Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Week in Review (June 25 - July 1)

Tuesday (18,685 steps) - Spent all day debating if I wanted to go Milk Market or to Coohills for the Roost run. At the last minute I decided to go to Coohills because I figured more people would go there. I ended up walking two miles with Monica - and it was nice to catch up with her, haven't seen her in a while. Appetizers were good, and I did not win the raffle. Wah.

Wednesday (23,459 steps) - Core class before work. Picked up A and headed to Runners Roost Boulder. We had plans to drive to the trail head to cut out the early/end road miles. Luckily, that was what Tyler had planned as well. We run Bear/Mesa/Skunk loop, and even though it felt slow, I actually had some segment PR's.

Stopped at the fancy King Soopers on the way home, frozen pizza for dinner.
Thursday (5,802 steps) - Black Hills 100
Friday (89,262 steps) - Black Hills 100
Saturday (27,473 steps) - Black Hills 100
Sunday (10,588 steps) - Alarm went off at a ridiculous hour, but since I had gone to bed so early, it was fine. I was on the road by 6 am, stopped to get gas in Spearfish, then headed back to Denver. Drove through some crazy fog in South Dakota and Wyoming, but otherwise fairly uneventful... until I hit northern Colorado. Literally bumper to bumper traffic all the day from Fort Collins to Denver. Pleasantly surprised to get home to a very clean house. Showered and unpacked. Ben and I went to 4 Noses, then picked up A and took her to her scout meeting. Found a new brewery - Wonderland - where we got a beer and nachos.
Picked up wings for dinner, then took Pika for a walk.

In bed early because I was exhausted. Again.
Monday (11,983 steps) - Actually slept pretty good! Work was pretty much a nightmare because the attorney I'm on a temp assignment for apparently ignored my out-of-office email and sent me a ton of stuff to do when I was out. Grrr. Got out of work on time - met Ben and A at home and then we went to the new Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster to see Toy Story 4 (which was actually really cute and funny).
It was also pretty amazing that they were doing 50% off food during their opening/training week. Took Pika for a walk after.

  • 187,252 steps
  • 67.1 miles run (womp)
  • 2 gym classes, a few walks

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