Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday Madness

Treadmill - Monday, August 9

Curse my insane and busy life that does not allow for me to take the day off after running that horrible half marathon. Hill programs wait for no one. I had received my shipment of running skirts in the mail. PSYCHED! Then I realized I order the running skirts (brief) vs. the athletic skirts (shorts) and they don't freaking fit. Too small. Some of the ones I ordered aren't available in the athletic style in my size so I'm totally bummed.

Threw on my orange flowery skirt (no pic today, I forgot) and we headed out to the gym. Hot, crowded, etc.

Back to my Aerobic program #6 - seemed the least heinous option for post-race training:

Actually wasn't totally horrible until I was getting close to the end. But, finished, and with (in my opinion) pretty decent pace (all things considered).

Had some time so did another 15 minute jog. After a hill program jogging with no incline seems like cheating it's so easy.

Random "fitness" related... Remember that a lot of what makes my gym time better is fun, bright things? Here something I picked up years ago that I get to use every day. Cute, awesome AND practical :)


  1. Blah on the too small runningskirts! Bummer!

    Yay on doing a hill workout the day after a race! :)

  2. cute lock! good job on your hill workout!!

  3. Thanks! I am pumped! Great job on your run post race day!

  4. Love the lock!

    I know I say it over and over again, but you are seriously my idol.

  5. I love half marathons and just found your blog. How many have you already done? It looks like you have a ton coming up. Good luck.


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