Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Week in Review (March 14 - March 20)

Tuesday (14,034 steps) - Special at home day! My main attorney is out of town, so my boss said I could work at home. Yay for not having to pay for a dog walker. Got my cross training done, took Olive for a walk at lunch. So nice to finally be a bit warmer outside. REALLY sick of the cold weather.
Did a lot of deliveries. 
Wednesday (19,083 steps) - Work in the office. It was actually really nice out and I had a run planned for after work. It was a bit breezy, but not too bad. Could definitely see the weather coming in. 

Thursday (26,809 steps) - Work from home. Run at lunch, which was REALLY cold (stupid stupid never ending winter), but "fast" for me. 
Took Olive for  a walk.
Belmar run club!
Ran with Mo and Colfax. It was "easy-ish." Fun trying to dress up the dogs in Colfax's St. Patty's hat. Olive was not amused.

Friday (15,447 steps) - Wash Park and coffee. It was just me and Pete today. Walk on the treadmill while reading my book at lunch.
After work, I met Ben at 4 Noses for a few beers. Fun night!
Saturday (25,870 steps) - Had to get up early to do my run. 90ish minutes, then had to head down to PARKER for A's track meet. PARKER. That's the other side of the universe, about 45 minutes away. And did I mention it was FREAKING COLD?
A ran a new personal best in the 1600 - and looked so relaxed doing it!
You can't tell in the picture because of the blue skies and bare arms/legs, but it's in the 30's and REALLY windy. Even spectating was pretty miserable. After the meet was over, drove back home and took Olive for a walk.
Ben and I had plans for dinner. First place we went to was unexpectedly closed. Second place had a 45ish  minute wait. Then they forgot our appetizer and the food was pretty gross and overcooked. Third place, 3 Margaritas, was finally the success. Fun for a three hour dinner and lots of driving around.
Sunday (30,928 steps) - Did a few deliveries while waiting for it to warm up. Decided I would go to Rocky Flats for my 2 hour run rather than run to the dog park. It was "warm" but holy wind. This was (as I named my run on Strava) quite unpleasant. "Spring" in Colorado is so fickle. Want warm temps? Here are some 40 mph winds as a trade off. Ugh.
Also - I had NO idea that there were sections in here that were so hilly. I encountered a few rollers here that were pretty unexpectedly steep. Zero walking still, so that was good I guess.

Shortly after taking the above picture I finally figured out how to cinch the hood down. It was so windy my hat kept threatening to blow off. Relieved to have this one over with. Took Olive for a walk. Did some deliveries. Met Ben at BJ's for a late lunch/early dinner. A and I finally finished the last installment of "You." Oy.
Monday (18,331 steps) - Work from home! A is on spring break, so we got coffee and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I only had a 30 minute run on schedule (wooo taper) and then walked Olive. Sunny and relatively warm, and wind wasn't too bad. After work did some deliveries. A was having dinner with a friend, so I picked up some sushi.
Olive, looking a bit crazy. She had just finished trying to eat a box of uncooked macaroni and was eyeballing Robin. Robin does not like to play. :( 

  • 150,502 steps
  • 34.56 miles run
  • 0 minutes of cardio
  • 50 minutes of strength

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