Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tough Chik Tuesday

If you haven't heard, I'm part of an awesome group of ladies - Team Tough Chik

I like the idea of "Tough Chik Tuesday" - so here we go.

So I had a craptastic race on Sunday. I had 5 miles on schedule yesterday. YEAH.FREAKING.RIGHT. I normally would "tough it out." However. I have a LOT on my plate over the next few months and the last thing I need is to get sidelined with an injury. So I moved the 5 miles to today. And they still sorta sucked, but I got them done. I have a few longish runs left to run this week. So where does the tough part come in? I'm debating about a last-minute-sorta-marathon-ultraish trail run on Saturday.


What is it? It's called the Southside Fatass 50K. A FREE 50K. Other distances available are 15, 20, 25 or 28 miles. Two aid stations, but mostly self supported. It's supposed to be mid 50's on Saturday. I have 20 miles on schedule... Maybe I'll do this instead of yet another treadmill run?

I honestly think part of my "weakness" lately has been the lack of varied training. I haven't been training hills. I haven't been running outside.

My legs are sore, but at this point I'm hesitant to call it an actual injury. I've iced and stretched and definitely feel better.

So. My question to you. TOUGH OR STUPID???


  1. I'd foam roll like mad (it does more for me than stretching does), and do the race.

    Running on a trail instead of tread might feel better on your legs, too. Work different muscles. Easier on the joints. Etc.

    Aka, do it.

  2. I think it's a good idea! Give your legs some rest this week and then do the race, this will good race day practice, plus a nice scenery change.! PLUS IT's FREE :)

  3. Try the trail, anything is better than the treadmill, below 0 temps, freezing rain and ice have kept me on the treadmill. TOday is sunny and above 20 and I will be running outside

  4. Rest for the next few days, wake up on race day and check in with the legs. If they say "go"...go ahead. If not, pull up the blankets and go back to zzz. You more than deserve the rest.

  5. I agree with the others. Rest up, make sure you are fine and go for it. Any chance to get some trail running is worthwhile. I use the treadmill too when I just have to get it done, but miles on the 'mill and miles on rocky, rooty hilly trail are just not the same.

    Plus, since it is a FatAss you can always baily early if you don't feel right and it is some kind of loop setup. I ran a similar type of event that had 5 loops and people completed all different levels. No bad feelings about "quitting" early at all.

  6. Have you considered seeing a chiropractor? I got injured in October and my chiro did wonders for me!


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