Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week in Review (April 22 to April 28)

Tuesday - NOTHING. Me and A watched Full House reruns and ate some Easter candy. It was Great.
Wednesday - Lunch run on the treadmill in my building. 1.25 miles flat and 2.75 miles of hills. This was pretty terrible. Pace felt ok-ish, but my feet kept going numb. I haven't had that problem in a while, but it HURTS. Headed to the gym after work, 10 minutes on the bike before class. Then an hour in BodyPump. I really really really do not like this BodyPump release. The back track is just dumb.
Thursday - Total Body Toning and HIIT workout during lunch. I really like this one, with the exception of the jump squats at the end. Went to the gym after dinner and struggled through 3.75 miles at what should have been an "easy" pace. I spent half the time texting Heather how miserable I was and how my NYC training was going to be an epic fail. Horrible.
Friday - NOTHING.
Saturday - A's school hosted their annual 5k Firebird Family Fun Run!! This year, we all made it out. My dad walked, L ran with H for her first 5k, and I ran with A. The first part of the course was up a decent hill, but it was pretty much all downhill after the first mile. A paced mostly ok, and ran with a small handheld the whole time, which she ended up finished after about 2 miles. This was the best she run (attitude and pace-wise) in all the races we have done together. The course measured a tad short (but mapping on a city map should have been accurate for a 5k) - so I'm counting this as her new PR!

After the race, we rode our bikes back to the school for the bike rodeo, where we got both our bikes checked for safety issues, learned hand signals, etc. A pretty good tine, with the exception of all the kids :D Did some shopping in the afternoon, which led to this cool Lego set that A and I put together after dinner.

Sunday - Got up early to go to Heather's house (obviously not my BFF Heather, my run club friend Heather) for her annual post-race party for the Cherry Creak Sneak (a pretty big race that runs near her house). We didn't run, but we were happy to head over for some socialization, food and beer. The weather was pretty crappy (rainy and windy), so I was happy to skip the actual running part.

After lunch we took the kids to the rec center for swimming. After dinner, I started day 1 of my official NYC training program! Cross-train day, so I did Lower Body Toning - 56 minute butt and thigh tabata workout. I really like this one. 8 sets of flutterkicks is so hard!
Monday - Another cross-training day. During lunch I hit the elliptical for 20 minutes and did 8 minute abs. After dinner, I did an upper body tabata workout for an hour.

Weekly Miles Run - 10.85 (7.75 treadmill, 3.1 race) - lowest mileage week, um, pretty much ever. I have been struggling pretty much since I quit the streak with finding a good run workout and pace. I've been tired and just not into it. So, since this was the first week before I start "training," I decided not to push it and didn't run, because I didn't feel like it.
Weekly Cross Training - 10 minutes bike (plus maybe a few miles with A on Saturday that I didn't track/log), 20 minutes elliptical
Minutes of Strength - 218

Weekly Loss - 0.2 pounds

  • I'm trying to watch, but trying not to obsess... how did this go so smoothly last year?
  • Beer consumption was a bit up this weekend.
  • Yogurtland consumption was down, I only went one time last week.
  • Only one donut this week! (But I did have some delicious chocolate chip pumpkin bread)
  • Thanks to a crazy sale at Target, it looks like I will be going back to the Lean Cuisine's at work for a while. 98 cents for a lunch is pretty unbeatable, although they aren't especially satisfying.
Everything Else 
  • Brace yourself!! Last week, I sat down and created my TRAINING PROGRAM for NYC marathon! As I have said in passing, I would love to have a great race, and I'm going to be shooting for a ridiculously fast time for ME, and HOPEFULLY a marathon PR. My training is going to be based off the RLRF program that I have used in the fast - which means 1 day of speed work, 1 tempo run, and 1 long run, with 2-3 days of cross-training. I've nailed the first 2 days (no, I haven't done a run yet... the paces are pretty intimidating). Basically, I am doing the full 16 weeks of marathon training, and then to ease in the higher mileage, I'm doing 11ish weeks of a half marathon program - which really, is pretty much the same as the marathon program, with shorter long runs. Anyway, should be "fun."
  • Work is still really busy, and I am still butting heads with the other legal assistant. I use the term "assistant" loosely, because I for REAL cannot figure out what she actually does all day. Every week she seems to be doing less and less, and I end up doing more as a result, which is obviously annoying.
  • I have been trying to make an honest effort to get out of the house and socialize with people other than L at least once a week. So far, so good. I have another BBQ planned with my work friends this weekend, as we are supposed to have highs near 80!
  • Annoyance of the week - tried to do the new iOS update for my phone, and for some reason, it made me restore my phone, which took OVER THREE HOURS. Grrrr.
  • Nothing else, obviously.


  1. I think the paces are intimidating, too, but remember that it's SUPPOSED to be hard! You shouldn't be comfortable while you're running it!!

  2. I love the matchy matchy skirts, you all look cute. I get annoyed by people at work who are at helpful and seem to do nothing.

  3. Love A's cape, so cute!!

  4. yay! NYC! can't wait to follow along on your training. Glad you are getting out more- I've been doing the same thing and it's helped!


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