Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week in Review (Feb 11 - Feb 17)

Tuesday - One mile in the basement inferno, then I tried a new Fitness Blender video - Total Body Toning and HIIT and 8 Minute Abs.
Wednesday - 2ish mile run at the gym, then BodyPump. Still hard.

Thursday - Got up early and did another video - Total Body Toning and Functional Strength. After work, went to the gym - 3.65 mile run, with .75 at 3% incline. It is hard to imagine that I ever did hill training. This seemed IMPOSSIBLE.

Friday - 1.25 mile run in the basement inferno. I took the day off from work since A didn't have school. Our first stop was a trip to Voodoo Doughnut (and maybe our last). We were like 20th in line (outside) and it took ONE HOUR AND ELEVEN MINUTES to get out. That seems excessive. Our second stop of the day was a hike... it was finally warm outside, so we drove over to Lair O' the Bear. It was INSANELY icy and fairly muddy. A fell twice, I fell once. It was beautiful, temperatures were mild and we had a great time, and managed to get in almost an hour of hiking/walking/skating.
Then we headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch - which was DELICIOUS. The remainder of Valentine's Day was spent at home with my favorite person, A.
Saturday - A woke up me up early to go to the gym. I had a decent 7.5ish mile run.

The remainder of the day was spent on the couch, with the exception of a quick trip to the mall. I managed to get a sweater on clearance from Loft for $5.99. She warned me it was a final sale. Um, for $6, I think I can live with that.
Sunday - 1.25 in the basement inferno (DAY 100 OF THE STREAK!!). Two videos - Butt and Abs Tabata (Fat Blasting Cardio) and a new arm video - Tone Lean Arms (Rhomboids, Shoulders, Bicep, Tricep and Chest). I don't even know what a rhomboid IS, but I can tell you, that whatever they are, they are WEAK. Those were TOUGH. A worked another cookie booth in 67 DEGREE WEATHER. It didn't feel that warm, unfortunately, since it was windy.
Monday - Quick Cardio, Abs and Obliques video before work. Wasn't crazy about the jumping oblique twists that were the cardio intervals for EVERY SET. After work, I had an exceptionally great run at the gym, getting in a 10k(ish) at a pretty FAST pace!

Weekly Miles Run - 23.14 (all treadmill)
Weekly Cross Training - 2.4 miles of hiking (57 minutes)
Minutes of Strength Training - 193 (!!!)

Weekly Gain - 0.8 pounds
  • Eh. I #ateallthethings
  • In addition to the Voodoo, L brought home a dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Did you know they have a cookie dough donut? And one filled with fudge? IT'S TRUE.
  • Made two more new recipes this week - enchiladas and crock pot Mac & Cheese. Neither is healthy, and both were heavy on the cheese. HOWEVER, the enchiladas were DELICIOUS and I will make them again for sure. The Mac & Cheese... meh. I liked that I could throw the noodles in uncooked into the crock pot, but the whole consistency of it was... off. Next time I make it, I will use the oven and try baked Mac & Cheese.
  • We've been consuming a TON of asparagus lately - this week, Sprouts had it on sale for 98 cents a pound. That is NUTS. A pound lasts me and A 2-3 meals, depending on how hungry we are.
  • I splurged on Sunday and picked up some beef patties stuffed with bacon and jack cheese - threw them on the Foreman and made burgers. That was a delicious choice.
  • Related: I guess Heather is right. Cooking is NOT the worst thing ever, it is NOT as horrible as I imagined, and maybe I will start to buy a few more basic "ingredients" so I can branch out and try more. On deck for this week? Vegetable soup!
Everything Else
  • Just when you thought nothing else exciting could happen at my work... My boss (in his mid 70's) is stepping down from his current position. LUCKILY, that does not affect MY job, as he will still be in office, practicing less, but working on more "special projects." However, the other attorney that we work with is out of a job... effective April 1 (the same time we are moving offices). I mean, we all knew this day was coming, but the timing and notice seems unfortunate.
  • Related: I think Jessa was the glue that connected me to the other girls in the office. Now that she is gone, I no longer get invited to lunch or on breaks. Le sigh.
  • Sorta related: Starting to feel like that chick that got pregnant at her senior prom. Everyone my age either has kids old enough they can be left alone, a husband/boyfriend to watch their kids, or no kids at all. I hate feeling like the odd (wo)man out.


  1. You are the workout video queen. Thanks for linking them all up. I need to try some new ones.
    You need to make friends with people who have teenagers that will babysit A! That's how we got our friends to hangout on NYE, our teenager babysat their younger.

    Their lack of hiring at your work makes so much sense now. Too bad they couldn't fill everyone in a few months ago.

  2. i canceled my gym membership to save $$ and have started doing videos-thanks for sharing!! it's nice to change it up. sorry about the mean girls at work. times like that, i am thankful I work alone! i still owe you the recipes! going to do that now!

  3. Sounds like a good week! I LOVE all of your tops!

  4. Just another reason I like you.....your diet looks a lot like mine. Lots of good, healthy food. And plenty of bad, artery-clogging food. Balance.


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