Friday, May 13, 2022

Week in Review (April 26 - May 2)

Tuesday - A Kesha themed Peloton ride and strength training before going to work. Took a walk at lunch. Did some packing, which, according to my coach, looks like an REI sale... haha
Wednesday - Work in the office. Spent the morning making my pace charts and cheat sheets! Since Ben and I are running Cocodona without pacers or crew I really felt like I needed more detail and info than what I've been known to run with in the past. I went a little overboard.
FTR, that says HUMMUS, not HUMANS...
Went to Boulder for my last hike/run before Cocodona!! This time Kristin and Jeramiah met up with me at the start. Kristin started in front and ran most of the route, which left me and Jeramiah to hike. With other people on the trail, I even got some random pictures to share. (PS, I have always looked like such a weirdo when I run trails, haha).

Thankfully, I got through this without falling - looks like I'll actually be heading to the start line without being injured, woo! Went to the store after for a quick beer and to say hi.
Thursday - Recovery ride and some strength training before starting work at home. Took (a very resistant) Pika for a walk at lunch. She was very slow and sluggish - heat is already getting to her :(
Headed down to the stadium to watch A's (probably last of the season) track me. She was less than a second off a PR in the 1600, a pretty good 800, and then majorly kicked ass as the anchor in the 4x400 - running a 74 second split - which is a 4:57 pace, if you didn't know. She hasn't run a 400 in a while, so she was pretty pleased. 
Went to Marco's with Ben to pick up pizza and have a beer. Packing for the race is pretty much done - at least the stuff I need to carry on me and put in drop bags. Still need to pack "regular" clothes and non-running stuff. 
Friday - Wash Park and coffee with the gang before going to work in the office. I had to test drive the THIRD Zygos pack on the walk since it didn't come in time for me to run in it. Good news is it felt fine, bad news is I didn't really know how it was going to work since I didn't run in it. 4 Noses for happy hour with Ben after work and a quick stop for some groceries and Qdoba for dinner.
Saturday - "Slept in" and finished packing. Took Pika for a walk, then all of a sudden Tyler arrived to pick us up and take us to the airport. Nothing of any interest happened. 
Flight was uneventful, Southwest let us use expired drink tickets and we landed about when we thought we would. We had rented a Turo again since rental car prices are still nuts. Other than having some trouble locating the car in the parking garage the process was really simple. We immediately started the drive up to Prescott. We made a few navigating errors, but got into town pretty early. We went to a small brewery, Insurgent, for dinner (nachos) and a beer (which was pretty gross).
Later, we went into Whiskey Row area of Prescott and to another brewery, Ad Astra, but their beer selection was pretty minimal. 
We also found a place called "Park Plaza Liquor and Deli" and the whole concept was pretty mind blowing. 
By the time we grabbed some beer to go it was late and we hadn't even been to the Airbnb. We found it without much trouble, but we did have some difficulty getting in with the remote keypad. Luckily, the owner was home and helped us out. The place was really cute! We sat and had a beer and watched some tv.
Meanwhile, A was at prom with her friends! 
Sunday - Slept "in." We went out to breakfast in Whiskey Row - and it was delicious! I actually can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the food or the cafe, it was super cute. Getting there was a bit chaotic since the roads by the main square were closed. We went for a walk/hike I found on Strava, that ended up being right around a mile - perfect! 

We went went back to the bnb to get stuff ready for our drop bags. Loaded them all up and then went to the hiking store nearby so Ben could get some socks. Then we went for a beer and some food for lunch. It was hot and WINDY. 
We headed over to headquarters to drop off our stuff - time is almost here! We did our pre-race pictures, chatted with some people, then headed out. 
Photo: Scott Rokis

Photo: Scott Rokis

Photo: Scott Rokis

Photo: Howie Stern

Photo: Howie Stern
My friend Sherry, that I met at Desert Rats in 2015 lives in Prescott and owns a wine bar, so we stopped in to say hi and have a drink. The place is super cute! Some live music and an attempt at catching a mouse...
Ben is waiting for the mouse to make an appearance from under that barrel!
Then it was already time for dinner (again, don't remember what we wended up getting). We had to go BACK to the race start for the pre-race meeting, which we didn't stay long at because there wasn't really any new information. We picked up to go beer and then back at the bnb getting everything ready.
Race day outfit! Woot!
Monday - Cocodona 250

  • 148.97 miles run
  • 50 minutes of cardio
  • 60 minutes of strength training

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Week in Review (April 26 - May 2)

Tuesday  - A Kesha themed Peloton ride and strength training before going to work. Took a walk at lunch. Did some packing, which, according ...