Friday, December 31, 2010

And that's a wrap!

December Goals (Recap)
  • Continue running twice a week outside racing. Unlike last December, I promise to NOT take two weeks off from exercise. Coming back in January after a 10 day vacation in California was BRUTAL. SUCCESS!! I didn't miss a single training run. And of those training runs, I did two super long runs (One just over half marathon distance, and a 15.33 mile run on Christmas Day).
  • Try for another PR (of course)... but I have three races in 8 days! I'd love to keep all races sub 2:10, but I think I'll make the goal for VA sub 2:15 (It's day 2 of a back to back weekend and the course profile is INSANE)... Race #1 - Vegas! Race #2 - Thunder Road! Race #3 - Blue & Gray! SUCCESS!!! I got a PR at Thunder Road on December 11... the middle race of the 3 in 8 days. I took about a minute off my previous time, for a 1:58:54 finish. Even with all my trouble at the Blue & Gray, I still finished in a very decent 2:06:02. I'm INCREDIBLY pleased with how my December races went.
  • Start working on Yasso 800s again... at least a few times a month. Gotta do it or I'm not gonna get faster. FAIL!! I was feeling healthy enough, but I just didn't do it.
  • Stay healthy. SUCCESS!! I've been taking it easy, and have been feeling pretty good. Had a minor cold, but that didn't even cause me to miss one trip to the gym.
I really have the same goals each and every month. So I'll continue to do a recap at the end of each month, but I think I'll only set annual or individual race goals from now on. The only monthly goal I'd like to add is to start doing planks. I have the weakest abs in the UNIVERSE. Across the board a lot of my fellow bloggers set a goal for number of minutes. I like the sound of 150 minutes. That roughly means that three times a week I'll need to hold a plank for a minute. I'll start there and see where it goes. And as for the month of December in general? I was actually pretty surprised to tally up the number of miles I ran (143.13) and see that it was the third biggest mileage month of the year for me. Didn't really seem like I ran that much. Is that a good thing?

2011 GOALS

I'm just going to put them out there. I think this is all VERY reasonable :D
  • Run 1300 miles.
  • Beat that PR I have in the 10k distance. 1:01:47??? I can TOTALLY kill that.
  • Run 20 half marathons
  • Run a half marathon in under 1:56
  • Run 2 full marathons
  • Run a full marathon in under 4:35
  • 150 minutes of planks
See? Nothing crazy at all there... right?


  1. Planks are the worst!!! I'm doing the 200 sit-ups program, and yoga. Ugh. Planks.

  2. best wishes with your 2011 goals!

  3. u can do it!

    awesome goals!

  4. Have fun with the 2011 goals - will certainly be reading all about them! :-)

  5. 150 minutes as planks! I love it!!!

    I hate planks.

  6. I am enjoying reading your blog! You are a racing machine! How do you manage it all?!! Awesomeness!

    Yasso's are tough, but you fee so good after! Good luck to you in 2011!! I will be following!

  7. I like your idea about planks, I think I will add that to my list too, thanks for the great idea!

  8. 1300 miles .... should be no sweat with your 20 half marathons! Stay. Health. ... Excellent plan!


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