Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings 5k (Race Recap)

Westminster, CO
Wednesday, September 21
Weather - Overcast, WINDY, RAIN

My last run before the 50 miler this weekend was a scheduled 3 miles at marathon pace (which according to my RLRF program is 10:42). Then over the weekend when I was exchanging shoes (yet again), I saw a poster advertising this FREE 5k at the running store. Well. Who can pass up FREE? I haven't run a 5k without A since probably January, and I was hoping to find out if RLRF was making a difference or not. So. After working out all the logistics, we (me, L and R) decided to run.

I had to leave in the middle of A's dance class in order to get there on time. No worries, I didn't abandon her, my mom showed up to watch the rest of the class and take her to their house for dinner. Have I mentioned that my parents are pretty awesome?

I got there about 5:45, with the race scheduled to start at 6. I had stopped by earlier for minor details, and found out that all we had to do was sign a waiver. So I wasn't expected anything complicated. L and R were running late and the sky was getting angry. I signed the waiver, and got my bib. The most important aspects of this race? The shoe store sponsoring the race was giving away a pair of shoes to the person that could guess their finishing time and come closest to running it. So that meant no watch. Ok... no big deal. And no phone... ok... so no pictures. No big deal, I've run the Big Dry Creek trail probably a hundred times. Then I was told that also meant NO iPods... not even a shuffle. WTH? Damn. I didn't find out the specifics until after I guessed my time (28:44).

L and R finally showed up like 2 minutes to 6. Apparently punctuality not such a big deal for this race as we did a group picture out front and probably headed out around 6:10. Not sure on that, you know, with no time-keeping device. Bleh. There weren't that many of us, so I figured the odds of ONE of us winning shoes (or one of the promised raffle prizes) was going to be pretty good.

We line up at a chalk start line, a few quick instructions so people didn't get lost, and off we go. L and R BOLTED. I figured I'd just... I dunno, run? Well. I have run without a watch or treadmill or phone? Never. Not once. I have always had something that could tell me how fast I am going and how far I've gone. This was NEW territory and I didn't like it. I also didn't like the no music. I've run without music... like twice. Apparently when I try to race fast, without music or a watch, I start out too fast, burn out, and breathe really hard.

Yeah. So the weather. It started raining right when we started, on and off, it wasn't that bad. But the wind... pretty severe. So I make it what I estimate maybe a mile and I'm freakin exhausted. I take the first of... 7? 8? walk breaks. Disaster. L is barely within sight. I see R headed toward me, looking strong. I am chasing a run/walker. At the turnaround I realize there are only 4-5 people behind me. Not good. Man, I am so tired. Have no clue what I'm doing. This sucks.

So then I realize that I'm not that far from the end and I force myself to run the rest. I cross the chalk line and time is given as 30:27. Well. Disappointing, but honestly I figured with all the walking that it would be much worse. And it is NOT my slowest time, so there's that. L had already left to go pick up the kids, since we were already behind schedule.

We wait for rhe last people to finish. Wind picks up and it starts POURING. It is like WINTER. I am freezing in my tank and skirt. R's teeth are chattering. It's about a 1/4 mile walk back to the store, and we are just standing around waiting for the results. Raffle of four prizes... none of us win. Shoe prize? Nope, we were all WAY off. The winner? Only 3 seconds off! Crazy!

Me - 30:27
L - 26:28 (If I could have stuck with her, it would have been 30 second PR for me)
R - 21:54 (WTH?? He guessed 26:00... even HE was shocked at his pace. Awesome!)

New plan. Find a "real" 5k and actually race.

And why was it called Buffalo Wild Wings 5k? They were offering free appetizers after the race (which, sadly, I skipped)


  1. That's tough running without a watch. My old garmin had died a few times during the race, but at least I had the clocks at the mile markers to help me out...otherwise I would of been so lost.

  2. That's cruel and unusual to make you go without an ipod AND your garmin! But good job in the crappy weather. Wind is the worst.

  3. FREE wings after race, YUM! I've ran w/o music, and I've ran w/ my garmin not working- but not having BOTH of these at the same time... madness

  4. I was so sure you were going to win the shoes. I was just positive!

    I can't even imagine running without a Garmin and without music. I mean take one away and I'd try to function, but BOTH?? Yikes!

  5. Oh that's tough! But it's also kind of scary, how we got used to GArmin and music and all those other little devices.


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