Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Normal (Week 13)

Tuesday - 1.25 in the basement inferno testing out the new (to me) Pure Flow 2's!! Video trifecta (legs, arm, core), 54 push-ups

Wednesday - I wore my new holiday sweater from INKnBURN to work because AFTER work I ran....... 3 miles at......... RUN CLUB!! I tested out the new Adidas "Boost" and while they were ok running, they were quite possibly the most UNCOMFORTABLE shoe while walking. Always a relief when I try a shoe that I do NOT like.

Thursday - 5.5 of not-the-greatest miles on the treadmill at the gym. Video trifecta (legs, arm, core), 63 push-ups.
Friday - 1.25 in the basement inferno before work. Good thing I got that done early because I pretty much drank ALL THE BEER on Friday. Jessa convinced me to go out with her for a few drinks on Friday at the bar down the street. So much fun, and I considered it carb loading.

Saturday - 1.1 in the basement inferno and arms. Surprisingly, I was NOT hung over after #allthebeer the day before.
Sunday - Route 66 half marathon!
Monday - 3.5 on the treadmill. Legs were achy and sore. Is this what happens when someone runs FAST on a HILLY course? I have not been sore from running a half in YEARS.

Weekly Miles Run - 28.7 (13.1 racing, 3 outside, 12.6 treadmill)
Minutes of Strength Training - 80 (missed a day of legs/core)

Gain - 0.6 pounds

  • Entering the holiday season, I am going to have to be a bit more cautious in what I'm eating. I have been doing fairly well at maintaining, but I'm concerned that all the delicious food will get the better of me.
  • Food indulgences this week? UM EVERYTHING. I had sweet potato fries twice, the best burger on EARTH, desserts (chocolate cake a few times), cheesecake, Yogurtland and DONUTS... I blame some of that on traveling, but this was a pretty out of control week for me.
  • ALL OF THE BEER. ALL OF IT. I cannot even estimate how much I actually consumed this week, so that probably means that it was TOO MUCH. But it was tasty.
 Everything Else
  • ZERO dating gossip. I'm not talking to anyone, not seeing anyone. I saw the cute gym guy one day and apparently I am too chicken to do anything about it. So I will just stare awkwardly from the treadmill.
  • Work = Blah. The end. I'll stop complaining.
  • Apparently, A had her eyes tested at school. I got a letter in the mail that she did NOT pass the vision test. Kids should be in the 20/20 to 20/30 range. They estimate her at 20/125+. WTF. Next thing to use my money tree for - eye exam and glasses... Unfortunately, her health insurance (and mine) do not include vision insurance. (Hence why I have not been in almost 2 years...) Le sigh.


  1. Wait, sweet potato fries aren't good for us? Dang. Tulsa had the best SP fries, the best.

  2. There's a hilly course I run (nothing like by you) and it leaves my legs sore. Even my track workouts will make my legs sore. Maybe I'm just getting old! :,(

  3. debating on ordering the inkburn shirt for my tacky sweater race next weekend (yes, need to order soon)...but don't know what size. What size do you get/normally wear in other brands?


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