Friday, March 31, 2023

Week in Review (March 21 - March 27)

Tuesday (10,824 steps) - Work in the office. Did my cross training at lunch, including walking on the treadmill. With the weather being so crappy, I actually have to work to hit my 10,000 steps on non-running days. Did some deliveries. Maybe met Ben for a beer?
Wednesday (15,354 steps) - Work in the office. Somehow I missed the memo that it was supposed to be freakishly cold (again) and possibly snowing later. Ugh. I had only packed a skirt for my run, thinking it would be warm. Spoiler, it was not warm. I headed to Louisville to run Davidson Mesa, and even though it was grappling most of the run (and COLD), it was a good run.

Did some deliveries on my way home.
Thursday (12,976 steps) - Up early, even though I didn't need to be. Planned on doing some deliveries before going to the airport while A was at practice. I got a notification that my flight was delayed by an hour, so I was actually able to get a good amount of driving in before we had to go. Everything was a breeze at the airport, like time from car, checking bag, through security, to the gate at the last terminal was like 15 minutes. Wooo. Plane was uneventful. I had a drink coupon, so I had a beer and watched "The Break-Up." Once I landed, it was the waiting game for everyone else to arrive. Steph and Rich were the next people in, but they were in a different terminal, so I met them and then we decided to head to the car rental place to meet up with Megan, who was graciously renting a vehicle. We were all hungry, and Steph picked a restaurant nearby that was delicious. I actually wasn't able to finish all this, I blame all the chips and salsa while we were waiting for our entrees.
We stopped at Trader Joe's before getting to the bnb. I picked up some breakfast foods and a 6 pack of beer. I was skeptical about how good it was for the $4.99 price tag. Spoiler: not good. I was really pleased with my room at the bnb! The property was HUGE.
We were all pretty tired from traveling and were in bed relatively early. I slept AMAZING. 
Friday (10,570 steps) - I had expected to wake up with the sun, but I actually slept past 7 and it was lovely. We had coffee and breakfast and decided we should go for our shakeout run early. There was a nice "trail" that was about a block from the house. With all the rain they've had, the trail was submerged by the end, so we had to scramble up the hill to pavement.

Megan, me, Steph, Rich

We ended up going to Mad Greens for lunch, and I had a delicious bowl of mac & cheese (which I don't think I even knew they made that). Somehow the day got away from us, and by the time we picked up Jenny and Megan, it was time to go to packet pick up. Although it was supposed to be drive-thru pickup, they let us go inside the headquarters. We got to look at (and I think everyone but me actually bought other stuff) other swag.
Jenny pulled out her good camera and got some great pre-race pictures with our bibs. Isn't this a great mural?
Photo Cred: Jenny Thorsen
Megan, me, Michele, Rich, Steph

Photo Cred: Jenny Thorson
When we left there, we had to go to a running store since Rich hadn't brought any nutrition. Imagine my surprise when we picked the ONE store in all of Phoenix where Holly works! It's so fun to run into people I know :) 
Even though I didn't have any plans to buy anything, I got suckered into buying a cool Boco hat. I will also probably wear for Coco.

Already almost time to eat, Steph once again picked a winner. Bobby-Q was AMAZING. The food was soooo good! Even more mac & cheese, a burger and beer. Delicious.

Jeremy, Jenny, me, Steph, Rich, Megan
We headed back to the house to get everything ready for an early race day. I also realized I hadn't hit my step count for the day, so I went across the street to the park and walked for about 10 minutes to get them in. 
Saturday (73,655 steps) - Crown King Scramble! Recap to follow.
Photo cred: Jenny Thorsen
I ended up doing the driving back towards the bnb, to give Megan a break. We stopped at Dairy Queen (YUM!) and had plans on ordering pizza. Unfortunately, most places don't deliver to the address, so we had to go through Door Dash and it was like a billion dollars (nearly $80) for two pizzas. Oh well, we were all happy with the food choice.
We were all in bed pretty early.
Sunday (11,361 steps) - Didn't set an alarm, but was still up pretty early. I had to finish packing, but knew I also needed to get my steps in, so we did a repeat of our shake out run, but instead of running, we all walked. It was quite nice - AND, the water had receded a TON in just a few days. Megan had the earliest flight, so we headed out around 10:30 to return the van and go to the airport. We all got some food and spent some time socializing until we had to catch our respective flights. My flight was on time and I watched Pitch Perfect. We landed early - but didn't have a gate. Sadly, we ended up having to wait about 40 minutes for one. Ben actually met me inside and we didn't have to wait too long to get my bag. We went to Malone's for dinner and I got a grilled cheese - AND YES, MORE MAC & CHEESE. Long long long day. 
Monday (20,023 steps) - Awoke to MORE SNOW. This is ridiculous. I was up well before I had to start work, so I thought I would do a few deliveries. I managed to get a few in, and thankfully, I didn't wreck my car and they all tipped well. The roads were complete garbage. I still had a run on schedule. I was dreading it, but it actually wasn't too bad. Is winter ever going to end? Ever?

I thought maybe I was overdressed, but I was not. It was windy and chilly. I hate winter I hate it. Took Olive for a walk. Did some deliveries after work and met Ben for a beer.

  • 154,763 steps
  • 41.93 miles run
  • 0 minutes of cardio
  • 30 minutes of strength training

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