Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings (Week 6)

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Finally having a loss last week made me hate "the game" a tiny bit less. Just a tiny bit. I was hoping for a loss this week, but I figured one thing was going to stand in my way. I had a RIDICULOUS amount of beer this week. Food was pretty much in check the entire time.

Tuesday - Short bike ride with A around the neighborhood.
Wednesday - 2 horrible slow miles on basement treadmill for "National Running Day." That night I went out for drinks with co-workers.
Thursday - Turbo kickboxing.
Friday - Nada, but A had a sleepover and I went out and had MORE beer.
Saturday - Another short bike ride with A.
Sunday - Skirt Sports half marathon and then an hour of roller skating with A.
Monday - Chaos. The trainer announced that class would be ending in the next couple of months because it "takes too much time" and is "not profitable." They claim they will be adding something like chaos, BUT IT WILL COST AN ADDITIONAL $200 A MONTH. ARE THEY FUCKING CRAZY?????? Related: Researching a new gym. Must be close, have classes and inexpensive daycare. Womp.

Soooo. Running is still practically non-existent. And so is working out for the most part. So again, I am reminded that it is VERY important to consider what I put in my mouth as I'm doing practically no exercise right now.
Sorry for the blurry me, A still struggles with focusing the camera
Weekly Loss - 1.0 pounds
Loss since April 30 - 9.2 pounds

So, even with my excessive beer consumption, I still was able to have a modest loss. The only "splurge" foods this weekend were pizza on Saturday night and Smashburger after my race on Sunday. Now that I am typing this, I remember that we had a birthday in the office and there was some pineapple upside-down cheesecake in the office most of the week. I had small amounts every day.... starting Tuesday.
  • Last week, I said I was hesitant to say that I "felt less hungry." However, a week later, I feel the same way. So maybe it just takes a month or so for the ravenous appetite to go away? Or maybe it is just that I am exercising WAY less and so I am less hungry? Don't know.
  • I love love love salads. I only had a few of them last week since I'm having a bit of financial issues, I have to be careful with my spending right now, but I can usually get one from the salad bar at the grocery store for about $4.
  • Beer consumption this week was OUT OF CONTROL. I will not be consuming nearly the level I did last week, so hopefully that will assist in another loss? A few more pounds to go and I will re-evaluate "the game."
  • I don't really "miss" cupcakes. What.

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