Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That time my BFF tried to kill me

I'm sure you have seen the links on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Heather suggested I give these a shot:

Obviously, she hates me.

Also, for some reason I set my alarm early. I actually got up and ran on the treadmill in my basement, aka, "the inferno." It was... ok. Nothing hurt, so I'll call it a win.


  1. I was ALSO up early this morning to run!! And it was... not great.

    I either hate you, or want you to look awesome for Dumbo?

  2. Fitness Blender has some good, fast workouts. I use their obliques video sometimes.

  3. Never heard of Fitness Blender before I will have to check that out. Glad you survived them!

  4. ooh, will try! also, previous post on food-it seems like you are doing great with everything in moderation...i suck at the moderation part so i'm doing better avoiding all together.


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