Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday (and then some)

1. My foot/ankle is feeling a lot better. I am continuing the use of the KT tape (today's colors are red/white/blue). Light icing and the Strasburg sock.
2. Training... first is of course the 50k. That is more of a mental game as I haven't added distance to my training. But, I think I have a pretty solid base and I'm sure I can do this.
3. and second is the Great Wall, which is only 2 weeks after the 50k. (It took me a while before I realized that. I must be insane). Anyway, I've been doing the Stairmaster at the gym, ran stairs last Sunday and plan on running more this weekend. That's about the extent of that training. Just in the last few days I've been bombarded with emails from the travel coordinator, which means it is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER... psyched.
4. My headphones finally stopped working ten minutes into my treadmill run last night at the gym. Which means I ran for an hour with no music. I've never done this. Ever. The good news is that I don't breathe nearly as loud as I think I do, and the workout wasn't as tragic as I dreamed it could be.
5. P90X - I started again this week, and man am I sore. Crazy how just taking a few weeks off when I was sick set my base so far back. As for the Ab Ripper X? I can now do 98% of the reps. For a long time, the mason twists were my biggest struggle. Now? The backward bicycle. I swear it is just too unnatural feeling. Even placing a mirror next to me to watch my legs doesn't help. My mind can't comprehend. Sigh.
6. NYC Marathon... I didn't get in. I shouldn't be surprised. The NYC half was also a lottery and I *did* get into that one. I just realized that running for charity isn't even an option. They all require that you provide a credit card so if you don't raise the required amount they can charge your card. I no longer have credit cards. This is a bummer. I guess I'll try my luck at the lottery next year. (With that said... I am tempted, SUPER tempted, to run the San Francisco FULL marathon instead. Thoughts??)
7. I've added another item to the 50K GIVEAWAY, which means more opportunities to win! Check it out!


  1. Do you plan on SF this summer, 2011? Yes! I'm doing the half!

  2. isn't it weird running w/o music? Like you, I was surprised that breathing wasn't horrendous haha. I plan on popping in the ab ripper dvd tonight to see what its all about- i'll let u know how much i suck at it

  3. You are a nut. But in a good way, of course!

  4. Interesting how your training has to change for Great Wall. Stairs! I remember that article about the woman who had brain surgery & ran the Great Wall (in RW) and it definitely sounded like a grueling but amazing race. I can't wait to see your photos. You gotta take pictures along the way.

  5. Running without music is strange. It is kind of nice in some ways, but I feel almost naked without it.

    SF sounds so hard to me, but then you are doing the China thing, and that'll be a doozy, so maybe SF hills wouldn't be so bad?


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