Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Great Wall of Westminster...

... or, how I spent Easter morning.

The Stairs
The Great Wall of China marathon is just around the corner. We have about a month to prepare ourselves. What better way to do that than to run up and down a lot of stairs... a lot of times?

It's tough to find time to do these things. L works all the time, and we have the kids with us. Luckily, we saw these stairs from the trail we used to run last summer. Adjacent to a huge soccer field and playground, we have something for the kids to do while we run.

So. Easter morning. Low 40s. Overcast. Perfect time to run stairs. 98 steps total.

What were the kids doing??

And how relieved am I to be done??

We did 19 sets of stairs. That totals 3,724 total steps run.

The pace is ridiculous, and we only did the stairs for about 35 minutes, just under 2 miles overall. I was sweating like CRAZY. Stairs are NO joke.

China? Will be challenging. I'm ready.


  1. Dang! That is a LOT of stair work. I work on the 2nd floor of my building. With the exception of when I'm lugging up the box of morning mail, I never use the elevator. The rest of my floor? I'm not sure they know what stairs are. I'll go between all 3 floors and the basement using the stairs to get around .... but I watch the rest use the elevator to get around. Um, lazy pants!!

    YOU are certainly the opposite of lazy! I'm once again impressed!

  2. That sounds pretty terrible. :D

  3. AWESOME job Becka! Stairs are such a killer, but beneficial work out and you rocked it!

    Calorie burn!!

    I can't wait to read about your China marathon--wow! GOOD LUCK!!


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