Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lucy Cut For Me Legging (Product Review)

I was recently contacted by Lucy to try one of their products, the popular "Cut For Me Legging."

From the website:

Product Information:

  • The Cut For Me Legging features flat-locked seams and trim lines for you to cut the legging to your specific leg length—plus the slimming, moisture-wicking strength of lucy powermax™ fabric.
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Jersey knit 87% supplex nylon, 13% lycra spandex
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • High-tech Supplex®/Lycra fabric providing maximum compression, moisture management and four-way stretch.
  • Body-Hugging: Form fitting for peak performance and muscle support; ideal for high-intensity activities

I was super excited to try these out. I rarely wear pants/tights when I run since I'm indoors most of the time I get way too hot. However, I do wear pants or capris when I have my kickboxing class. So... I tried them on (pictures courtesy of A, so sorry for quality):

First impression? Oooooh so comfy! Super soft (not "compressiony") waist band, yet it is wide so it didn't feel like they were going to slide off my waist. Not too snug around the thighs (a good thing!)

Immediately I knew I was going to have to cut these puppies down! So I watched the video... 

and cut them down. (Which by the way made me VERY uneasy... I really didn't want to do it wrong!) I cut to the tiniest inseam I could do and headed off to a night at the gym of turbo kick box and the stationary bike. Unfortunately the shortest inseam was still a bit too long. As a result of them not being quite tight enough around my ankles, I had a bit of sagging and bunching around the ankles. It got to be a bit annoying when I was jumping around, but it was a non issue once I moved to the bike. 

So... other than the length issue, these were fabulous. If you are taller than me (5' even), these would work GREAT for you.

(Keep in mind that 99% of the clothing I wear is too long. Just about everything I own is hemmed, so this is NOT a brand-specific issue).


  1. That is awesome companies are contacting you to review their products! I like the idea of these. I have the opposite problem of things being too short so these might work for me, might not even have to trim:)

  2. I would be terrified to cut my clothes!! What if I did it wrong?!?!

  3. It was a good review of the product. legging are one of my favorite items when it comes to workout clothes as they can be worn for any type of activities. The best thing about this legging that you’ve reviewed is that we can cut and alter its length as per our need. I would surely love to try this product once.


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