Monday, May 5, 2014

Runs With Scissors Half Marathon (Race Recap)

Saturday, May 3
Brighton, CO
Half Marathon #105
Colorado Half #41
Weather - Sunny and warm

I somehow found the Runs With Scissors half marathon when I was looking for an ultra marathon. There wasn't too much information on the race, but obviously, we had to run it. A very affordable opening registration fee of $40, but by the time I signed up it was $50 (still very reasonable).

The race director, William Morton, had a basic, yet informative website set up, and sent out pre-race emails that were humorous and informative. As per the norm, I had not bothered to read much about the race itself, so when L told me the course was 10 1.31 mile loops I was not exactly surprised.

The week of the race we had been having a cold front, with 4-5 very windy and chilly days (highs in the low 50's). Of course, by the time race day rolled around, it was warmer than that when we left the house just before 6:00. The race started near the Adams County Fairgrounds, and we made excellent time getting there. We walked over to the pavilion to get our bibs and found out we had already won door prizes. The RD had also made name tags for our backs so we could "cheer people on" -- best race ever!! We moved our car closer to the starting line, cycled through the bathroom line twice, and spent the time leading up to the start chatting with Ross about our upcoming races.

Pre-race picture
Race started on time, at 7:00. It was already sunny, and hot. My legs were tired from the beginning on what was promised to be a "flat" course for Colorado. It WAS mostly flat, although arguably, it felt uphill to me at the start of every loop. As soon as we crossed the entrance to the parking lot, we were on some packed dirt "trail" -

For about 3/4 of a mile, and got to run by some pretty trees:

And then about a half mile on pavement...

 With NOT the worst view I have ever seen on a loop course:

Before heading back out for about .20 on dirt to get back to the aid station. I had brought my own little handheld, but I left it under the pavilion after the first loop because I was already tired of carrying it. They did have cups of water and two flavors of Gatorade (lemon-lime and orange) available.

Back to the race. I have not had a good race in a while, and with this being a loop course, I had a goal of running the entire loop, every time, and just walking the aid station. WHICH, I did. Of course, I spent a LONG time at the aid station every time, and I also walked longer than I usually do.

So... how did this go? Not well. As I said, the course "felt" uphill and I was tired from the beginning. I had quite a bit of the weird numbness in my feet (AGAIN) and my left food ached a bit in the later loops across the top of my foot. I'M FALLING APART. My calves felt a bit tight, but not to the point where it should have been an issue. Maybe I was just tired from finally putting speed work back into my training? I really should take two days off before races. Anyway...

L passed me the first time (yes, she passed me twice) when I was finishing up my fourth loop. I wasn't surprised. She passed me the second time when I was finishing up my 8th loop. I can't remember if she took this picture of me hydrating at the end of the 8th or 9th loop...

She decided to run with me for my final loop, and man, I was TIRED. It was nice to have the company though.

DEAD at the end - can you tell? (LOL)

Official Time - 2:32:02 (womp)
Garmin Time - 2:31:59
Garmin Distance - 13.11
Garmin Pace - 11:36
Mile 1 - 10:30
Mile 2 - 11:57
Mile 3 - 12:06
Mile 4 - 11:07
Mile 5 - 10:49
Mile 6 - 11:42
Mile 7 - 12:06
Mile 8 - 13:00 (bathroom)
Mile 9 - 10:32
Mile 10 - 12:03
Mile 11 - 11:49
Mile 12 - 12:04
Mile 13 - 11:00
Mile 13.1 - 11:27

Since there were only 9 runners in the half, I was third overall, and 2nd female, over 30 minutes slower than L. L got a coffee mug for winning and I got a blanket. I LOVE PRIZES!!!

We of course had to pose with the giant scissors when it was all over:

We stuck around to see how Ross did, and he finished only a few minutes after us. There was tons of food at the finish, candy, fruit, and PIES. An unbelievable spread for a small race! Literally, tables of food.

In addition to the coolest medal ever, we got a pint glass and a beanie for finishing:

  • I really don't mind loop courses, but keep in mind, that's what this is. 
  • The course measured dead on, which I always appreciate.
  • There were plenty of bathrooms on the course.
  • The main aid station was very well stocked, friendly and helpful volunteers.
  • Even though there were less than 30 participants across the distances (half marathon, marathon and 50k), the course was not crowded and yet, there were always people in my line of sight.
  • The race director was AWESOME. I really enjoyed talking with both him and his wife. It was obvious that he was a runner, as he really thought of everything.
  • Unique swag - the medal ranks in my top 5 favorites.
  • I would recommend this race for sure.


  1. aside from what looks like the most sun ever, this sounds like a fun race! With a day of speed AND tempo this week, don't judge it too harshly. You haven't done that for soooooo looooooong.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate the fact thatyou did not mention how ugly the race director is!the picture on your blog does not do you justice. You looked a lot better than it appears in the photo. Maybe we'll see you on the road someday. Keep running!

  3. See...10x 1.31 loop isn't so bad, right? Plus, you guys were both in the top females? I love it!
    I think it's great when small races have awesome swag. Very cool.

  4. That medal is soooo awesome!

    I did a similar race last month, the Circular Logic Marathon in Indiana. 26 1-mile loops, and it was hands down the most fun I have ever had during a marathon.

  5. The medal is awesome. I have never done a loop type race before, maybe I will have to try it sometime. and yay for prizes!

  6. thoroughly impressed with all the swag despite small race size. I have yet to do a loop course, but would be open to it as long as the wasn't too many- don't think I could handle as many as you did

  7. LOVE the medal, impressive for such a small race!!

  8. seriously, awesome. Sorry it wasn't your best time (agree with Heather)...but overall great bling and WINNING! :)


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