Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Week in Review (September 19 - September 25)

Tuesday (11,998 steps) - Peloton ride before work. Work in the office, cross training at lunch. We took Olive to 4 Noses so Hannah could see her costume. It ended up pouring rain and was fairly chilly.

Wednesday (21,340 steps) - Work in the office. Went for a walk at lunch. After work I headed to Bear Creek. I had a trail run that was supposed to be done on rollers, and this was the best I could come up with. Was not optimistic about this at all, as I also had 2x10 minutes "fast" to do. I remembered that there used to be the Lakewood Trail Series, and created a route that ended up being "mostly" the same. The weather was actually much better than I thought it would be, and while there were a lot of bikes, it wasn't that bad. Pleased that I only walked about 3 minutes total, and hit about 95% of my paces. Woo!

Thursday (19,059 steps) - Work from home. I had a short, easy run on schedule. Olive seemed really excited to run, and I fell for it!
After the first 2/3 of a mile she basically refused to run. I nixed the idea of running with her, and turned our "run" into a walk, with a couple of jogging intervals in. THEN, I went for my run, and it was much less stressful. Work was slow, which is good since I hadn't really started packing for our camping trip yet. The mail came and I got some of my new shorts!!
I have worn 99% skirts for many years, and only recently (maybe in the last year or so?) have started wearing shorts more often. Later in the afternoon I was hearing a lot of barking and activity outside (I keep the windows open). I kept looking outside and not seeing anything. Finally I went down to investigate and saw this:
Long story short, a couple of neighboring dogs CHEWED THROUGH THE FENCE, DUG A HOLE AND BROKE IN. I saw the damaged boards and guessed which house it was. I was coming inside to decide what to do when the big dog barged past me into the house!! Luckily he did not bite me when I leashed him up to walk him home. No one answer (even though I knocked and rang the bell....) so I had to walk "Charlie" back home. I walked him back through the house, and by the time I went back outside, the neighbor was already starting to repair the fence. So weird that he didn't JUST ANSWER THE DOOR...
Friday (34,840 steps) - I had taken the day off for a long weekend. I woke up late and regretted it. I had a long run to do and it was gonna be hot. I had planned what I thought would be mostly trail in Louisville. Spoiler, I think it was at least half paved. Also, 2/3 of the climbing was in the back half. I did "ok" the first part, the last couple miles were really pretty miserable. 

I stopped to get a protein shake from Ziggi's and then took Olive on a (very slow) walk. I desperately needed to finish packing for our camping weekend, and got a lot of it done in a pretty short period of time. By the time Ben got home, our goal was for him to pack and get out the door by 7:45, which we managed to do. Stopped at 4 Noses for a beer before stopping at Safeway to pick up dinner.
We weren't camping at our usual campground since they didn't have any spots, but it was a place Ariel and I had camped years ago. Opted to skip a campfire since it was already late.
Saturday (17,106 steps) - It was a cold night, but a nice, sunny way. 
We decided to go to brunch at Butterhorn since we weren't planning on running. 

Activity for the day was leaf peeping on the Ten Mile Range trail (same as two years ago). The colors weren't "quite" prime, but it was a nice day and not too crowded. 

Olive really enjoyed being able to play in the water. If she ever learns how to listen better (ie, know her name or how to respond to "come") maybe she can be off leash and really have some fun!

We went further up the trail than we have before and I finally called it to turn around because it was getting pretty muddy.

Sure enough, Olive was pretty lethargic and slow by the last mile back. We stopped at Outer Range and then picked up food to make for dinner. Olive had a fun night hanging out at the campground.

Sunday (21,667 steps) - Unfortunately, we had to do a workout/run. I felt like complete garbage. One of the worst runs I have had in a while.

I had a specific "faster" pace that did NOT happen, but we got the strides done, and the back half was better than the first half, so there's that. SO HAPPY to be done. We went to Whole Foods for pizza and then Outer Range to charge Ben's laptop and to have a beer. Decided to drive up to Argentine Pass. The road was much sketchier than either of us remembered. 

We only walked around for about 20 minutes because the drive had taken longer than we expected, plus it was already starting to get dark! Headed back to the campground.
Another night of hot dogs and a campfire before watching another episode of Homeland. 
Monday (14,064 steps) - Got up, had coffee and started to pack up so we could head out of town. By the time we went to the carwash and got gas, Outer Range had opened, so we stopped for a breakfast burrito and one beer. Olive has really made herself at home here.
It was a nice, easy drive home. We made the decision to stop at Parry's on the way home since Juicy Bits is back on tap. They are doing a lot of work in the parking lot and it was basically a nightmare getting Shelly in there. Headed home and unloaded/unpacked. Still had my "easy run" to do. What a disaster, we really should have gone earlier. Either way, the miles were faster since Ben was with me and he set the pace. It actually wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. Showered and then headed to Hoffbrau for our anniversary dinner. A met us there later - new Monday night dinner routine? More Homeland. 

  • 140,074 steps
  • 37.46 miles run
  • 50 minutes of cardio
  • 25 minutes of strength

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