Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week in Review (November 4 - November 10)

Tuesday - Did this day even happen? Dailymile says I didn't do anything. It was the first day back from New York, so I'm guessing I went to bed early. (Well, earlier, since I'm almost always in bed by 9:30).
Wednesday - Tried to run during lunch - first run since NYC. It was horrible and stopped after a mile. Went to BodyPump at night.
Thursday - Again, tried to run during lunch. Again, barely made it a mile before I stopped. So... there's that. Tried another run at night, didn't even make it three miles.
Friday - Got up early and did an upper body video. PIZZA!!
Saturday - L and I ran the Highlands Ranch Backcountry Trail half marathon. Weather was awesome, maybe even a little warm.

I feel like something else must have happened that day. But what...
Sunday - I whipped out the crock pot for the first time since the spring. Nothing super exciting, just chicken, hatch green chili salsa and onion. It was tasty. We took to the kids swimming at the rec center. I enjoyed sitting outside in a lawn chair for probably the last time of the season - polar vortex headed our way!

Butt/Thigh video after dinner. I had forgotten how much I like this one!
Monday - Tried to run at lunch. Horrid. Awful. Not good. Stopped at a mile. Again. After work I went to a meet and greet with Lisa. Beer and dessert.

Weekly Miles Run - 19.17
Minutes of Cross Training - None
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - 113 (way up from previous weeks)

Loss since last weigh in - 2.2 pounds (118.6)

  • Well, after not logging for a few weeks I started doing it again. Not really to "limit" - but just as a reminder that I cannot, in fact, eat all the things and not gain weight. I kinda hate tracking.
  • Some indulgences this week, donuts and pizza, but nothing super out of control. Unsure how much gain I had after NY as I skipped the weekly weigh in for my sanity.
Everything Else 

So really, the only run that wasn't the Worst Ever was the trail race. Every other run since New York has felt hard. I've felt sore. I didn't run much the week leading up to NYC and I feel like that race was a catastrophy. My next 100 (attempt) is next weekend and I am NOT going into it with any confidence. I finally have a forecast to look at (60% chance of rain). The trail is substantially more technical than I thought. My pacer had to back out. I have ZERO confidence with how tired, achy and overall Blah/Sore I have been feeling.

So. There's that.

Nothing else.


  1. Good luck on your 100 mile race. Can you drop down and a 50K? If your body isn't ready to do a 100 miler, you might be better off taking your lumps and trying again another time. We've all been there. Our minds sometimes have more ambition than our bodies.

    Nice picture of the sunset. I think I got one just like that on my blog this past week too.


  2. i want that donut in the top left picture. i’ve only run 3 times post marathon and yesterday was the first day it felt okay- not great- but okay. good luck with the race- just listen to your body and do what you need to do. any chance on finding another pacer? (not sure how all that works).


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