Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Year #2 of entry... C'mon!!!
2. I pulled out my KT tape and wrapped up my left calf and right knee for my run at the gym this morning. Truly amazing how much better I felt today than I did on Sunday. Part 2 of my workout? My headphones shorted out with about 2 miles left of my run. For those keeping track, that is two pairs in FIVE days. WTH??? I'm apparently headphones jinxed :(

3. I started classes on Tuesday. This semester I am taking about law enforcement, called "Policing America" and "Criminal Justice Research Methods." They sound a lot more difficult than the classes I took in the fall. I needed two books. At the bookstore they were roughly $287+tax. There should really be some sort of regulation on textbook pricing. I find that FREAKING OUTRAGEOUS. I got them shipped to me off Amazon for the "bargain" of $172.28.


  1. Textbook prices are outrageous! They know we need those books though! In my class I passed out an intro questionnaire and one of the students wrote "use cheaper books" I was the one who chose this particular book! If I could go without a book I totally would!

  2. I worked in a library all 4 years in college and there is a trick. First check if your library has it- chances are no bc its already checked out. If the place you go to has a library they will have some type of inter-library loan b/n all the colleges in Colorado. You can request a book and it will get shipped to your library, which then they will notify you. It's free and you can renew up to 3 times which will cover the entire semester.

  3. Books should just NOT cost that much. It is insane!

    Isn't KT tape wonderful? I don't get how it works, but it does!

  4. Textbooks are such a scam. I wait and find out first if we will really need it for the class or if it is just a supplement. Then I see if someone in the class will split the book cost with me, I check the library like Lisa said, or I go to

  5. Good luck on your NY entry!

    Textbook prices are freakin' ridiculous! I wanted to take a Russian history class once but had to choose another one because there were 14 books needed! Yeah, no!

  6. Good luck with ING!

    Tell me more about KT tape. It may be something I could use right now on my right quad. Not really a pain. More like I tweaked the muscle.

    Headphones are like running shoes. I'm always looking for the perfect pair.

  7. Textbooks are crazy! I used, and sometimes the library if we weren't going to use the whole book. I wish I'd thought of using interlibrary loan...


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