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Week in Review (June 4 - June 10)

Tuesday (20,166 steps) - Work in the office. With it being a taper week I didn't have to get up early to cross train. Did a mobility workout at lunch. I got off work to head home and noticed the calendar on my carplay said that I was supposed to be volunteering?? I had my dates totally confused and I thought it was supposed to be on Wednesday. Felt really bad about bailing, but I didn't have the proper clothing for trail maintenance. 
Wednesday (18,318 steps) - Actually got up early to do my run before I had to work since it was short. Not as bad as I feared, although I still don't love running first thing in the morning. Work in the office. I had randomly done an impulse buy of a Squish bed/house for the cats. Batman seems to like it so far.

Ariel went with me for a dog walk.
Thursday (15,296 steps) - Initially my flight was supposed to be in the morning, so I had taken the whole day off. My flight got changed to mid afternoon, but I figured I might as well just stay home. Took Olive for her walk early since it was supposed to be hot later and Ben was driving me to the airport anyway. Got back with enough time for last minute packing and the mail had arrived with my new rabbit kit!
There was zero line to get through security, which was nice. Since I was traveling with Kristin and Doug, we decided to have a beer before getting on the flight. It took multiple locations before we finally found a spot at Great Divide. DIA really needs to get additional restaurants - the wait times are ridiculous. I watched "Something Borrowed" on the flight, which was quick and uneventful. 
Our bags were some of the last off the plane and then we walked over to pick up our cars. I immediately headed to the lot since with my status I should have had my car ready. Unfortunately, my name was NOT on the board, so I had to go back in and wait in line. Wouldn't have been so annoying if there had been more than one person working and everyone renting a car had done it before and wasn't chatty. FINALLY got my car and thankfully I had booked a hotel close to the airport. I had mapped out a place to get food on the way. The pub was small and dingy, but I got a Sweet Cow and ordered food.
The sandwich was sadly really bland. 
I was sitting at the bar and got a really creepy vibe from the guy sitting next to me. I sent Ben a text with my location and told him I was going to head out. Thankfully, the guy didn't follow me and Ben actually called the bar to make sure I got out ok. With that said, I finally arrived at the hotel and got all settled in and decided to walk to the gas station to get beer. Only they didn't sell any. And I found out from the guy at the desk that you can't even buy beer after 9 pm. Ok. So I went to bed relatively early. 
Friday (15,000 steps) - Thankfully, I slept REALLY well. I stayed in bed for a bit before heading to get breakfast. Good buffet and I got cinnamon roll waffles and they had Heath bar chunks for toppings, which was so tasty!

I took a quick shower and packed up all my stuff and drove to the Lakeshore area to a path I found for my shake out run. It was windy and warm, but overall the run felt good, and was blissfully short. I wasn't sure how far the trail went and just turned around.

Of course I was wearing my donut button down from rabbit for National Donut Day!! I still needed to get all my steps in, so I opted to walk the other direction on the trail for a bit. 

I found a spur of the path that looked like it would take me down to the water.
Lake Michigan is HUGE, looked like I was at the ocean!

I was hungry and thirsty by the time I got done and had mapped to a burger place on the way to packet pick up for lunch - Badger Burgers. Not surprisingly, the beer I wanted was out, but I got a decent porter.
The burger I picked was spicy and phenomenal!
I figured I had the right about of time to get to packet pick up. When I got in the car, I couldn't get the navigation to load. I kept getting a network error. I also was seemingly unable to get a text message to go out. I thought that maybe I was in a weird "fake coverage area" because I had all service bars, but nothing was working. I knew I just needed to get back on the same highway, and then suddenly nothing looked familiar. Maps still weren't working and I just needed to be sure I was going the right way. I pulled over and still couldn't get the map to load. AT ALL. I tried calling Ben to see if he could help and I couldn't get a call to go through either. I was getting very stressed and mad. Thankfully since I had pinned the location, I could SEE it on  the map and I figured I just needed to head that general direction and hope the mapping started to work. I googled issues with mapping and reset my phone and disconnected carplay and set everything up again. STILL wasn't working. Started driving. Maybe 10 minutes down the road, the map came up! It had me driving on a few country roads and then after a few minutes I was wondering WHERE it was mapping me to. TURNS OUT, BACK TO WHERE I HAD LUNCH. WTF. I had to pull over again to set up the map, but thankfully finally made it to the Nordic trail head without further issues. 

