Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Week in Review (April 19 - April 25)

Tuesday (8,297 steps) - Peloton ride and strength training before work. I've been having a lot of fun building stacks!
Work in the office, walk at lunch. Nothing else?
Wednesday (8,886 steps) - Switched my workouts and did Pelton ride and strength before work again. The ride this time was a Guns n' Roses theme and I really enjoyed it! A randomly had a league relay meet that started late afternoon - so I took my laptop with me to the stadium again, although nothing exciting happened where I had to use it. She ran great in both relays (4x800 and 3200).

She was not happy about having to wait so long to run the 3200, but like most meets, it was one of the last events.
Thursday (25,827 steps) - Work from home. Took Pika for a walk at lunch. After work I headed up to Boulder for my normal "Wednesday night" hike/run. It was FINALLY "hot" - mid to upper 70s. 

Stopped at Resolute on the way home for a beer.
Friday (12,485 steps) - Walk and coffee with the gang
Work in the office. It was a pretty busy day, so time flew by. Met up with Ben at 4 Noses after work for happy hour. We finally had a day in the upper 80s, but by the afternoon/evening it was SO WINDY.
Saturday (8,666 steps) - Up not-too-early for my workout. Peloton ride was AC/DC that was really hard, but I enjoyed it. Also did a live class for my 100th strength class, but no shout out. Sad!
We had some lounging around - and for basically the first time ever (if I'm anywhere in the house), Batman was canoodling with Ben! It was pretty cute (and bizarre) so I had to document it.
Took Pika for an "early" lunch walk. A had a track meet and was told that she needed to be there by 12:30 for warm-ups, etc. Spoiler, she did NOT need to be there that early. She ended up not running her race until almost 5 pm!! And by then, the wind had REALLY picked up and she had a miserable time :(
Stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home for a treat, it was delicious. And in my opinion, weirdly crowded for such a chilly day/evening.
Sunday (32,051 steps) - Woke up unintentionally early for my long run. It was brisk (AGAIN) out, but with rain in the forecast I wanted to just get it over with. I had plans to do 3-4 hours, but after being out for about 30 minutes I opted for the shorter distance. It was actually a relatively nice morning, not too many people out. 

I had about an hour left of my run when I saw a guy walking his dog. And parrot. YES A PARROT. This was a first for me, that's for sure!
Ben was hiking with Pika and we finished up roughly the same time, so we met up at Resolute for a beer.
We were both hungry, so we went to Bluegrass for a late lunch. I typically just order snacks, but I got this sandwich and it was SO GOOD.
Watched a cheesy horror movie ("Choose or Die") that was actually entertaining for all of us.
Monday (15,935 steps) - Work from home. Went for an easy shake out run, took Pika for a walk. Had a tune-up sports massage in the afternoon. Tyler came over for happy hour. Nothing else?

  • 112,147 steps
  • 26.31 miles run
  • 90 minutes of cardio
  • 110 minutes of strength training

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