for probably the first ten miles, then I shoved it in the back of my pack. I remember none of this. There was some single track, there was some climbing. There was a LOT of slick rock. Hit the "halfway" aid station at Gemini Bridges, stopping for nothing, and then down the Magnificent 7 trail. Took lots of pictures. Lots of run/walk intervals. Shortly before arriving back at the aid station at Arth's Corner, I rolled my ankle a bit on a downhill - which hurt A LOT. Sadly more walking than I would have liked.

The raven
The  course then merged with the 30K course. Loop around until we got back to the "first" aid station. And then I remembered that there was going to be a LOT of climbing for the next couple miles. It was also a lot colder on the way back. This section was now in the shade and I had to put my gloves back on. On the descent I ran (a bit slower than I would have liked, but it was pretty rocky). Run/walk on the flat road part to the finish.
Free race pic - as I'm leaving the last aid station
Very pleased with my time, third fastest 50K, and had I been paying more attention (and not rolled my ankle), probably could have taken ten or so minutes off my time. Looked around for teammates, but didn't see anyone. Got a random person to take a finisher pic with my cowbell (sadly, the same one as I got at Behind the Rocks).

Official Time - 7:12:54 (must just be gun time)
Overall Place - 140/162
Garmin Time - 7:12:31
Garmin Distance - 29.44 miles
Elevation Gain - 2,818 feet
Miles 1-5 - 12:36, 16:14, 10:38, 11:09, 13:37
Miles 6-10 - 14:26, 14:51, 15:36, 14:34, 12:34
Miles 11-15 - 13:2, 16:13, 14:05, 16:18, 16:05
Miles 16-20 - 14:30, 13:45, 15:17, 14:52, 15:56
Miles 21-25 - 14:31, 15:30, 116:12, 15:41, 17:16
Miles 26-finish - 15:25, 16:32, 15:34, 13:18, 13:25


  • Aid stations seemed well-stocked, but to be honest, all I took was coke or mountain dew. For the first time, I took ZERO food from an aid station. I had brought my own food (peanut butter filled pretzels, beef jerky, Lara Bar bites and Honey Stinger chews), and had no desire for anything else. I used Nuun in my new Orange Mud endurance pack. The 2L bladder held plenty of fluids, and I could carry all my junk in the front pockets. There were plenty of volunteers, and they all seemed to know where we were on the course, which was helpful to me since I had looked at NOTHING course related prior to running.
  • The shirt is a cotton tee, but it is pretty nifty and I'll wear it again. We also got the super cool trucker hat - which I've probably already worn a half-dozen times.
  • I kinda wish there was a medal, but I suppose I "win" having a gorgeous course to run on for that long.
  • As for the course - DEFINITELY easier and less technical than Behind the Rocks. Maybe 500 feet less of climbing, but nothing as sketch as Jacob's Ladder. I personally would all this almost 100% runnable. (If I were the type of person to actually RUN an entire ultra).
  • Finish line had enchiladas and rice, and was delicious. Other than that - pretty low key for a finish area.
  • Free race pics that were posted within a few days on Facebook.
  • I know this is a painfully sparse recap, but it was over a week ago - I shouldn't wait so long! Really what I remember the most is that behind my ears really hurt. I was wearing an ear warmer AND a trucker hat, and I think the combination with sunglasses was squishing something. But I can't live without sunglasses!
  • Would I run this again? Heck yeah.