Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Week in Review (November 16 - November 22)

Tuesday (5,824 steps) - Work in the office. Took Pika for a walk after getting home. She hasn't been feeling well so she needs to go outside more often. :( Also... I'm already over how dark it is at 5:00 pm.
Wednesday (11,811 steps) - Work in the office. After work I headed up to Boulder. Initially, I had planned to just go for a walk, but after I realized how cold it was I decided to just do a short run. Part of the bike path was closed for construction, so it ended up being a solo choose your own adventure route. Actually pretty enjoyable, though. 
The store was doing their VIP sale/party, and I picked up a few things before heading home for dinner. 
Thursday (10,234 steps) - Work from home, and it was a CRAZY busy day. Did a Peloton ride and took Pika for a walk. Then, I had to pick A up from school, take her to the post office to get her passport renewed. Worked a bit more and then had to drive her and a teammate to the airport so they could meet up with their team in Arizona. LONG ASS DAY. On the way home I met Ben at the new Tap n' Burger. Neither of us was even remotely impressed with this place. You now have to pay for street parking in the "new downtown Westminster," they automatically add 20% tip and the food was EXPENSIVE. We won't be back.
Friday (14,401 steps) - Had hopefully my last Friday morning run at Wash Park - I reminded Steph I like to have it as a rest day! 45 minutes that was... not bad. 
Did the last 10-15 minutes with the group before going to Stella's for coffee and muffins for Christy's birthday! Work in the office. After work Ben and I decided to use our gift certificate for Malone's. Unlike yesterday, we REALLY enjoyed just about everything about our experience.
Saturday (27,795 steps) - Got up semi-early so that we could figure out how to live stream Ariel's race, the Nike Cross Regionals Southwest! We had major buffering issues, but it was REALLY cool watching her on the big screen. Not to mention, her teammate actually won the heat they were in.

These results are just for her wave. Over 1000 girls ran and a time slower than 22 minutes didn't even get you in the top 500. Insane.
Still needed to get a run in and it was supposed to get windier and colder as the day went on, so we rushed out so we could finish in time to walk Pika. I had mapped out a loop in Boulder that would give us a climb/descent/climb route. Really feeling out of shape since I haven't been concentrating on climbing lately. Run started out pretty warm, but a few miles in things definitely cooled down and I was glad I'd brought a long sleeve.

Decided that we would let Batman join us on the walk. He was meow-y the first bit (when in the neighborhood), but really seemed to enjoy the sun and lake atmosphere.

After showering we met up with Kristin, Doug and Tyler at The Bluegrass (to finally use my gift card from my birthday). Fun afternoon!
Sunday (23,920 steps) - Slept in (as much as I ever do) and then went for my run. I had 8 miles to get done and I created a modified loop around the neighborhood. The one bad part about doing a "road" loop near me is that the end is ALWAYS uphill. I was trying to take it easy, and for the most part, it wasn't bad, although my heart rate still doesn't reflect "easy."

Our walk with Batman had been so successful yesterday, that we opted to take him again! Unfortunately, we did NOT have as much luck this time. He had another "incident" in the backpack, which wasn't especially fun for anyone.

Batman expressing his displeasure with being covered in poop - I'm trying to clean out his pack as much as possible with poop bags. Sigh.
He handled the bath pretty well
I started baking my "famous" pumpkin cheesecakes, since we have plans to do an "early" Thanksgiving. It's really my favorite dessert ever. (And exponentially cheaper than buying one from the Cheesecake Factory - did you know it's over $60 for a 10" cheesecake?! I think it costs me about $12 to make two, but I'm not sure on the diameter).

Ariel invited a friend over and Tyler stopped by to hang out and have a beer. How is the weekend over already.
Monday (11,456 steps) - Work from home. Walk with Ben and Pika at lunch and did a Peloton ride. After I got off work I wrapped some Christmas presents while Ben and Ariel finished making Thanksgiving dinner! 

Maybe the best cheesecake I've ever made. AND NEITHER OF THEM CRACKED!!

  • 105,441 steps
  • 26.36 miles run
  • 90 minutes cardio
  • 0 minutes strength

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