I arrived right at 3 when packet pick up was supposed to start. There were already a ton of people there. There was a delay in getting things started, but it gave me a minute to say hi to Michele and Megan. Got my packet and picture taken, then headed out to go to my hotel. I was down the street from it when I decided I should get my groceries DID YOU KNOW THAT HY-VEES HAS A BAR IN THE STORE??? It was also happy hour, so it was a very inexpensive beer.  
I picked up random groceries - frozen dinner and something for breakfast, water, canned coffee and cheesecake. The hotel I picked seemed to be the "bargain" hotel for Hilton. Apparently NO microwave in the room??? There was ONE in the lobby. Didn't even occur to me to check that before!

Decided to go back to the store for one more beer before happy hour ended, and grabbed this fun canned beer for the evening.
I wasn't even hungry for dinner, but since I had bought food I headed it up and forced myself to eat (most of) it.

I had to get to bed relatively early with a longer drive in the morning but the room was unfortunately hot and I did NOT sleep well at all. Spent the whole night tossing and turning.
Saturday (144,548 steps) - Kettle Moraine
Sunday (35,521 steps) - Kettle Moraine
It was early in the morning, but we wanted to get a drink and breakfast. Doug found a cute cafe that was open early and we got Bloody Mary's.
And a plate of delicious (not aid station) food. 
They were heading back to Janesville for their hotel and I had to head east for mine in Oconomowoc. My room wouldn't be ready for a while so I found a brewery down the street. The beer was meh.
I was ecstatic to get the message that my room was ready - since I still hadn't showered!! 
I figured this would be fake, but I am always SO HOT when I sleep, I figured I would crank the AC and see how cold I could get it.
Spoiler, I don't think it went below 60. Took a nap and woke up hungry, so I drove to Rocky Rococo's! I have fond memories of this pizza. Spoiler, it's not the same :(

Ben surprised me with another Lyft to a bar on the lake and I rushed back to the hotel to catch my ride. There wasn't anything that exciting on tap, and the bartenders basically ignored me, but it was nice to be out and the view was pretty!
He called in and paid my tab, so I also ordered some Ahi Tuna - which was delicious!
The place closed earlier than I expected, so I got my Lyft back and then did a virtual beer with Ben at the bar in the hotel lobby.
Monday (13,907 steps) - I slept reasonably well and got breakfast in the lobby. I somehow picked one that didn't have free breakfast, but the French Toast was good and worth paying for. 
I was debating how to spend my day and took a shower. I was starting to pack stuff up when housekeeping got persistent with knocking. I also apparently chose the only hotel on earth with an 11 am check out??! I had figured it was noon. I had to rush to get everything packed.

I had found a trail on the way back to Milwaukee. It started out as a paved bike path, but I ended up doing a choose your own adventure and wandered around on random trails for over an hour. At some point I wondered if I was actually lost.

I expected the map to look way more chaotic than this:
I figured I might as well start to get close to the airport, so I mapped out breweries that were on the way and closer. I actually went into downtown Milwaukee. The first place that I picked? CLOSED. The second place that picked CLOSED. (|Even though their website said they were open). I finally ended up at a bar called "Who's on Third." Friendly service, ok beer, and I finally got my order of cheese curds (even though I wasn't that hungry after a late breakfast, I knew I needed to eat before flying).

I still needed to get gas and go the airport. For a small airport, I found everything about it to be confusing. I missed the turn for the rental car returns, then it was awkward navigating the car back. By the time I figured out where to check my bag and go through security, I definitely needed this:
Doug and Kristin met up with me shortly before our flight, which was delayed about 20 minutes.
Flight was more turbulent than the way out, but not horrible. Our bags actually came relatively quick and Ben picked me up. We went to 4 Noses for a nightcap, ooof, and didn't get home until it was bedtime. Olive was very happy to see me.

  • 262,756 steps
  • 84.86 miles run
  • 18.61 miles walked
  • 0 minutes of cardio
  • 15 minutes of strength

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