Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week in Review (Mar 18 - Mar 24)

Tuesday - Got my one mile out of the way in the basement inferno before work. Glad it's an "off" day as the arch of my right foot feels... off. Videos of the night - (new to me) brutal butt & thigh, (new to me) upper back, arms and chest and because I have been slacking - fast abs.

Wednesday - Up early and got out a solid 3 miles in the (hotter than usual) basement inferno. Got to the gym early, but since I did my run in the morning I decided to check out the new bikes at the gym. ARM RESTS AND BUILT IN FANS?? I only got a picture of the new high tech screens, but will try to get a picture of the full bike next time I'm there. I was concerned it was not even going to be a real workout, but HOLY COW, 5.7 miles on a random hill program (level 7) was TOUGH... I'm the weakest. Then an hour of BodyPump, where I am also (still?) the weakest. Exhausted.

Thursday - Left work early, HOPING I would have a quick doctor's appointment. SADLY, getting my depo shot took almost TWO FREAKING HOURS, and I did NOT get an outdoor run in. Sad, three miles on the treadmill.

Friday - Up early for a mile in the inferno, and a 5 min abs/obliques. Did not care for this one, I will take the extra few minutes for a better workout. Went to happy hour with the girls from work, which was a lot of fun. I like getting a break every now and then!
Saturday - Spring Fever half marathon in the morning. Immediately after the race, I went out to lunch with my A, L and H, and my dad for H's 7th birthday! We may or may not have coerced her into going to Chili's. Yum. In the afternoon we went to the rec center for birthday swimming with all the cousins. I spent a bit of time in the hot tub, no swimming. Dinner was pizza with the fam and then I took my older sister, W to Odyssey for a (very) belated birthday beer. My parents were watching Frozen with all four grandkids, and by the time the movie was over, so were the kids. Too much excitement for one day.

Sunday - Roasting vegetables day, tv time, packing the kids for Moab (they get to go on vacation for Spring Break, and I don't, BECAUSE OF OUR STUPID OFFICE MOVE). L and I made the mistake of making S'mores bark again (I may or may not have had a billion pieces). I thought about running, but then did that hour long upper tabata video instead. Running streak officially over. I gave it some thought, and I have been feeling tired lately, and I would rather end the streak on MY terms, not because of an injury or illness or something else. Well, that was fun. Now what...
Monday - With A being gone for a few days in Moab, I decided to head to a close-ish trail nearby, Green Mountain. I briefly looked at the map and thought, ok, the big loop is just over 6 miles, I have an hour and half or so until sunset, I'll do that. LOL. Well, I was at least smart enough to wear long sleeves, but NOT smart enough to wear gloves. Even though the sun hadn't set yet, it stayed behind the clouds and it was cold and exposed. It was also steeper than I had anticipated, and the first two miles were SLOW, with a lot of walking. I finally started running, tripped over a rock and face planted. Thankfully, no bleeding, but I took it more cautiously from there. DUMB. I was starting to get concerned at some of the forks in the road that this "big loop" wasn't as easy as planned, and figured if I hit 3 miles or so and didn't seem to be heading back, I would turn around. Luckily, I seemed to be heading in the right direction. I arrived at the parking lot to discover I was at the WRONG lot and had to run another .3 or so to get to my car, about 5 minutes before the sun set. My hands were FREEZING and it took the entire drive home to warm up. Hopefully, lesson learned. Just under 7 miles of trail glory.

Weekly Miles Run - 27.79 (8 treadmill, 6.7 trails, 13.09 race)
Weekly Cross Training - 25 minutes on the bike, about 5.7 miles
Minutes of Strength - 185

Weekly Loss - 2.6 pounds
  • What a cluster of a week. I ate EVERYTHING. As per the norm, I did fine during the week. It was H's birthday this weekend, I had a ton of pizza and cake and DONUTS.
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  • No new recipes this weekend. However, I roasted more veggies and L and I made another batch of the S'mores bark, which at least THIS TIME I am sharing with folks in the office. I bought a pre-made meatloaf from Sprouts that was pretty good.

Everything Else
  • PURELY to ruin my life, the day I left work early? I ran into J on the street outside my building. He said "hey, what's up" and I gave a death stare, said nothing, and kept walking. Unlike the rumors I had heard, he looks fucking great. And I, OF COURSE, looked like total shit in a sweater and pants because I was too lazy for tights and a pencil skirt. The real insult was I was heading to get my depo shot (for period regulation, OBVIOUSLY not because I'm sexually active now), and it apparently was time for my annual questionnaire. Last time I had sex? Soooo long ago, I wonder if its different. Totally wrecked my afternoon.
  • As for running, as I said, the run streak is done. Will be a big relief to not have that hanging over my head. I did enjoy my day off, and I plan on another day off later this week.
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  • Have I mentioned that moving our office is RUINING MY LIFE???? UGH. There is a reason I don't move - IT IS TERRIBLE. T minus 3ish more days and yet we have like 10% of the office packed. I'm for real going to stab someone.
  • Related: I am at least PLEASED with where my desk is located. I'm near everyone I enjoy working with and the few people I don't especially enjoy (cough*officemanager*cough) are faaar away. Also, I'm right by the kitchen and close to the bathroom. SCORE. And I guess when I'm visiting with other people, the view isn't so bad:


  1. I am LOL'ing at "my body will do whatever it wants..."


  2. I read "I ran an out and back in the basement inferno". Too much sun for me, haha.
    Your office view is stellar. Someday I'll have to show you mine. You win. At least I have a window now.

  3. gorgeous view!!! don't worry about the ex. I've seen P once since we broke up and pretended like we didn't know each other. YOU LOOK GREAT. And, um, there are great stores with things to help with the sex. I proudly own one :):)


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