Friday, May 31, 2013

May Rewind

I managed a decent number of miles this month (87.79), mainly because I ran FIVE races (4 half marathons and a 10 miler). Subtracting out the race miles I ran about 24 miles. All month. Remember that "run hiatus" I was on? Still on it. I have not run on a treadmill in over three weeks. I was debating about never running on one again, but that just isn't feasible since today is J's last day at the house, which means I won't be able to sneak out for early morning runs since L will still be at work.

Current Aches/Pains

My right knee. It's not so much IT band as a weird pain under my knee cap. It's been bothering me since the trail half I did at the beginning of the month. It's "mostly" ok, but it cracks a lot and hurts a bit on hills. Even when I was hiking with A, the downhills were a bit problematic. The issue with THIS ache is that I have Big Horn in two short weeks (which is obviously hilly) and then the week after that, the "Slacker" half marathon, which is a mountain, net downhill course. So. We will see.

Not Eat All The Things

I mean, I guess I have been doing ok with this. I have not been to the bakery ALL MONTH. It was my birthday in May, so I indulged in a lot of cheesecake, but for the most part I behaved. I will now post an obnoxious selfie:

It certainly appears (to me) that I have lost some of the "pudge" I've been harboring. The scale isn't moving much and since I'm too lazy to measure, I'll have to judge by how I look (half) naked.

Running Goals

I guess I should actually be running to HAVE running goals? I ran 6.5ish miles on Memorial Day and it was... ok.

The other B is trying to sell me on speed work, which involves a 2 mile time trial. I almost dropped dead when she said hers was 17 minutes. That pace would kill me dead. That's faster than my 5k PR!! lol!!! I mean, I guess it's all relative.

How was your May?


  1. Good month for being on a run hiatus. Hope the knee pain goes away! What kind of shorts are those? I'm on a shorts quest lately!

  2. You look the teeniest!!!!!

    I don't know anything besides what I read on blogs, but someone else had a below the knee pain that was "runners knee"?

  3. knee pain can be tricky because there are a number of things it can be, so hopefully you're able to find out which yours is.

    i'm thin, but my stomach area is where all the bloating happens, i would kill do have yours

  4. I ran all of 4 miles in May lol... knee pain here too... but I think i'm fixing mine by working on my hips and balancing out the muscles in my legs... quads were overpowering my hammies... self-diagnosis of course ;) We'll see how it goes when I actually try running again ;)
    BTW, you look great! :)

  5. My May was quiet. Too quiet. June should be picking up momentum as I have registered for another half. :P


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