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Week in Review (December 20 - December 26)

Tuesday (10,345 steps) - Work in the office. Went for a walk at lunch. Stopped at T-Mobile to pay my bill since I never did receive my final one. Pretty annoying that I never even got a bill and they already charged me a late fee. GOOD RIDDANCE. Since I had switched my tempo run to Monday, I had nothing to do.
Wednesday (8,973 steps) - All anyone has been talking about for days is our "once in a generation" storm. We were supposed to have something like a 70 degree temperature drop. Work in the office, and initially, it was a nice day!
A bit chilly in the office, but I went for a walk at lunch, and other than being windy, it was over 50 degrees.
I looked at the temperature just before leaving work, around 4:15 and it was still over 40 degrees. By the time I got into my car at 4:30, the temperature was already below freezing. And by the time I got home, less than a half hour later, it was already down to 5 degrees. You could just SEE the weather coming in. Did my workout, which was Peloton and some upper body. 
Thursday (4,062 steps) - THANKFULLY, it was a work from home day. It was BRISK when I got up.
Feels like -29??? Geez.
Even Robin decided that sleeping in the cat scratcher was a great idea since it's right by one of the floor vents.
Sometime during the day, I came across my friend's FB post. She posted pictures of the most adorable dog that she is fostering. I showed her to Ariel and we decided to put in an application for her!! By the end of the afternoon we found out that we were going to be able to adopt the dog!! A and I took turns shoveling the driveway and spent the rest of the night watching Criminal Minds.
Friday (6,558 steps) - Obviously we were going to skip Wash Park walk. It was WAY too cold for that. I definitely enjoyed sleeping in though.

I don't know if you can tell how cold it is - but it's cold.

Still -13 on my drive to work. Blech.
So with it being Christmas Eve, I really thought that we were going to be let out early. SADLY, I found out after arriving that we were having a regular work day. SAD!! I actually was really busy though, so the day went by pretty quickly. Also, Nicole said I could leave early if I got all my work done AND I found out that Joyce was going to be out the following week, so that prompted me to ask for a bonus work from home day to spend time with the puppy.

Cold enough for the kitties to canoodle
Had a workout, which is not normally something I have on a Friday, but because it was a weird week... ended up just doing a total of an hour on the Peloton. 
Saturday (27,462 steps) - Woke up before my alarm. Dragged A to Target with me so we could get some last minute supplies for the puppy! I ended up having to rush to get down to Waterton Canyon by 10:30. On a bit of a time crunch, and Maureen and I had 2 hours of running planned. I assumed it would be colder and windier, so I was definitely a bit overdressed. We planned to do 7-8 in the canyon and then a few with Colfax.
I was setting the pace, which was a relatively comfortable zone 2, in the mid 12's. A few miles up we saw a bunch of sheep butts:

We were enjoying our time in the canyon, so we opted to do 8 total, and took this picture right as we planned on turning around.

Saw the sheep again on the way down, and they were closer to the road, but still couldn't really get any great pictures of them. We stopped in the parking lot long enough to grab Colfax. Headed into Chatfield, which was a LOT harder to run on! Colfax enjoyed his time, and we were able to get a couple miles in, totaling just over 10 for the day.

Maureen and I wanted to stop and get coffee and picked a Sbux about 15 minutes away from Waterton. Turns out the Sbux was in the Safeway and they were out of half of the desserts, so we decided to pick something up from the bakery instead. I figured I would save money, but ended up buying a huge variety platter of bars anyway. I figured I would barely make it home to meet Tami and the puppy, but thankfully she called and said she was running about 10 minutes late, so I had time to take a shower before she got there. The puppy, whom we named Olive, IS THE CUTEST PUPPY EVER!! She has a bit of sad past, she was found as a stray in Texas with an embedded collar. She had to have it surgically removed, and as a result of her trauma is pretty scared of people, which is understandable. We let her outside to show her around, but she was afraid to come back in and it took a while to get her. Initial pictures of Olive, approximately 1 year old. Aussie / cattle dog / possibly Corgi mix. 

Tami suggested that at least until she gets more comfortable that we keep her harness and leash on her when letting her out so we can at least grab the leash when she gets close to the door. 
Did I mention that she had also just been spayed so has to wear a cone when we are sleeping or not home? A had her work Christmas party, so I was home alone with Olive, who is still very nervous, but adapting well. 
Sunday (19,089 steps) - Olive was afraid to attempt stairs, so she slept alone in the living room. She took a liking to the ottoman, which is where Pika always used to sit. Doesn't she look pathetic in the cone?
Since we were up, we woke up Ariel so we could do breakfast and presents. Ariel made cinnamon rolls, which has become a bit of a tradition on holidays.
Batman got a snazzy new collar for Christmas
I had a run planned with Maureen from Green Mountain. Everyone else planned on running just a 5k, so it was just me and Mo running to Stone House for a total of 5 miles before picking up Colfax for another 2, for a total of 7 miles.
Green Mountain Brewery is one of the few places I know of that is open on Christmas. They opened at noon and for the last 6-7 years have a big potluck. I had just one beer and didn't stick around for too much longer since we had plans for late lunch/dinner.

Robin also got a new collar for Christmas!

Olive didn't mind wearing Pika's old Christmas sweater
Deidre had invited us over for Christmas dinner, so we left around 3. Food was AMAZING, and it was great to see them again. We were surprised by them also getting us each a heated throw for a gift. (Thank you, we still are keeping the house at 60 degrees).
We got home just after dark and started our Christmas puzzle while re-watching the second season of Jack Ryan. Sadly, we weren't going to be able to finish it. I hate leaving puzzles unfinished!!
Monday (14,376 steps) - Woke up earlier than planned, but I didn't really care since I didn't have to work. A had practice, so I sat in the living room with the zoo.
She's quite happy at our house
And... Olive figured out the stairs! Well, she at least figured out the stairs to and from Ariel's room.
We finally finished the puzzle! This was a tough one (and a Christmas gift from Ariel) of 1000 pieces. Still took less than 24 hours.
Got the lasagna in the crockpot and went for my run. I didn't have anything on schedule, but 4 seemed like a good amount.
Dinner was fabulous - lasagna, stuffing, mashed potatoes and grape juice. Yum.
A had plans with a friend, so I stayed home with the animals again. Olive figured out the stairs going upstairs, much to Batman's dismay.
A still wasn't home by the time I went to bed, so Olive was sulking on the couch. Could she BE any more pathetic looking?!

  • 90,865 steps
  • 21.31 miles run
  • 100 minutes of cardio
  • 20 minutes of strength training

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