Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Normal (Week 11)

Tuesday - 1 mile run, video trifecta. Although instead of the regular abs video, I tried one called "abs boot camp" - which did NOT have as much abs as one would have hoped.
Wednesday - 6ish mile treadmill run.
Thursday - 5ish mile treadmill run.
Friday - I had gone out for a drink with co-workers. I had to leave at 6. LAME. Then, 1 mile walk in the basement inferno.
Saturday - 6.6 mile run. It was really rough the first 30 minutes or so, but the end was really great.
Sunday - I got super motivated and ran 10.4 miles in the basement inferno. It was NOT the worst ever.

Monday - 6 of the best miles I have run EVER. Progressive run, hovering around a 10 minute mile pace the last 20 minutes.

Weekly Run Miles - 35.21 (ZERO races, all treadmill)
Minutes of Strength Training - 95

Gain/Loss - 0.0 pounds
  • I (only partially joking) partook in what I called The Donut Diet this week - I think there were only 2 days I didn't have at least one? Good news! Maintaining means that donuts are NOT off the table!!
  • For whatever reason, I am absolutely STARVING on the weekends. I need to figure out how to keep that more under control.
  • I  had a CRAPTON of Halloween candy. A needs to get going on eating it or we are disposing of it.
  • Pizza, burgers, and OH, more desserts:
Chili's Pumpkin Spice Molten Cake (Yes, I shared)
Oh, look! My best friend - BEER
 Everything Else
  • Shortly after my blog post last week, I got a series of text messages from the last guy. Even though we hadn't talked in well over a week (which was fine), he found it necessary to let me know he was getting back together with his ex-girlfriend of many years. So maybe it was instinct that I cut it off with the guy even though we hit it off, etc. OH WELL.
  • I hadn't really given it much thought, but Jessa took me to lunch on Friday and told me, "don't take this the wrong way, but I am concerned about your rage level." Basically, she was suggesting I learn to take some time to myself that is NOT running/gym. I told her, yeah, you're probably right but it is under control. TURNS OUT, not so much. I had a melt down on Friday night. More on this (maybe) later.
  • Meltdown Related: I went to bed EARLY on Friday. A and I were watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and I dozed off. Next day, I'm going through my call history so A can call her dad and I see J's name in there. Turns out, A called J after I had fallen asleep because "I hadn't talked to him in a really long time and I missed him." Looks like they talked for over 10 minutes (after 10 pm on a Friday night). She says he asked about school, running, her gymnastics. He apparently did NOT ask about me, and I never did get a call/text from him asking why she was calling. She seems to think this is not the last we will hear from him. I disagree.
  • Meltdown Related: I LOST MY MIND at work on Friday. I am so tired of being broke. I cannot AFFORD to continue my employment at this firm. I really have to get started on looking for a job that pays more money. Parking ($125+ a month) eats up almost all my "spending" money.
  • Meltdown Related: After I freaked out I called my ex husband, HYSTERICAL. It's not much, but he sent some money and paid for my flights to/from Texas so that I can run the New Years Double again (well, and bring A back home after visiting with the ex's family).
Ever feel like you are at a major life crossroad? I have GOT to do something to better my situation so I'm not constantly ragey and losing my mind.


  1. I so relate to the "underemployed" aspect. It's crazy that salaries are so low compared to the cost of living so many places.
    If the guy went back to his last girlfriend, good riddance. Clearly he has decision making problems!

  2. Girl. Tough times. We've all been there at some point. For me, it was working through college - boy, was I broke! Pharmacy school, two part-time jobs (total 45 hours a week, one overnight an hour commute each way), no health insurance, lots of stress...I would eat lettuce and pinto beans and rice. It's all I could afford. I was so poor that someone in my class gave me socks for Christmas because she noticed that I always came to school in darned socks! But it does get better. You have a great support group, ad that's who'll help you through times like these. It's more about the willpower and the love and support than the actual money! And on a bright note? Your running has been stellar lately! :)

  3. 125 a month for parking is crazy! imagine all the things you could be doing with that money.

    Hope you find a better job! Sorry you are having some tough times. hugs

  4. Those donuts look SO good. :/
    I had a crap load of Halloween candy too. I usually throw my kids candy away after a few days but I didn't think it was worth the fight now that they're teens/tweens...turns out it was.



  5. legit,my mouth is watering for the donuts. i'm sooo sorry about everything else you are going through. i wish i had answers or a solution. i do think a new job (i feel the market is changing and more is out there?) would be helpful in overall happiness. it was for me,at least. hugs.


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