Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Week in Review (May 16 - May 22)

Tuesday (10,774 steps) - Work in the office. Did my cross training at lunch, and finally used the building's Peloton! I'm glad I mentioned it to Ben and asked about having to bring in my own shoes to clip in - turns out they have baskets!
It was a pretty night out, thanks to another afternoon rain storm.
Wednesday (18,173 steps) - Work in the office. Went for a walk at lunch. After work I hurried up to Boulder to meet up with Tyler for a run. It was a bit humid, and I had planned on "hiking" pace for my first run since Coco, but it didn't end up working out that way.


Stopped at the store long enough to chat with Kyla and Gemini and have a sparkling water, then headed home for dinner with Ariel.
Thursday (10,460 steps) - My birthday - wooo. Still was a work from home day. Ariel took me to get a pedicure at lunch (finally fixed my janky toenails from the last pedicure - which was when Heather visited in JANUARY).
Took Olive for walk at lunch, and kinda got caught in a rain/thunderstorm. BUT, we saw the first owl of the season!

Ariel had graduation stuff, so after work I went with Ben to 4 Noses. They were doing a special BBQ for mug club people (us!), so that was a nice (free) dinner.
Friday (16,975 steps) - Walk at Wash Park and coffee! Pete bought my drink and a cinnamon roll, yum!
AND, Nicole and I finally went to lunch for our birthdays. We went to Capital Grille, and it was DELICIOUS. Especially this cake. 
Rushed home after work to do last minute packing for our camping weekend! We got out maybe by 6, which wasn't too bad, all things considered. It was raining in the mountains, and we even got some snow near the tunnel. Woof. Don't want a repeat of last year! Stopped at Outer Range.

Had to stop at Safeway on the way to the campground to get some groceries and firewood. 
We ended up having a VERY late dinner!
Saturday (25,405 steps) - Up early, but didn't sleep great, unfortunately. 
Went into town to Whole Foods to get coffee and breakfast. Then, we were off to do the run that I had route around the peninsula. It was thankfully not as smoky as Denver (from the fires in Canada), but it was a bit cloudy. Warmer than expected, and we were both really grateful to be in the mountains!

Went to Outer Range and then back to the campground for a bit. I picked a Mexican restaurant in Frisco for my birthday dinner and it was delicious!! We ended up watching "You" in the camper when it got colder because Ben still hasn't seen the most recent season. Made it until about 10 before I just couldn't keep my eyes open.
Sunday (24,888 steps) - Woke up pretty early again, didn't sleep great. Since we had to check out of the campground by noon, we opted to do the run early. Was supposed to do 2 hours, but that really wasn't in the cards. We called it about 90 minutes in. Nice day, though!

Got back, had birthday (carrot) cake for breakfast and loaded everything up. Stopped at Mountain Dweller (Outer Range) for coffee before heading home. For the first time in probably years, ZERO traffic going home. It was nice. Got everything unpacked, took Olive for a walk.
Monday (24,647 steps) - Work from home. I did my run early, thankfully, because it wasn't that smoky. I haven't been out to the lake in probably a month because of all the rain. Nice to see that the rangers are still fucking everything up:
Took Olive for a walk. and nearly was hit in the crosswalk - even WITH hitting the flashing pedestrian crossing lights. Maybe my outfit isn't bright enough?

Ariel had to work so I had an Amazon Watch Party with Ben. It was kinda neat, but I got disconnected from the Wifi about halfway through so that was irritating.

  • 131,322 steps
  • 28.2 miles run
  • 30 minutes of cardio
  • 30 minutes of strength

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