Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week in Review (May 6 - May 12)

Tuesday - Speed work. My nemesis. The goal was somewhat less intimidating than last week, 6 x 800 at 9:05 pace, with a mile warm up and a mile cool down. Actual - 1 mile @ 10:42, .50 @ 9:16, .50 @ 9:12, .50 @ 9:04, .50 @ 8:54, .50 @ 8:50, .50 @ 8:34, 1.30 @ 11:24. First two repeats were a bit slow, but gave me a lot of confidence to get this done. Pleased.
Wednesday - All I had time for was a quick arms video, because tonight was A's theater performance of "Bugz." She was the only kid that had three speaking parts. Bummed I didn't have better seats for it. This was the cutest ever.

A's self portrait with giant, frizzy hair (LOL)
We also had a random hailstorm.
Thursday - I had high hopes for my tempo run after the last one was not the worst ever. Goal - 1 mile easy, 5 miles @ 10:05, 1 mile easy. Actual - 10:48, 10:09, 12:32, 10:36, .15 @ 11:27. So. Basically, this was terrible. My easy mile felt great. The rest, not so much. Combination of "it's hard to run immediately after eating dinner" and "this is way outside my comfort zone" and "my legs are tired and tight and angry." Cut my losses at 4 not-even-close to tempo pace miles.
Friday - Nada. A and I both got haircuts.

Saturday - L is on a new schedule, no longer working overnights. I had 12 miles on schedule and got up early so I wouldn't waste my day getting these done. The first few miles were pretty awful with some GI issues. Then, just the normal issues of being tired, not feeling "right," excuse, excuse, excuse. Got the 12 miles done. Goal was pace of 10:47. Actual was 11:27. Wah.

Sunday - Nada. Mother's Day did not involve a pampered and relaxed day. The weather was crap. Cold, windy and SNOW. Yes, snow. Took the kids to see the Muppet movie, then cooked dinner for the family, having a Mexican fiesta of chicken/bean/cheese enchiladas and chocolate Costco cake.
Monday - More speed work. Goal - 1 mile easy, 12 x 400 @ 8:55, 1 mile easy. Actual - 1.25 @ 10:38, .25 @ 9:00, .25 @ 8:48, .25 @ 8:44, .25 @ 8:36, .25 @ 8:28, .25 @ 8:24, .25 @ 8:20, .25 @ 8:20, .25 @ 8:16, .25 @ 2:01, .25 @ 7:44, .25 @ 7:20, 1.5 @ 10:59. So basically, I killed this. This was not the most awful ever. I wish all speed work was 400's. I also walked for about a half hour on the treadmill at home.

Weekly Miles Run - 27.20 (15.2 treadmill, 12 outside)
Weekly Cross - 35 minutes walking
Minutes of Strength - 20 (Wow. So, I was terrible this week).

Weekly Gain - don't want to talk about it.
  • Once again, two days of weekend and eating like a crazy person has done me in.
  • I either do it or I don't.
Everything Else


  1. I'm thinking of adding in speed work this summer. I printed off a plan, Hal Higdon, I think. All of the speed is on the track, 400s each week. You've got me inspired to hit the track.
    And, A is the cutest with that big black bug.

  2. LOVE the haircut! I can't get over yalls weather. We bake in almost 90 degrees with insane humidity. bleh.

  3. Enjoy your never-ending winter. Have I mentioned it is ONE HUNDRED DEGREES?????

  4. Is that a mummy shirt? I love it!

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