Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Week in Review (March 30 - April 5)

Tuesday (15,379 steps) - Work in the office. I was pretty busy and didn't even get out for a walk at lunch. Met Mo at Dino Ridge for a small out and back - and it was pretty awful... worst calf cramping in AGES. I hate that I feel like I make two steps forward and then a million steps back in how I feel and how hard running can be. Anyway, I love running with Mo, so that was the good part.
Then we headed over to Green Mountain Brewing for run club! I had hoped that running slow and easy would be better, but it sadly wasn't. It's like all my "training" for these days is gone after just a week or so of skipping runs. Grrr. Stuck around for just one beer.
Wednesday (14,195 steps) - Up early to go to the dentist! So our friend Jeramiah finally opened up his new dental practice, so after many years, I've switched to "shop local." He did a great job with his building, and he is also a wonderful dentist. Plus, it's fun to actually have a conversation with your dentist and know that he's actually absorbing what you're saying, since you're friends. Then, work from home. Quick row, took Pika for a quick walk, then headed up to Lafayette for...
I could not believe how fast it was! No line, no wait. I just had to sit there for 15 minutes after to make sure I didn't have any negative side effects. On my way home I stopped for a quick "celebratory" beer. I have to admit I feel really relieved to start the vaccination process.
Got in a 20 minute Peloton ride, finished up work, then Ariel and I took Pika up to Boulder for a hike.
Abs video and dinner.
Thursday (10,830 steps) - Work from home. Took Pika for a walk and... the owls are finally back!! Their nest is pretty high up in the trees, and I just see an adult head sticking out, so that maybe thinks there are babies in there! Ben had to head out for the road trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, so in the afternoon did a Peloton ride and got my abs video out of the way. Picked up Ariel from practice, stopped by for a "treat" to add to our dinner. 
We stayed up kinda late and watched a scary movie since Ben hates them so we never watch them anymore.
Friday (14,968 steps) - Work from home! Since Joyce is on vacation, I didn't have to go into the office, so that was nice. Ariel spent her last day of spring break at the park with a friend. Took Pika for a walk at lunch - they are filling the canal for the summer, which always makes me happy. 
Did a Peloton ride, strength video and abs video, THEN, Ariel and I went back up to Boulder for another hike with Pika.

We picked up Tokyo Joe's for dinner on the way home - which is one of our favorites when it is just the two of us. We watched another kinda scary, but mostly just weird movie.
Saturday (23,519 steps) - Drove to Brighton for Runs With Scissors. The race started at 7, but we were not racing, just hanging out and possibly running a few laps, so we didn't plan on getting there until closer to 8:30. Ben called right as we were leaving the house, he was getting ready to pick up the camper (yes, that is why he drove all the way to Wisconsin), and I just needed to send the rest of the payment. Well, long story short, I have never had problems with Venmo. I had already sent 50% of the money as a deposit and there were zero problems. I tried to send the balance and kept getting an error message that my transaction was declined and to try later. Tried lesser amounts, nada. The largest amount I could get to go through was about 10% of what we needed to send, so after about an hour, I finally had to Zelle Ben the money, he was also only able to Venmo a very small amount, but the seller had to set up Zelle so we could get her the balance. It was REALLY a giant hassle, still not sure what happened with Venmo - anyone ever have similar problems??

Once we saw Mo, we got her keys so we could get Colfax out of the car. Colfax was pretty upset not seeing Maureen, so we decided to run a loop to maybe release some of his energy. Pika and Colfax were both in the mood to RUN - they clocked low 9 pace on this one. Once Colfax saw Mo he felt a bit better and we did a few loops with Maureen and Jandy.

It started to get pretty warm out, so I had Pika and Colfa sit out for the rest of the running after doing three loops. I opted to do two more loops with the girls (last one Lisa joined us also), and Ariel and Colfax walked a loop with Ang.
We were having a fun time, but we had to head out so that I wouldn't miss my flight. We ran into a tiny snafu when we couldn't find Mo's keys, but luckily we found in them in the grass after looking for about ten minutes.
Colfax was going to hang out at our house until Mo finished her race and he seemed way more relaxed in that environment. Tyler picked me up at 12:45 to head to the airport for my first flight since January 2020. Security was quick, MOST people were wearing masks. I had a quick beer while watching Schitt's Creek. Boarding was quick. The one hour flight to Omaha was uneventful and totally worth the $27 I paid for it. After landing I ordered a Lyft into downtown. Checked in at our hotel and then walked over to the brewery. (Yes, we planned a hotel to be only a few blocks from where we would be staying).
The brewery was super cute and thankfully, had DELICIOUS beer. Since they didn't serve food, I ordered a pizza from the place down the block, figuring Ben would need food later as well.

We finally decided we were spending enough money, so we grabbed a growler to go and walked back to the hotel. Watched a movie.
Sunday (12,978 steps) - Up early to go for a run around town before starting the drive home. I had mapped out a run that would take us through both Nebraska and Iowa - because who doesn't like hitting up two states in one run? The route was fine, although I felt awful. Not sure if it was because I was mildly hungover, or because I was still surprisingly sore from the strength video I did on Friday. Anyway, we had a BLAST running around town. Omaha was not nearly as boring as we thought, and the story of Bob the bridge and Omar the troll were amusing enough to entertain us for an hour of running.

We had hoped to pick up coffee on our run back to the hotel, but we forgot it was Easter and everything on the way was closed. The adorable cups at the hotel almost made it ok, though, even though the coffee wasn't very good.
Quick showers, packing, and we were out the door for the LONG drive back to Denver. We really only stopped to get gas, use the bathroom, and for food in North Platte. We got home around 6:30 - Shelly, our new camper, is very happy to be home! We can't wait to take her for adventures!

Monday (17,910 steps) - Work from home. Pika walk at lunch, and then after I picked Ariel up from practice, Ben and I took Pika up to Boulder for a run.

It was a beautiful night and I actually was running fairly well. We stopped at Rails End on the way home to celebrate finally being home from the whirlwind of a road trip.
Apparently I was exhausted, because I fell asleep on the couch during our after dinner movie. It's been a long few days!

  • 109,779 steps
  • 17.4 miles run (Did add in 6+ miles of hiking, that counts, right?)
  • 55 minutes Peloton
  • 5 minutes rowing
  • 45 minutes cross training


  1. What kind of camper is Shelly? We've been casually looking at small campers. She looks wonderful!

    1. Hi Jackie, she is a vintage 1984 U-Haul camper!


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Week in Review (March 30 - April 5)

Tuesday  (15,379 steps) - Work in the office. I was pretty busy and didn't even get out for a walk at lunch. Met Mo at Dino Ridge for a ...