Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Week in Review (November 29 - December 5)

Tuesday (6,368 steps) - Work in the office. Had an hour of cross training to do and ended up doing all of it on the Peloton. 
In the middle of my ride I asked A if she wanted to see a movie - so I bought tickets to see "The Menu." We had to leave right after I finished my ride to make it there in time. Movie was very different, and it was worth it just for the free pizza we got. Yum!
Wednesday (17,937 steps) - Work in the office. It was actually relatively warm outside, so I opted to do my 6 mile run during lunch. (Which I haven't done in AGES). The run was actually really good, and honestly, I am getting faster and more consistent with the training Greg is giving me. 
More "Dead to Me."
Thursday (12,502 steps) - Work from home! Went for a walk during lunch. Most of the day was spent finishing packing for my next dumb adventure. 
Friday (9,927 steps) - We all skipped the morning walk this morning since Pete is sick. It WAS nice not getting up so early, though. Stopped at Dunkin' for a cold brew on my way to work. Worked until about 1:30 before walking to Union Station to catch my flight to Houston. 
Thankfully, everything was on time, and I think we actually landed early. Was easy to find the shuttle to the car rental, and I swear, signing up for a loyalty with Hertz has been the biggest timesaver of my life. Literally walking up to a car and getting in is SO worth it. It was about a 40 minute drive to Sugarland, but I got there with no issues. 
Everything was chaos since the tree-lighting was the night I arrived
The girls (Crystal, Melanie and Heather) had just gotten back from getting dinner and they had leftovers, which they gave me. Wooo! It was already almost bedtime, so I got all my stuff ready for morning and we were all in bed by 10.
Saturday (157,563 steps) - Brazos Bend 100M.
Sunday (61,357 steps) - Brazos Bend 100M. 
I did NOT stick around at the finish line. I got a ride from a volunteer back to the rental and drove back to Sugarland. I took a very short nap in the car before going up to the room where I took a quick shower. We all went to brunch at 10 am. I was hungry, but not HUNGRY, but I did enjoy a Bloody Mary flight! 

After we ate we went back to the room. The girls had plans to get pedicures while I took a nap. Man, I basically blacked out, but thankfully I had set an alarm. Managed to wake up minutes before they got back. We had the room until 4, but they had to drive back to Austin. I packed and repacked and was out the door by probably 3:30. 
I had plans to get a post-race beer, but the first place I picked was in a terrifying part of town, so I didn't even get to that brewery. I found one a few miles away that was much nicer. Beer wasn't that interesting, but I wasn't worried about getting murdered. 

Nice patio!!
I stopped at Taco Cabana on my way to the airport. My flight was SO LATE - after 11 pm! Thankfully, we left on time. I dozed off a bit but I was SO restless and the woman next to me was definitely crowding me, so it wasn't the most pleasant flight. Landed a half hour early! Ben picked me up and dropped me off at my office so I wouldn't have to take the train. Got home and was in bed within minutes, although it was after 2 am. Boo!
Monday (10,338 steps) - THANKFULLY, work from home. Did laundry, unpacked during the day. Took a nap after work. Ariel and I decided to get Yak &Yeti for dessert. OH, AND I WATCHED THE LOTTERY FROM DIVIDE 200 AND I WAS ONE OF THE FIRST NAMES CALLED. Shit... I guess I'm going back to Canada in September?! Maybe?

I had a craving for Indian food, so Ariel and I ordered dinner from Yak & Yeti. We also finished "Dead to Me" - bummer there isn't another season.

  • 275,992 steps
  • 107.72 miles run
  • 60 minutes of cardio
  • 0 minutes of strength training

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