Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Week in Review (May 31 - June 6)

Tuesday - Morning workout - Peloton ride, HIIT cardio, barre, upper body strength, core and lower body stretching. Woooof. 
Ben picked me up and we went for a quick beer.
Went for a walk at lunch. Headed up north to finish my paperwork so I can start my second job soon.
Wednesday - Peloton ride before going into work. Went for a walk at work. After work I headed over to Bruz for a special event with On for National Running Day. A and her friend met me there. I demoed shoes, but was not crazy about them - they hurt my pinky to a bit. I had every intention of running "easy" but just trying to keep up with A had me running way faster than usual.
Got a 5k done and I actually did know where we were - I ran this section on my long run to Woods Boss months ago, not to mention the lake we ran around used to be where the RMRR January trophy series run was. Anyway.
We got a few drink tickets, and a new beer for me, since I had never been to this brewery before. It was ok, but nothing I need to go out of my way for.
Thursday - Peloton ride to start the day. Worked all day and then headed to Dino Ridge for my miles. Still feeling pretty fatigued overall, and with this being a peak week, just overall tired. I did extend my run intervals on the east side, which I was pretty proud of. Oh, and a new dinosaur!

Friday - Wash Park and coffee with the gang for the first time in a few weeks since being sick. It was really good to see everyone again! Worked all day, went for a walk at lunch. Then headed to my first day of work at the new job. It wasn't really what I expected and it was the most disorganized and chaotic place I think I've ever been. No longer wondering why this place has high turnover... we will see how it goes.
Saturday - Didn't get up crazy early, although I probably should have gotten up a BIT earlier, as it was already pretty hot by the time I headed out. I had 20 miles on schedule for my last long run, and it was brutal from start to finish. Usually I feel like it goes ok for at least the first half, but this was a struggle the whole time. 

I was so hot and my legs just had no interest in running. I bet I walked at least half of this run. And when I got about 16 miles in I was almost out of water so I actually stopped and bought more. I basically slammed an entire liter and then had to walk a bunch because I wasn't feeling great. This was definitely a mental struggle, but got it done.
Spent the evening catching up on "This is Us."
Sunday - Slept in! Peloton ride, took A to work, and then took Pika to see the goats. Even though we only walked about a mile she was super slow and uninterested in being out. She hates when it's warm!

I had just finished eating lunch when I got a text from Kristin asking if I wanted to meet at 4 Noses. Yes, please!! It was really good to see her and the family, as well as Alison joining. 
A was spending the night at a friends house, so it was a late night of beer and finishing up "This is Us" - what a freaking sad last few episodes, sheesh.
Monday - Up early for miles at "marathon pace." I actually felt really good in most of this run (other than having to use the bathroom AGAIN. 
Heart rate looks like it is getting back to "normal"
Got back home with just enough time to log in for work. In more exciting news than work, I'm back for another year with Rabbit!
Took Pika for a walk at lunch. She is soooo slow when it warms up outside, so we did the shorter loop because she was completely uninterested in being out. But look how cute she is!
After work I relaxed for a few minutes before heading to job #2. Don't know how long this is going to last, this place is soooo disorganized, and it's not actually busy enough for me to do make "real" money. Not that I'm above cleaning, but at this point in my life I'm not sure I need to be cleaning bathrooms for some extra cash. We'll see. Dinner at home and a bit of down time before bed.

  • 37.87 miles run
  • 115 minutes of cardio
  • 55 minutes of strength training

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