Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Week in Review (July 26 - August 1)

Tuesday (7,735 steps) - Core before going to work in the office. Went for a walk at lunch. Nothing else?
Wednesday (19,017 steps) - Work in the office. Headed up to Boulder after work to meet Terri and Tyler for some trail time. We've been spoiled with cooler temperatures the last few weeks and this felt HOT.

Got back to the store with enough time for a beer before heading home.
Thursday (10,480 steps) - Peloton ride before work at home. Took Pika for a walk at lunch, and had to do our "mud route" because we had some torrential rain overnight and I figured the lake trails would be a mess. 
A had a night track meet! Not just "night" or "late," she wasn't going to be STARTING until 9:15. PM. ON A WEEKDAY. Ben and I headed down separate, and stopped at Dry Dock.
We arrived at the race with enough time to watch the citizen's race - saw quite a few people we knew! The light up sign was a hit, even though most of my pictures were garbage. This is actually my friend, Lisa!
We got to see A run by a few different times, although NONE of my pictures came out. I hate the delay on the iPhone for night pictures - is there a way to turn that off permanently? Anyway, even the finish line pic of her wasn't great. For someone NOT racing, I'd say hovering around 8 minute miles was pretty impressive.
The girls were psyched to get their picture on Colorado Mile Split! 
Home SO late (like 10:45?!) and in bed even later. Dead.
Friday (13,503 steps) - Wash Park and coffee with the gang. Work in the office, with a walk at lunch. Met Ben at Resolute for happy hour. Nothing else?
Saturday (32,705 steps) - I had agreed to meet Jeramiah at White Ranch at 5:30. In the morning. For a run. Last run with climbing for a bit. Haven't seen J in a bit, so it was nice to catch up, and we only got "lost" a few times! We were done fairly early in the morning, thanks to the pre-sunrise start.

Home to shower, go to Costco to put gas in Lucy, then take Pika for a walk. In the afternoon Ben and I headed up to Loveland for... Blue-C!! In the grand scheme of A turning 16 (a while ago) and getting her license (recently),  had been spending the last year or so looking for a car for her. With Ben having a somewhat unpredictable work schedule and my job requiring certain in-office hours, it had been a bit of a struggle getting her places. I was not able to find a reasonably priced stick shift Mini (as requested by A since that's what she learned to drive on), so back in the spring I ordered a custom Mini Cooper JCW!! Initially I was told delivery wouldn't be for 6-8 months, but as the process went on, it was WAY faster than planned - closer to 3 months. Anyway, all things considered, this was a pretty great experience (other than spending all that money of course!)

Stopped at Liquid Mechanics on the way home, Salsa's for dinner, and then the last installment of Flowers in the Attic.
Sunday (13,244 steps) - FINALLY, slept in! (Not LATE, but at least I didn't have to set an alarm). Went out later than I wanted for my 5k I had on schedule, which was just kinda meh. Not great, but not awful. Shower and then Ben and I went to 4 Noses for brunch and a brewmosa. Took Pika for a (slow) walk.
After lunch we went to Bluegrass, but unimpressed with their beers on tap so we went to Resolute. There were some random vendors there and I picked up some plants for Ariel - aren't they ADORABLE??
Monday (11,067 steps) - Work from home. Walked Pika at lunch. A's friend came over and I had to get a pic of the Mini Cooper "family."
Took A to get her sports physical and then met Ben at Luki. 
Pizza for dinner. We randomly found the movie "Zathura" on Amazon Prime and watched it. Fun fact, it was one of A's favorite movies when she was around 2-3 years old. Watching it now, that seems crazy, seems like it should have been a bit scary for a toddler.

  • 107,751 steps
  • 20.16 miles run
  • 20 minutes of cardio
  • 15 minutes of strength

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