Friday, December 23, 2022

Week in Review (December 13 - December 19)

Tuesday (15,965 steps) - Work in the office. Headed to Stonehouse for my run since I had an hour on schedule. It felt a lot colder than the last time I ran here. 
I went to Green Mountain Brewery after. Didn't get a beer and could NOT get warm, so I didn't stay for very long. Never gonna survive winter.
Wednesday (19,529 steps) - Work in the office. My neck has been hurting a LOT and I spent a lot of the morning trying to figure out why my HSA debit card would NOT work when I was trying to purchase a heating pad. Even after being on the phone with them twice (for a total of an hour), they couldn't figure it out. At some point they must have done something that worked because I was able to order one to pick up at Target on my way home. I left work a tiny bit early to pick that up, finish my day, and get my run in (75 minutes) before A's winter concert. It was NOT the most fun run I've ever had. I ran north towards the dog park and it was INSANELY windy. I was wearing one of my Smartwool vests, and I never really thought about the newer versions not having drawstrings for the hood, but they no longer do. Anyway, it was COLD and I wanted to keep the hood up and it wouldn't stay put because I couldn't cinch it. The two good things - I did the whole run without walking, which I have NEVER done (thankfully, the no walking is starting to become more of a norm, which I am LOVING) AND, the sunset was at least pretty. 

I only ended up needing my headlamp for maybe the last mile, and even then, it was more for the neighborhood section so that cars could see me. I had just a few minutes at home before heading to the school. This concert was pretty enjoyable, they sounded better than the last one. No matter where I sit I never seem to be able to get a good picture of Ariel, she is usually blocked by the cello. I got one afterwards and she's not looking at the camera. But - proof of life!
Thursday (8,257 steps) - Work from home. Spent a decent amount of the day working from bed with the heating pad. NOT FUN. (And no, I don't think that running made it worse. Just a dumb sleeping injury). I had cross training on schedule and did upper body, legs (for the first time in a VERY long time) and Peloton. Nothing else?
Friday (10,020 steps) - Wash Park with the gang! Not a ton of us were there, and it was deemed to be too cold for dogs, but it was a good walk. PLUS, Pete made mini pumpkin bread loaves. 
After work we had dinner and then A was going to put highlights in my hair. She started the process but I was doing some research on the dye while she was working and we realized we needed developer, which we did NOT have. Ugh.
Saturday (9,314 steps) - A surprising off day from running! I slept "late" and did Peloton (found a FUN Linkin Park lane break ride) and some strength training. Then I went to Sally to get the developer and the library. A did the highlights on my hair. We had lunch, showered, and then it was time to get ready for my work holiday party! We were both pretty excited since it was going to be at the aquarium!
Pleased with hair AND dress!
We got there after cocktail hour, but since I wasn't planning on drinking anyway, that was fine. The venue was much smaller than what I'm used to in previous years. The buffet was crowded and hard to navigate, but it was delicious!

And have you ever had a mashed potato in a martini glass? I haven't. Nicole and her husband, Jordan, sat with us and we decided to all go together to walk around the aquarium. It was neat, I don't think I had been there since A was VERY small. The tiger was not out (sad), but we were still able to pet the stingrays, which was neat!

Me and Nicole with our CEO on a mermaid body, haha

By the time we got back to our table it was already after 9. We scoped out the dessert table (that was almost completely gone (waaaah), and then we were ready to head out. It was nice getting home at a reasonable hour. We watched some tv and were still in bed relatively early. 
Sunday (16,938 steps) - I had a run on schedule but I was feeling pretty lazy, so I put it off a bit longer than I should have. The run itself was fine once I finally got out the door. After I got back I took a shower and got ready. Ben picked me up and we went to Boulder to walk around and have lunch. We couldn't decide on what to eat and eventually picked sushi. The place was ok, but the sushi wasn't wrapped well and everything fell apart. That was annoying. Ben dropped me off around 4. A was working a double shift, so while she was at work in the evening, I got the rest of the presents wrapped. A little weird not having a tree this year, but oh well. 
Monday (16,095 steps) - Work from home. I had a tempo run that was scheduled for Tuesday, but I had talked to Greg and told him I was going to switch it so that I could do it during the day so it would be warmer. I opted to run on the south side of the lake and NOT take the easy way out by doing the paved route I normally do. I had 15 minute of warm up, 10 at 75% effort, 15 recovery, 10 @ 75% effort, 15 cool down. I hit all my paces for the first 50 minutes, but ended up walking a tiny bit after my second interval because my legs were shaky from pushing so hard. Still an improvement from other speed workouts when I have had to walk even in the recovery sections. 
It seems that Robin's eye isn't doing much better, so I made an appointment for a follow-up. Unfortunately they didn't have anything on Thursday when I'm normally at home, so I had to schedule for Tuesday.

  • 96,118 steps
  • 21.23 miles run
  • 60 minutes of cardio
  • 45 minutes of strength

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