Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I have the next few weekends free of racing. I'm already going through withdrawals. I'm eyeballing this local race - Mt. Carbon Half Marathon. It's cheap for a half. And it could be good conditioning for...

2. I haven't mentioned it lately. A few months ago I signed up for my first ultra. A 50k at altitude. I kinda think I'm in denial. I haven't done any longer distance training. Should be... interesting. Yeah. Less than three weeks away.

3. In addition to the 50k... I have the Great Wall of China coming up only two weeks after THAT. (Not to mention the cruise I will be on in between the two). ::blink:: Times like this I am REALLY missing having a job. It was NICE being able to sign up for things like this.

4. On the job front... Came home from Kansas to a letter from the State of Colorado Unemployment Benefit Administration. They are demanding repayment of all the unemployment I received January-Mid March. No explanation given, only "hearing officer reversal," with a demand I put my payment of $3,115 in the mail immediately. Sigh. I haven't been on an interview in probably 6 weeks. The longer I'm out of work, the harder it's going to be for me to get hired. Ugh.

5. Always love race pictures. Here are some of the pictures from the race that nearly killed me in New Hampshire a few weeks ago, the Great Bay Half Marathon:

6. What is UP with jean sizing lately? I know I am not any smaller than I have ever been. I recently picked up some jeans with a 26" waist, and I can STILL take them on and off without unbuttoning. Not to mention the problem of me being SO short (a 29" or 30" inseam is a must), I cannot seem to find something flattering. Beyond frustrating.


  1. I *really* want to do some trail running.... that ultra looks FUN.

  2. After my May 8th race I have a gap until the 4th of July. I just know I am going to have to fill it with something. I'm not use to you having free weekends!

    China .... Wow! That is going to be so awesome to read the recap.

    #4 SUCKS!!!

    Ultras sound so scary. I'm going to live that vicariously through you, so have fun!

  3. L was telling me about your 50k- crazy intense. Someday I'll have enough motivation to run that far... someday.
    Your comment on my race recap made me smile, thank you!!
    Next time we see eachother is actually in ID- "see jane run"

  4. 50k and at altitude? Wow! I choked out a 10k last summer in eastern Oregon. The altitude and heat totally did me in.

    Looking forward to that race report!

  5. 1. The ultramarathon: Heck yeah! So cool!

    2. The job front: not so cool. Not cool at all. It sucks! Sending 'finding a job soon' vibes your way as we speak!

    3. The outfit: Is that Skirtsports? Looks great on you!!!

    4. Jean size: Yeah...know what you mean...

  6. I did Greenland last year...well, the 25k anyway, and it was lovely.


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