Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Week in Review (September 20 - September 26)

Tuesday (21,651 steps) - Work in the office. Went for a walk at lunch. After work I ran at Stone House again. I really like the flat dirt path they've added near the paved section. I only had 5 miles on schedule, but saw the group coming towards me, so I ended up walking another 1.5 or so.

Wednesday (17,155 steps) - Up insanely early since it was supposed to rain in the afternoon and I had hill repeats on schedule. The nice thing about being out that early is the temperatures are so much better. Usually I don't see anyone at all, but I think other people had the same idea as me. The best part of my run was that I had a fox that was "stalking" me. It was so cute, every time I'd go up the hill he would sneak closer to watch me, and then as I got closer he would disappear into the tall grass. He stuck around for a good 15-20 minutes until he got startled by a guy walking his dogs. I wasn't feel great during this due to lack of sleep and feeling like I was getting sick, so my splits weren't as fast as they have been in the past.

Work in the office, hoped to get a walk in, but it started raining so I skipped it. After work A and I had plans to go to a movie - Barbarian - at Alamo. I initially got roped in because they were offering $5 movies on Fridays, but what a shock, the one we wanted to see was excluded. We also got dinner while we were there - truly a splurge for us. Movie was crazy and we got home LATE.
Thursday (17,350 steps) - Work from home. I felt blah enough to actually take a Covid test. Thankfully, negative. Are we going to have to do this forever?
Took Pika for another slow walk at lunch. Weather was supposed to improve as the day went on, so I had plans to run after work. I still needed somewhere flat, but getting tired of my neighborhood, so I drove up to Rocky Flats. I know it's in the name, but it was rockier than I remembered. It was also still kind of rainy and cold, and I definitely overdressed for this. There was not a single other person out, however, and I love that.

Friday (16,173 steps) - Wash Park and coffee with the gang before going to work. After years (?) Nicole and I FINALLY went to lunch together. Our favorite place is Tupelo Honey near Union Station, and we used to try to go a few times a year. I actually enjoyed a cocktail!
Lunch was delicious, and it was fun to be out at lunch. (I bring my lunch every day, so this was a treat).
After work I headed up north for A's meet. This time, the map took me to a much better place for parking. 

I could tell A was disappointed with her time (pretty sure she still ran around 23 minutes), so we didn't talk after her run. I went with Ben to 4 Noses for a beer, then early to bed.
Saturday (18,437 steps) - I didn't set an alarm and managed to stay in bed until after 8. I had thought I would run Rock Creek and maybe run into Kristin (who was doing something crazy like 20+ miles). I sent her a text but didn't hear back, but I ran there anyway.
It was HOT and I forgot to put on sunscreen so I got a sunburn. Stopped at 4 Noses for a beer on my way home. When I got home I realized that Ben had... left. He apparently decided to make our anniversary weekend alone in the mountains. So that was fun for me.
Sunday (13,525 steps) - Didn't set an alarm and somehow stayed in bed until almost 9:30. I can't even remember the last time that happened.
I only had 4 miles to do so I just ran from the house at the lake. Run was fine. Today was my actual wedding anniversary and I spent it at home alone. Also nice.
Monday (17,524 steps) - Work from home. Was grumpy all day. Batman was too, but he had an excuse. Look how empty his bowl is!
Did my 150th Peloton ride - it was a live one and I still didn't get a shout out. Of course, I can't compete with people that have done THOUSANDS of rides. (Literally). Went for a lot of walks today. 

  • 121,815 steps
  • 26.07 miles run
  • 30 minutes of cardio
  • 0 minutes of strength

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