Friday, May 17, 2013

The Running Hiatus

Even as I am typing it, it seems ridiculous to be "impressed" that I haven't run all week. Even with minor injuries, I still have always sneaked in a few short runs. You know, just in case I "forget" how to run. So the 5 solid days of not running are probably a record for me.

  • Monday - Monday Night Chaos. This class never disappoints. It is a mix of circuit training, crossfit, strength and cardio. I spend the next few days wondering how I've never worked out certain muscle groups. Every week is different. I go almost every single week, and it is a always a challenge.
  • Tuesday - Nada. Epsom salt bath.
  • Wednesday - Yoga.
  • Thursday - Epsom salt bath and back to turbo kickboxing at the gym. Hrm. Things have changed since I went last. Apparently there is a new instructor, which doesn't really matter other than she wasn't the greatest at shouting instructions so I was LOST. I haven't been to class in 7 or 8 months and it was AWKWARD. I was dazed and confused.
  • Friday (today) - NADA. I plan on having pizza for dinner and a couple of beers with my older sister.
There were some questions/comments on my whiny blog post about hating running right now:
  • Back in February I finally went to the doctor to address my fatigue, lack of energy, general soreness, etc. I had blood work done (thyroid, iron, electrolyte and other stuff) and EVERYTHING WAS NORMAL. So, apparently, there is absolutely no medical reason for this? Which is VERY frustrating.
  • Am I actually injured? Dunno. My knee has been achy since the trail race I did last week. Not the IT band, but sorta under my knee cap. That's new. Also, my ankle has been tender on/off for a long time. Calf cramping still a HUGE issue. So pretty much the same things that have been plaguing me for years.
  • I have the P90X DVDs. I had done them a few years ago (not sure if I had any success or not). I am hesitant to start doing this again because it is pretty time consuming and it has to be done at home. I've lost so much motivation that the thought of getting out from under my heated blanket to exercise is... well, probably not going to happen. But, that IS an option.
  • I'm pretty limited to the classes I can take at the gym, and I had forgotten about the kickboxing. Pretty fun cardio, if I can at all remember the sequences of the moves so I don't look like a weirdo. 
  • When do I plan on running again? Well, I am running double half marathons for my birthday this weekend!!! I know, seems risky since I hate running right now, but I am determined to make the best of it. I most likely will take all of next week off from running as well. Not sure if the physical rest will improve anything, but the mental break seems to be helping?


  1. It sounds like you need this break, it'll come out good in the end! I'm rooting for you. :) Maybe the fatigue is overtraining? Not that I really know, just a thought.

  2. Well, if there is no other cause for fatigue, maybe a break is all you need. Can I throw this out there though - did your doctor consider a spirochete-borne illness like Lyme disease?

  3. Not to be all depressing, but have you and your doctor looked into depression? Its a chemical imbalance and not something you can just shake off.

    Hope you have a great running weekend and maybe it will spark something for you!

  4. Are you enjoying all these not-running stuff? If you're, forget about running for the moment and hit up all these.


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