Friday, November 17, 2023

Week in Review (November 7 - November 13)

Tuesday (20,636 steps) - Work in the office. Walked on the treadmill and read my book at lunch. It was crazy busy and I ended up working a bit late and rushed over to Green Mountain. I couldn't get all the way up to the top and down before I ran out of time. I haven't done the fire road in a LONG time, and it is just as difficult as ever. I didn't remember a headlamp and it was definitely dark partway down.
Rushed over to Green Mountain to meet up with Mo and Colfax for a walk. Ben met me there to drop off his headlamp for me to borrow. After the walk I had a beer before heading home.
Wednesday (11,343 steps) - Work from home. I had to switch days because Joyce scheduled multiple signings on Thursday and I couldn't find enough witnesses. Olive was obviously confused too.
Took Olive for a walk t chilly walk at lunch. I also did a Peloton ride in the afternoon so I wouldn't have to worry about messing up my streak. After work we went to Louisville run club!
Finally decided to recycle a bunch of shoes - I think at least the top 6 pairs are mine

I only had plans to walk. It was really chilly, but Olive kept us warm by speed walking two miles. Then she was tired.
Thursday (14,404 steps) - Work in the office. Another crazy busy day. Read on the treadmill at lunch, then took Olive for a walk when I got home. 
Friday (16,055 steps) - Wash Park and Stella's!
Work in the office. Read my book on the treadmill at lunch. Nothing else
Saturday (10,622 steps) - Had maybe planned to run, then decided I would rather not since I was enjoying my last few weeks of NOT running. Ariel and I went to the salon. I got toes done and she got nails done.
Ben and I took Olive for a walk. Ben and I went to get lunch at Salsa's. They had a change in ownership and now they do frosted beer mugs!
Also - you don't have to pay for chips & salsa anymore. They have added a lot of outdoor seating, but it was too cold to sit outside. 
Rushed home to get Olive to take her for her grooming appointment. While she was getting her hair cut we went to 4 Noses. Kristin and Doug showed up, which was a fun surprise. Olive did very well for her second grooming and even came out sporting a new bandana.
Sunday (10,782 steps) - Another day of being a sloth! No recollection of the morning, but Ben and I got Ziggi's on our way up to Boulder for him to finally get some new running shoes.

We went to Torchy's for a quick lunch, then I headed down to Denver for Brittany's baby shower. There is a group photo floating around somewhere, but the only picture I took was this for Be Real:

I headed home when it was starting to get dark. Ben and I went to 4 Noses.
Monday (19,144 steps) - I had taken the day off, so spent the morning... doing nothing. I think Ariel and I got coffee. I had plans to run, and I figured I should try on the Ultraventure 3's since I knew the Topo friends and family sale would be coming up in a few days. I AM SO GLAD I DID. The fit is completely different than the 2's (that I love so much) and was way too big. Not to mention the sole is different and will not be great for technical trails. UGH. So, I went for my first training run since before Katy. I had an hour on schedule, and it seemed fine, although I was definitely glad it was over. Took Olive for a walk at lunch. I decided I had to go back to Runners Roost to try on the Ultraventure in a smaller size to see if that would work. They didn't have anything at all under a 7.5 (I normally wear a 7, but wanted to try the 6.5) so then I headed over to REI since they had it in stock. The fit seemed better and I guess I can use for flatter and less technical running. What a pain in the ass!!!

Since Ariel had plans with her friends for her actual birthday, we wanted to take her out for a family dinner. She had picked Kokopelli for dinner and we drove over to meet Ben and it was closed (ugh) so we ended up going to BJ's. 

  • 102,986 steps
  • 6.67 miles run (woooo!)
  • 15 minutes of cardio
  • 0 minutes of strength

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