Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings (Week 1)

If you follow me on Twitter, I've always been a HUGE fan of the hashtag #eatallthethings

However, it became glaringly obvious to me after the Weekend of Amazing in Eugene that I'm getting chubbier than I'd like. The group shot at the start of the race was a wake up call for me. (Isn't that how it always starts? With a picture of yourself?)

Anyway, after all the beer and donuts were gone, Heather and I have joined forces with a (super un-fun) plan to NOT eat all the things. For pretty much the first time EVER, I am actually watching calories (NOT FUN) and am keeping myself accountable by texting Heather pictures of my meals. (You're welcome by not overloading Twitter/Instagram/Facebook with my super boring pictures of salads).

To be honest, there has only been a few times where I started to get hangry (hungry/angry) and annoyed that I couldn't/shouldn't be eating anything. I still carb loaded before my race at Chili's (but made sure to watch my Chips & salsa intake), still had free beer Friday, and still celebrated post-race with Smashburger (Colorado burger and sweet potato fries).

The results? Down 5.4 pounds.

Now don't get too concerned, 3.6 of those pounds were in the first 24 hours, so it's obviously water/beer weight from the "Growler Challenge" I failed at last Monday. Taking THOSE pounds out of the equation, looks like I'm responsibly on the way to dropping those 10-15 pounds I've added in the last year.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, I'll just have to settle with ONE piece of cake instead of ALL the cake.

Hey, maybe I'll post ONE food picture:


  1. This is indeed the least fun ever, but it sounds like it's at least making a difference. If you're into salads and have a Trader Joes, you should check out their dressings. They are delicious and lower in calories than most.

  2. Good for you. But, in your defense, the angle on that pre race picture for you was a bit sketchy. But, I guess we could all lose 10 lbs, even teeny tiny you.

  3. This is really the least fun we've ever had together. Except for MAYBE the last 10 miles of Seattle.

  4. i hear ya. i hate counting-but it's working for me too. all of my catered lunches for work are super boring. i order salads, the office eats fun food. bleh.


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