Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Week in Review (September 14 - September 20)

Tuesday (5,133 steps) - Work in the office. Nothing, other than doing 20 minutes of upper body at the gym during lunch.
Wednesday (12,407 steps) - Work in the office. Headed to Boulder after work for a loop. This was an interesting run as there seemed to be some sort of "unofficial" race/event happening. I kept getting passed by people that had some type of climbing gear with them? I have no idea, but it was interesting. Pretty night!

Really enjoying cooler temperatures (although it was still relatively warm) and the changing leaves! Stopped at the store for a beer before heading home.
Thursday (8,995 steps) - Work from home. Took Pika for a walk at lunch. Pictures tell me that I met Ben at 4 Noses for happy hour, but I really don't remember this?
Friday (18,436 steps) - Up stupid early to get a run in. I had 4 miles on schedule and went to Green Mountain again. REALLY glad that I last minute put a long sleeve top in the car - it was REALLY COLD and pretty windy. The run itself actually went really well.
Finished up the run and met people at Wash Park for our walk. It was STILL cold, but at least this time I had a hoodie in my car. I did spend most of the morning so cold that I actually didn't change out of my running clothes until close to lunch time. Woof.
Saturday (34,394 steps) - Big day! Ben and I were up early and out the door before 5:00 am. We had plans to run a "new to us" loop, Hall Ranch, in Lyons before heading into town for Ariel's cross country meet. We found the trail head with no problems and headed out. It was a bit chilly, but not terrible. We saw a GORGEOUS sunrise.

A couple miles in and it looked like there was someone driving on the fire road. Turns out, it was a ranger, coming out to tell us that "we need to have a talk about park hours," then proceeding to inform us that he had already left a ticket on our vehicle. Ugh.... definitely put a damper on the rest of the run.

The trail was pretty, but a tad more technical than I expected, which made for slow-going some of the time. The big excitement was seeing a bear! He was too far away to get a picture of, but we watched him move through the trees, across the trail and then towards the road. Neat!
We finished up, actually a bit quicker than I anticipated, and arrived at the car to find an EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLAR TICKET. OMG. I'm actually going to plead ignorance on this a bit, because I could SWEAR that the parks near us are open an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset, although some trails actually don't have posted hours. I could NOT believe this! Especially after we talked to the ranger and were apologetic about it. Not happy.

Anyway, we headed into town to the meet, and we actually found parking that wasn't too far away. We arrived in plenty of time to watch A run. This was Ben's first time at a meet since Covid, so he hadn't seen the crazy mass starts. Ariel ran pretty well, but she was a bit disappointed with running slower than last week, although she was not alone, all the other kids ran slower times as well. 
It was close to 1:00 before we headed home. Ben and I took Pika for a walk, then later in the afternoon took the girls to Yogurtland for a team celebration.  While they were doing THAT, we went to Luki and met up with Tyler for happy hour.
Sunday (7,689 steps) - I had a rest day or optional hike on schedule. Since I'd had a few early mornings, I opted to for the rest day. No recollection of most of the day, other than taking Pika for a walk. With the weather getting colder I made sure to get some pictures of A's sunflowers before the frost kills them all.
We watched "Kate" on Netflix, which was pretty good!
Monday (4,179 steps) - Work from home. Didn't take Pika for a walk, I did my 75 minute (!!) Peloton ride instead. It was a boring ride, and seemed a LOT longer than others I have done. I watched "Prey" on Netflix, which was semi-interesting, but not enough to not make this the longest ride ever.... Nothing else?

  • 91,233 steps
  • 17.6 miles run
  • 75 minutes of cardio
  • 20 minutes of strength training

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